Wolfburn No.128 Small Batch Release

46% alc./vol.
Maturation in First Fill ex-bourbon cask of 100 liters. Limited edition of 6000 bottles.

André 86.5%
Salad of wet green grass seasoned with a squeezed lemon splash, sea salt enbrums, vanilla and orange ice cream. Seriously, I am very pleasantly surprised at the approach of this whiskey. 4 range that I have been able to evaluate to date is the most balanced. In the mouth, wow ... Crème brûlée, caramel, honey, vanilla, oranges, pears, apricots, a touch of salt and distant smoke, sliced ​​waves of woody spices and black pepper. There is also a touch of heather in bloom that serves as a backdrop. We imported a Caribbean island in the North Sea ??? We can barely distinguish between the hints of the whiskey's youth and its provenance in the finish of the mouth, a thin bit of greenish wood and dried sea salt on the lips during a hike on the beach at Wick, eyes to the Orkney Islands and the Arctic Circle. A whiskey in the image of three of his personality traits; bourbon cask, seaside and promising youth. Superb.

Old Particular Tamdhu 11 years old

48.4% alc./vol.
Sherry Butt #DL12577, November 2006, Bottled May 2018, 407 bottles.

André 83%
Carried on cereals and vanilla from the barrel, dried wood and pears, melon with honey, mashed apples. Very peppery in the mouth, good dose of cinnamon too, despite the creaminess of honey and vanilla relegated to the background. We still have notes of pears and apple pie, dried cereals and fruit salad. Long finish very peppery and with a touch of oranges.

Patrick 89%
A very good whiskey, with a lot more pep than most whiskeys I have drunk from this distillery. Nose: cooked apples, citrus and a maritime note. Palate: First the citrus fruits, then the fruits that were cooked, a little salt and a woody touch. Finale: A good length, salty and spicy.

Martin 83.5%
Nose: Tropical fruits, especially pineapple. Light vanilla and smoke. Shy notes of stewed potatoes and cinnamon. Palate: Delicately peated fruit salad. Barley and peach apple. Oak and white pepper. Final: A skilful recovery of the flavors expressed since the beginning of the trip. Balance: Without throwing me down my chair, I must admit that this whiskey enjoys a consistency that I have not seen often, and at all stages.

Old Particular Loch Lomond Single Grain 21 years old

55.3% alc./vol.
Refill Hogshead Cask #DL12097, Bottled November 1995, Bottled October 2017, 271 bottles. Duncan Barton, the previous owner of the Littlemill Distillery, is behind the current site of the Loch Lomond Distillery. He installed innovative 'pot still' stills whose capitals evoke a still alembic column. Loch Lomond's stills have trays in the upper part for better contact with alcohol vapors and a more efficient process. These stills can produce fumes of up to 90% vol. while traditional stills only go up to 70% vol. about. This type of still can capture different aromatic notes and select or reject from a wide range of alcoholic degrees. It's much harder to achieve through the use of a traditional still pot still. Loch Lomond is one of the few distilleries in Scotland producing single malt and grain whiskey.

André 85%
Ginger cereals, honey, milk chocolate and pecan pie, diced green apples, vanilla. The nose inspires the freshness and the fields of cereals whipped by the wind and the hot rays of the sun of the short Scottish summer. The palate confirms the single grain with the rise of dried cereals, from which also emerge notes of dried fruit, oranges and coffee with milk, leading to a sharp and very peppery finish, raisins and caramel.

Patrick 92%
Impressive, especially for a Single Grain. In fact, if you only have to drink one Single Grain, it could very well be this one. Nose: Appetizing scent of vanilla, tropical fruits and white sugar. Mouth: Oh wow. Beautiful sugar, tropical fruits, a good dose of vanilla and some burnt wood. Finale: Of a beautiful length, vanilla, sweet and woody.

Martin 88%
Nose: slightly aggressive grain, vanilla and powdered sugar, grass and black licorice. Quite special indeed. A rather strong spice wind hides beneath all this. Palate: Molasses and liquorice welcome us on a thick and syrupy texture. Stewed fruits and corn syrup. Surprising. The character of the grain here is a lot more interesting than most of the single grains that I had the chance to taste. Beautiful spices not too aggressive, a sneaky pleasure. Finale: Cream "thicker", wood and sweet spices. Beautiful heat, barely disappointing length. Balance: Still a beautiful wow! I would easily have a night of showers on the balcony.

