(rī) 1 Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

46% alc./vol.

André 81%
Dried sugar in a pot, brown sugar, apple pie. Subsequently, the acidity of the fruit, dry oak wood - tooth cure, ending on notes of cereal grains.

RV 82%
Rye and Christmas cane, two-dimensional but effective, a Nordic Canadian bourbon. Very mellow on the walls of the cheeks despite the attack of spices on the tongue. These, accompanied by a piece of cedar and some hops are quite strong in the final, and persist long enough. Something for the Canadian beer and rye fan, but like Rush I recognize talent without wanting to see them on show, even for free.

Patrick 86%
Fruity nose with a touch of spice reminiscent of a slight smoke. To taste, strawberries, caramel and sugar, all in the usual spice cocktail with rye. In the final, the spices take their place again. Overall a superb rye that surprises with its sweetness and diversity of flavors.

100 Pipers 8 years

40% alc./vol.
Produced by Chivas Brothers since 1949, the name comes from the 100 pipers that would have preceded legendary legend Bonnie Prince Charlie on the battlefield. It would be a blend of 25 to 30 different whiskeys.

RV 81.5%
Sweetened grain with a little ripe wheat. The smoke comes out early in the mouth and then followed by burnt leaves. Nice without smashing anything, a good blend but nothing more.

Patrick 78%
Typical nose of grain whiskey (wheat?), With a slight fruity reminiscent of dried apricots. Very good at the palate, fruity and cereals. Well balanced, final a little vinous. Good scotch preparation of the mouth, ideal to initiate a tasting evening.

1792 Ridgemont Reserve

46.85% alc./vol.

André 89%
Very nice and dangerously attractive. The alcohol level, a bit higher than the average, is drowned by the sweetness and the vanilla, thus allowing to disappear without too much being really realized. Very sweet and liquid in the finish with a hint of honey and an avalanche of wild fruits. The whole is well balanced and really pleasant. at 26 $ us the bottle is more than just candy.

RV 87%
A whiskey quiet but very good string. Grain and jute, an old rope of barn rope, while remaining syrupy and pleasant. Beautiful finish first chocolate, then long aftertaste of wood and vanilla.

Patrick 88%
Nose: Powerful oak, some cherries and vanilla. Palate: A nice mix of rye and oak. All married with a beautiful mix of spices and ripe fruits. Finale: Burnt brown sugar and spices. Balance: Simply good. The tailgate whiskey we want to share until we see that the bottle is about to be empty ... At this moment, we will hide the rest jealously!

Martin 89.5%
That must be that in the Sico palette at Rona, "orange bourbon" ... Nose: Rye and oak, honey and mint. Coated with a sweet ballet of brown sugar and vanilla that does not betray surprisingly its rather generous alcohol. Palate: A large sweet honeysuckle attacks first to quickly retreat in front of spices and mint. Final: A woody oak background acts as a stage for a long-term duel between vanilla and chocolate. Balance: The perfect bourbon to plant on the veranda while waiting firmly for the epic storm that will free us from the yoke of this infernal heat wave.

1835 The Lone Star Texas Bourbon

45% alc./vol.

André 73%
In the bubbling world and the explosion of interest in whiskey, several shell companies are taking advantage of the general craze to stock up in wholesale producers and often do not even have stills to distill. It still seems the case here, as the label says '' bottled '' in Texas ... and not '' distilled ... Sourced whiskeys are definitely to kill the market little by little and undermine the name '' micro-distillers '' . The nose is tasteless and generic, no originality, we do in the presentation straight to the point, bar none, case closed; wild red berries, cherries, licorice, cinnamon, cassonnade and burnt wood. It does not bode well ... The mouth is delivered with no passion, the alcohol is in the foreground and mishandles the flavors of peppery and spicy licorice. The burnt wood also stands out and the whiskey is frank and sliced ​​in the mouth. Well, for 30 $ I did not have big expectations ... The final is on the adulterated alcohol in which navy red fruits and licorice. The price does not believe everything but in this case, 30 $ us is pure theft. Trump should mount his wall around the distributor's head office.

