Glen Scotia Double Cask

46% alc./vol.
Maturation in first-fill bourbon barrels and Pedro Ximerez Sherry casks.

André 81%
Nice basket of fresh fruits; pan-fried pears, peaches, apples, cherries. The influence of bourbon cask as much as sherry cask is well represented. Vanilla and sherry. In mouth; a pinch of salt, pears, oranges, cherries, raisins, plums, citrus and even a touch of pepper in the background. Good dose of sugar too and a very nice round texture despite a slight hint of tannin brought by the oak barrel. Over time, the whiskey rounded off with hints of toffee, honey and warm caramel. Finish a little too steep, tannic and liquid with a touch of cinnamon and mint in the final. A good week drama.

Patrick 89%
Oh, it's very good this whiskey! Especially for a no age statement of this price! Nose: A beautiful complex and intriguing scent, with maritime notes, fruity, fudge, vanilla and subtle spices. Palate: A nice mix of sherry and salt at first, followed by a touch of peat smoke and sweet fudge. All is carried by a beautiful oily texture. Finale: Of a good length, marked by spices, a little sweet fruit juice and a few volutes of smoke.

Springbank 21 Single Cask

49.2% alc./vol.
Oloroso Sherry Cask, Bottled 16-06-2016, 691 bottles

André 93%
On the nose, full toffee, brown rum, honey, tropical fruit salad, milk chocolate, sherry, citrus. Solid Complex ... What a mouth texture, wow! Very silky and oily, fat to perfection. Opens on discreet salty notes, with a funky industrial touch, like oil to machine, then candied oranges, raspberries, banana puree, beewax, tropical fruit jam, creamy sherry, raisins, earthy peat, leather, chocolate and toffee. The complexity of this whiskey is amazing, the range of flavors is almost endless. Finished with pepper and a cloud of industrial peat, fruity and a finely salted epilogue, orange and scented with toffee. This whiskey deserves time but rewards so much in return.

Gordon & MacPhail Discovery Caol Ila 13 years old

43% alc./vol.

André 84%
Surprisingly sweet nose for a Caol Ila sometimes fiery; pears, bananas, vanilla, peat smoke, pear apples, apricots. Diffuse texture and sparing in the mouth, the whiskey disappears almost immediately after the entry into the mouth; mashed bananas, tangerines, citrus, vanilla and a little crude smoke. Short finish peppery finely and smoke, hyper sweet and volatile.

Clan Denny Loch Lomond 21 years 1995 Single Grain

50% alc./vol.
Single Cask #DMG12087, November 1995, Bottled August 2017, 348 bottles.

André 78%
Frank nose, I do not know if it's the contribution of dried cereals or alcohol, or both ... Dry cereals, caramel, Sugar Crisp, oranges. The palate is aggressive and frank, spicy in addition, mixture of honey and toffee, oranges and wild berries. Final long, astringent, dry. A whiskey has the surgical effect, cold and lively. I am not a fan.

Patrick 90%
Oh, it's fun in the mouth! Just as I was starting to tell myself that grain whiskeys were soporific, bang! In my face, a superb Loch Lomond! Nose: Sweet yellow apples, vanilla and very discreet oak, especially for a Scotch of this age. Palate: Oh! What a beautiful oily texture! Always yellow apples, but here the wood is more present, with beautiful spices and always a tasty vanilla. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by vanilla and slightly burned wood.

Old Pulteney 18 years old

46% alc./vol.
Located in the extreme north-east of Scotland, established on the port of Wick since 1826, the Pulteney distillery founded its history thanks to the maritime trade. The aging conditions due to its proximity to the sea give the whiskey a particularly saline and iodized character.

André 82%
The wait was great for this Highland distillery with feet in the sea. Fresh air and sea nose, sea salt, dry oak, cinnamon and dark chocolate, honey and far fruit cake. The flavors are bland and soft as the texture by no means in love and without passion. Oops ... The mouth is a passage of diffuse and volatile flavors; vanilla, chocolate, dried fruit and fruit cake, pinch of salt, oranges and citrus, perhaps plums. Peppery and salty finish, short, Glosettes. I got off the first sip.