Douglas Laing XOP Bowmore 21 years old

52% alc./vol.
Refill Hogshead Cask #DL12812, Distilled July 1997, Bottled August 2018, Bottle #075 of 323

André 91.5%
Delicacy offered under assertive flavors. Gracious and distinguished earthy peaty flavors, sea salt, malted cereals dipped in honey, oranges, salted caramel, vanilla in love. The palate is well rooted with a strong phenolic character and maritime flavors of salted caramel and wet peat. Marmalade of oranges, peardrop, honey and vanilla, all offered on a soft and languorous texture. The finish is reminiscent of cold ash and wood still filled with spirit, sea salt and shovel of wet earth. Slightly powdery feel as a booster, salted caramel and alcohol that comes into the tongue as a nail 6 inches agilely struck with a hammer. Good juice, but more than 600 $ the vial we expected no less ...

Patrick 89%
A beautiful classic Bowmore, with a ton of salt and nice peat smoke. Nose: The sea, a little peat smoke, barley ... Classic Bowmore in appearance. Palate: The beautiful coarse salt Bowmore, peat smoke, pepper. Beautiful big whiskey. Finale: Of a beautiful length, intense, salty and smoke.

Martin 92%
Nose: discrete peat, but you can easily spot the classic maritime notes of Bowmore. Seaweed, washed stone, lemon, campfire on the edge of the lighthouse on a windy and cloudy Sunday afternoon. Grilled malt and fleur de sel. Palate: Peat and lemon, quite spicy but still your friend. Stone, wood and red wine. Orange and lemon, leather and salted caramel. Really really good. Finale: The peat is beautiful here, a bit straddling between the filthy variety and the maritime variety, which is unusual for a Bowmore. Balance: Incredibly solid, but hey, more than 600 $ I would rather be at the end of viarge if it was not up to par.

Old Particular Glenburgie 21 years old

51.5% alc./vol.
Sherry Butt #DL12572, June 1997, Bottled June 2018, 607 bottles

André 83%
Raspberries, cherries, apricots, pears and pear syrup, honey. Very attractive this fruity nose with the sweet inviting texture. The sherry cask is discreet, but the dried berries are definitely present in the mouth; apple pie, raspberries, fruit salad syrup, distant smoke and warehouse notes of moist earth, honey, pear syrup, creamy vanilla. Final a bit short on the astringency of dry oak wood and vanilla.

Patrick 82%
An intense whiskey, but whose balance is not extraordinary. Nose: Moist cereals, some fresh wood and herbs. Palate: Burnt wood, herbs. Intense. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by the burned wood.

Martin 89.5%
Nose: cooked green apples, vanilla and cream. Red grapes, dates and prunes. Viny oak and nutmeg. Orange and cocoa. Palate: Raisins and spices, apples and oranges, hot spices and toffee. Tobacco and latte coffee. Final: Superb retro-olfaction. Barley, smoke, caramel, spices and dark chocolate. Balance: An excellent single cask, but like many old single casks, mostly from independent bottlers, a tad out of my price range.

Bruichladdich Octomore 12 years old Château Yquem Finish

61% alc./vol.
Cask #2, Distilled 16 / 12 / 2005, Transferred to Yquem's drum 04 / 04 / 2012, Sample from the cask at the distillery warehouse. Initial maturation of 7 aged ex-bourbon cask and aging of 5 aged in Château Yquem cask.

André 88%
When two passions meet, but it will consume after a lot of patience ... a good 20 minutes in the glass to reach its sensory peak. Immediately on the nose, we are immersed in the smell of licoreux wine, almost resinous, a creaminess that tames the wild passion of the young Octomore. The powerful and raw peat transpires this cloud of opaque flavors. Initially, we discover pears and apricots, candied lemon, oranges, then a phenolic and maritime peat 2 × 4 version with nails. Surprisingly, the mouth is much more silky than one would expect hyper peat whiskey version 61% alcohol, thanks to the sweet and licorice conjunction of the bourbon cask and the Sauternes cask. The texture is oily and oily, begins with tropical and candied fruits, pear syrup, residual sugars and then migrates to an epic crossing of phenolic, medicinal, saline, earthy and maritime peat fields. Nice delivery of honey and lemony cereals, vanilla and caramelized sugars. The finish is luscious on the flavors and slice skillfully with the sensation of ashes cooled in the back of the mouth left by the peat. A bit weird as an approach but an experience that tests the tasting.

