Connoisseurs Choice Gordon & MacPhail Allt-A-Bhainne 1991-2007

43% alc./vol.
Distilled 04/1991, Bottled 06/2007 from Refill Bourbon Barrels.

André 84%
Pommes vertes, ananas et vanille, sensation bizarrement poudreuse au nez. Je dois avouer que le nez est pas mal fermé et n’offre peu d’alternative mis à part d’en prendre une gorgée afin de tenter de découvrir des arômes et saveurs. Texture diluée en bouche, les poires et l’ananas sont rapidement en tête, notes de caramel et de miel, tarte au citron, bananes et pommes vertes, oranges, abricots, wine gums, coconut. Pour le taux d’alcool relativement bas, la finale est longue, très poivrée et épicée livrant aussi de belles notes de céréales séchées. A good day starter whisky!

Bearface 7 Triple Oak Canadian Whiskey

42.5% alc./vol.
Single grain whiskey, aged in 3 barrel types: Ex-Bourbon, French Red Wine Cask (Mission Hill Family Estate & Winery) & Virgin Hungarian Oak Casks, distilled at Canadian Mist located in Collingwood Ontario.

André 83.5%
When you do not expect anything from a whiskey, the chances of having a good surprise are great. This is the case here. The nose is tasty, very sweet; cassonnade, cinnamon, red wine, dried wild berries, cedar, cherries, red apple peel. The mellow corn cereals with a peppery and spicy accent. The palate confirms everything, the effect of wine cask is well felt through a pleasant silky texture and a flight of red fruits, accents of red licorice and a touch of burnt oak. The mouthfeel is really on the tannic notes of the red wine barrel and the burnt oak wood. A good week whiskey.

Pittyvaich 25yo 1989 Special Release 2015

49.9% alc./vol.
Bottle #5319 of 5922. A rare bottling of this distillery which was open only from 1974 to 1993. Maturation in American Oak Refill Casks & Ex-Bourbon Barrels.

André 86%
Fruit salad syrup, a floral and herbaceous touch too, nice notes drawn from bourbon cask; pineapple, pears, dessert wine, tropical fruits, bananas, almonds, a lemon sprig too. Plump on the palate, round and inviting, beautiful round vanilla, pineapple, pear, honey cereal, a touch of caramel too, crushed almonds, honey melon, then lemon juice and a touch of wet green grass. The texture is superb and well supports alcohol well hidden under its refreshing fruity coat. Finely spicy and peppery finish, moderately long but with discrete and felted flavors. I'm not a fan of this distillery but I must admit that the presentation of this edition is worth the detour, if you have the wallet to make the purchase.

Glenglassaugh 12 years (traffic jams of 90 years)

43% alc./vol.

André 87%
A beautiful unpretentious expression, offering a wide range of flavors without too much complexity. Nose; wild berries, sherry a little young, milk chocolate, raisins, tropical fruits, a touch of spices. The mouth is a little diluted in texture, but the flavors are well camped; dried fruits and tropical fruits, purple grapes, old style sherry, milk chocolate and dried tobacco leaves, caramel. With time, notes of oranges and nectarines, with a touch of smoked chocolate and pepper. The finish is a bit short, but generously fruity with a touch of chocolate and discrete smoke.

Ladyburn Vintage Single Cask 1973

50.4% alc./vol.
Cask #3223, Bottle #55. The Ladyburn distillery was erected in 1966 by William Grant & Sons (Glenfiddich & Balvenie), for the production of malt whiskey on the grounds of the distillery Girvan. It was an experimental distillery that was to produce malt to serve as a component for blends. But the production was stopped from 1975 to allow the expansion of the distillery Girvan. The buildings were demolished in 1976. The bottlenecks of this distillery are in the rarest and hard to find.

André 86.5%
Greenish is the first impression. Wet herb, vanilla and honey, Honey Comb cereal, lemon, tropical fruits. No doubt, we are in the bourbon cask. The mouth is unique, really, but not necessarily in the good sense of the term ... The first sip leaves doubt, the second confirms some flavors that we could find at the first; maple syrup, fruit syrup, pears, honey, pineapple, vanilla, citrus, dried grass and cereals, pepper. It lacks punch and overall harmony, not that it's bad, but just ok. After a good ten minutes airing, tasty notes of milk chocolate, dried coconut and rum, notes of finely tannic wood and rise in cresendo of crushed pepper. Surprisingly, I find some similarities with the old Glendiddich single cask traffic jams I've been evaluating lately.

Nikka Yochi Single Malt NAS

43% alc./vol.

André 84%
Quickly, tropical fruits; oranges, lemon, pear, melon with honey, then accents of peat smoke present without being invasive. Second sniff ... Pineapple, bananas, vanilla, honey, green apples. Stuffy; notes of oak, quite spice too, on some flavors, it looks almost like a grain whiskey with the continued contribution of cereals, tropical fruits delivered in the mouth. Nice honeyed texture a little sticky. Final, spicy and smoky, albeit a bit short.

Arran 14 years for The Whiskey Exchange London

55.7% alc./vol.
Bourbon Barrel # 2000 / 1106, Distilled 15 / 12 / 2000, Bottled 07 / 08 / 2015, Bottle 29 of 197.

André 87%
Discreet nose and that takes time to open; pears, melon with honey, honey, vanilla, pineapple, mango, lemon. A beautiful pleiade of fruits. Incredible texture in the mouth, lots of pepper and cinnamon softened by notes of fruit salad and honey, pear syrup and maple syrup, pineapple. Sweetened after, then Granny Smith apples, lemon juice, dried and grated cococut. Presentation under the theme of the freshness of tropical fruits with a spicy twist and peppered, all softened by a vanilla love collars. Peppery finish, spicy and smoked with peat. A good Arran lacking a little balance and the guideline not always clear ... but good like!

Stranahan's Sherry Cask

47% alc./vol.
Bottle #7068. 4 age old whiskey, maturing in First fill & Ex-Oloroso Refill Sherry Cask aged over 40. At first this whiskey was intended for the Diamond Peak version.

André 82%
I loved the bourbon version of this distillery and when my friend Olivier put this bottle not yet open on the table, we did not pray very long to open the seal and empty a few glasses. My expectations were great ... On the nose; dried fruit, toffee, vanilla, raisins, dates, plums. We feel a beautiful creaminess and a slight tannic line also in the background. The mouth lacks texture and the feeling is unfortunately a little flat; avalanche of raisins, spices, toffee, caramel and chocolate, plums, leather. Maybe some accents of maple syrup too. Finale of cassonnade and spicy dried fruits, tannic return and old leather, dark chocolate, bitterness a bit too frank.

JW Kelly Bourbon

47% alc./vol.

Patrick 82%
A good bourbon, but that brings nothing good again under the sun, except perhaps a flavor of "burned" quite intense, to the point of missing a little balance. To the quantity of excellent bourbons that do not cross the border, one may wonder why this one is available here. Nose: Perfume of burnt bourbon, with a touch of very ripe fruit. Palate: Burnt wood, ripe fruit and caramelized sugar. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by caramel a little burned.

The Tyrconnell 15 years Madeira Cask Finish

46% alc./vol.

Patrick 86%
A very good Irish whiskey with a rare intensity for the style. If you like the finishes in Madeira wine barrels, you'll love it! Nose: Fruity perfume, with a nice dose of maraschino cherries and subtle hints of wood, vanilla and caramel. Palate: The wine of Madeira is not subtle, with a good dose of burnt wood and warm caramel. Finale: Of a beautiful length and marked by the burned wood.

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