Oban 21 years Special Release 2018

57.9% alc./vol.
An edition of Oban very special since it is the first of the series to come in barrels of second filling in European oak. The eagle of the seas depicted on the bottle is the largest British raptor, it flies around the cliffs of Oban and has a life span equal to the age of this whiskey.

André 89%
Liquid sweetness as only Oban can do, one of the best alternatives before diving into the range of more maritime and punchy whiskeys. Superb floral and fruity nose, oranges, daisies, caramel and toffee, cherries and raspberries, honey, apricots. We feel the delicacy and the underlying texture, an obvious attention to detail. The mouth offers an exquisite texture, which completely eclipses the alcohol level. Side flavors; marmalade of oranges, apricots, honey and pears, toffee, coconut, green apples, citrus and lemon. Oily and waxy feeling very enveloping. Finale on a discreet maritime reminder of sea salt and fresh air.

Canadian Club 160 Barley Edition

42% alc./vol.
Edition highlighting the 160eme anniversary of Canadian Club. A blend of the Canadian Club 5 aged Hiram Walker distillery mixed with a barley whiskey 6 years distilled Alberta Distillers distillery.

André 76.5%
Strange, very strange this CC ... Blood oranges with a touch bizarre craft distillery, virgin Oak casks, cereals sprinkled with cassonnade and a honey flow. The nose is not very generous flavors side. On the palate, cereals predominate, followed by typical Canadian whiskey flavors; cassonnade, cinnamon, honey, cereals, oranges and vanilla. There follows a pronounced contribution of oak wood and stale spices, a pinch of crushed pepper too. Relatively powerful finale on cinnamon. At 10 $ of difference with the Canadian Club 20 years, seriously, one of the best 10 $ more than you will have invested on a whiskey.

Naked Grouse 2018

43% alc./vol.

Patrick 80%
The first version of this scotch impressed me, but here, it seems that we realized that people who bought this scotch drank it in cocktail ... So we rejuvenated considerably the mixture, to make it a very ordinary whiskey, report that in a cocktail, it makes no difference. Nose: Fragrance of grain whiskey, crème brûlée and caramel. Palate: Young grain whiskey, fresh wood, some spices and some honey. Finish: Medium length, spicy and woody.

Martin 84%
Nose: Grain, malt and vanilla. Herb and salted caramel. Apart from that, it remains a rather quiet blend. Palate: Caramel, vanilla, fruits, spices and honey cereals. Pretty pleasant, without breaking the house. Finish: Hot and spicy, with notes of wood, but a little too marked by alcohol. Balance: Not bad, a good blend of week, but we are far from quality vatted malts.

Old Particular Craigellachie 10 years old

48.4% alc./vol.
Refill Hogshead #DL12542, Bottled January 2008, Bottled May 2018, 353 bottles

André 82%
Green oak wood, malted cereals, grass, vanilla, green bananas. There is something not too thrilling in this nose strewn with greenish flavors. Fortunately, the mouth offers more challenge; citrus fruit, bananas and pineapple, vanilla and honey, lemony freshness, dried cereals. The strong point of this whiskey is the rich and full-bodied texture that soothes the mouth. Slightly spicy finish with a return to greenish flavors, citrus and super creamy vanilla.

Bowmore 25 years 2018

43% alc./vol.
Aging in ex-bourbon cask & Spanish Sherry Cask.

André 88%
Elegant blend of dried fruit, dried purple grapes, earthy peat and chocolate, dried sea salt on pebbles, plums, oranges, maraschino cherries, licorice. The palate is supple but slightly too diaphanous, it seems that the extraordinary flavors do not have the support to attach to; wild fruits, cherries, licorice, plums, maraschino cherries, oranges, salty and iodized with a beautiful wave of earthy peat moss and chocolate, caramel. Mineral sensation also in the mouth. A touch of lilac and volette in bloom in supplement. What this whiskey gains in intensity of the flavors, it loses it in very ordinary texture. The finish is more reminiscent of rhubarb and raspberry compote, sea salt and earthy peat. Beautiful consistency of fruity flavors and maritime atmosphere.

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