Martin 90.5%
Nose: An old tanned leather. Grapes, tobacco, peat is there, but fades before the other aromas. Vanilla and chocolate. Citrus, smoked meat and red wine. The high alcohol level seems as harmless as a kitten. Palate: Raisins and oak, peppered sherry, graceful peat and leather tip. A superb blend of peat and barrels. Wow, it's disorienting! Tobacco pipe and cocoa, orange and licorice, oak and pepper, peat, peat and peat. The degree of alcohol again gives us a surprising chance. Final: Long, full of character and assertive. Oak and spices of course, but with a good dose of both marine and phenolic peat. Balance: With ripening almost as long as the initial ripening, there is a tendency to lose sight of the line between the two, though this is not necessarily a bad thing. A big malt, but did we expect less from an Octomore? Unbeatable.

Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 27 years 1989

43% alc./vol.
2017 Bottled, Bondhouse No 1 Collection. Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1989 Malt is the second limited edition of the exclusive collection "Bond House No.1" The collection takes its name from the largest traditional warehouse of the nineteenth century Glenmorangie - Bonded Warehouse No.1 - transformed into 1990 in the current room stills, the highest in Scotland. Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1989 is a blend of some of the finest and oldest whiskeys in the distillery, some from this warehouse. This Single Malt having benefited from 27's maturing years, has been partially aged in carefully selected old barrels, including a barrel that previously contained Côte-Rôtie wine.

André 94%
Sexy and greedy this whiskey. Almonds, pear puree, vanilla, oranges, apple pie, wild red berries, honey. The texture is UNIQUE ... wow ... syrupy and languorous ... Exquisite. Tropical fruits, citrus fruits, oranges and pears, apple pie, red fruits, hot honey, apricot. The big surprise comes in the final mouth with the flight of crushed pepper and blackcurrant, figs, anise also, very strong, which raises this whiskey with super sweet flavors and relatively low alcohol. Peppery finish and spices that slice skillfully with the tones of citrus, oranges and tropical fruits. The ecstasy version whiskey, pure. Second of the series, second circuit ... We will aim the hat trick.

Caol Ila 29 years old 1st Fill Oloroso Sherry Cask

56.5% alc./vol.
Cask #985, Sample from the cask at the distillery warehouse.

André 92%
Compact block of aromas and flavors; fruit paste, raisins, plums, macerated cherries, blood oranges, sea salt, then bizarre dirty industrial peat. I love the sweetness of the nose and the peat in the background, the pasty fruit. The palate is punchy, notes of leather and wet earth, fruit paste, plums, salty and maritime peat moss, blood oranges. There is always this bizarre industrial side in the mouth as well as a camphor touch. Long, fruity, peaty and earthy finish, dried purple grapes, plums, black cherries. Refinement with a raw touch.

Lagavulin 19 years old Sherry Cask Sample

52.4% alc./vol.
Sample from the cask at the distillery warehouse.

André 94%
Blow of heart when tasted on the spot ... and blow of heart back home. The nose is just wow ... The peat is fully integrated with the slightly spicy creamy sherry. Smoked fruit cake, cherries, Beauce Carnival candy apples, powerful phenolic and finely medicinal peat, orange, apple puree. We perceive the latent strength of whiskey under this fruity quilt with passion. In mouth; red licorice, anise, apples, sherry and powerful maritime peat, surf of spices. Texture ... so silky, hallucinating. Endless finale, tango in love with peat and sherry, pepper and oranges. Breathing, the nose changes and becomes licorice and sticks to the nostrils. Impressive!

Dewar's 12 years old The Ancestor

40% alc./vol.

André 82.5%
Notes of honey and nuts, flambé pears, pear apples and malted barley. Very approachable as whiskey. The palate is luscious and starts with notes of milk chocolate, dried fruits and grapes, a good sugar content that develops on tones of honey and exotic frutis, orange pods and cherries. What is surprising is that cereal intake does not monopolize the mouth at all and has been fully integrated into the end result. At the second sip, I have the fire of cherry wood and apple tree. Also appear good spices and a light smoke that accompany well the cherry flavors. Finer a little dry and cereal with exclamation marks of spices, pepper and smoke.

Patrick 90%
Wow, exactly what I expect from a blend: Complex, well balanced and easy to drink. Trèèèès easy to drink. Nose: A beautiful complex and appetizing fragrance, with hints of honey, nuts, pears, oranges and malted barley. Mouth: Oh, that's good. Oak, cereals, honey, barley, wood, dried fruits and a subtle smoke. All superbly attached by beautiful sweet grain. Final: Of a beautiful length and complex.

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