Patrick 85%
A very good whiskey, with a very traditional flavor palette for a bourbon. My bug is that not only is it a "no age statement", but it is also a "no distillery statement". A practice that I find deplorable. Ok, whiskey is good, but if you're reading this, buy something you know the real producer. Nose: slightly spicy caramel scent with a hint of cherry. Palate: Delicious spices, burnt wood and brown sugar. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by the typical spices of bourbon.

6 O'Clock Gin

43% alc./vol.

Patrick 83%
A good gin, but whose nose does not make me tripper. In short, well, without more. The perfume of gin is indeed quite bitter, rather dominated by the roots. A subtle note of juniper and flowers is added. In the mouth, the bouquet of flowers explodes and reveals beautiful notes of citrus and spices discreet.

Categories Gin

66 Gilead Crimson Rye

47% alc./vol.

Patrick 79%
A whiskey that shoots everywhere. In fact, almost think of a new make rather than a whiskey. The sugar is also too intense, to believe that we took advantage of Canadian legislation a little lax about it to add to hide the defects. Nose: rye and sand. Not disgusting, but not inviting either. Palate: Very sweet, and focused on fruits. Some spices and burnt oak notes complete the whole. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by burnt oak and spices.

Martin 81%
Roux-orange dark, like the label. Nose: Rye and fruits well present, but behind a solid youth curtain of the new-make. Palate: Interesting weight with beautiful rye spices, combined with a light fruit syrup. Finale: Fruity and metallic at the same time, with spices that come to save the day. Balance: Disproportionate and young, although you can see an honest effort.

AD Rattray Caol Ila 13 years old Sherry Cask

60.5% alc./vol.

André 89.5%
Nose frank and dry, not denying its maritime and peaty origins but remaining a bit indefinite as long as it does not open the mouth. She does have an accent but has been able to assimilate her refining into sherry casks, a little discreet on the nose but more present in the mouth. Superbly voluptuous displaying a little animal and fruity side, leading to the final maritime and phenolic flavors.

Patrick 90%
Nose of burnt rubber and bacon. Also a nice vanilla to marry everything. On the palate, vanilla, peat and smoke ... All is still very invigorating. Reminds Pierre-Luc of a mushroom risotto? In any case, a small ton of salt. As Émilie says, it looks like a fire! In the final, the salt stretches for our greatest pleasure. A superb whiskey, very well balanced, a pity that the bottle is already empty.

RV 92%
Better than the sum of its parts, it is not a good Coal Ila: it is an excellent Islay, point to the line. Beautiful olfactory Islay ca! Appetizing the beautiful balance between peat and salt, anchored in a hint of maritime land. In the mouth, obliging alcohol, after the salt the heat settles and does not leave before the throat. However, on this floor, it is the powerful peat of Ardbeg that turns into a beautiful suite concluding by flowing gently in the seaweed. For a young 13 years, shows a beautiful maturity and variety.

AD Rattray Cask Islay

46% alc./vol.

André 85%
No doubt, we are on Islay. Nice peat a little filthy and sweet, big ripe orange, green fruits, pineapple, honey. Maritime, both on the nose and in the mouth, a bit of sea salt, the sensation of ashes from the hearth, on the nose the whiskey has an oily profile which on the palate is expressed by flavors of heated oil and peat flavors camphorous that tempt to soften vanilla notes. Definitely a young whiskey with the sensation of pecking on the tip of the tongue, so probably down 10 years. The flavors look a lot like Laphroaig because of the greenish medicinal side of the distillery. As a fan of peaty whiskey, I like this edition but the young side and '' chopped with the ax '' sniffs a little, in the only whiskey is a little too simple and lacks nuances and finish . The finish is strong, peaty and smoky, medicinal at will, but predictable and unidimensional. Interesting as a presentation but we would tire of having a bottle.

Patrick 88%
A good filthy and maritime Islay as we like! And besides, it also offers an interesting complexity. Nose: Rich peat smoke, seaweed, salt and some citrus fruits. Palate: Smoke of peat, pepper, citrus, all on a beautiful oily texture. Probably young, but not too much. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by smoke and pepper.

AD Rattray Macduff 10 years old

59.8% alc./vol.
Distilled in 2000, bottled in 2011, sherry cask, barrel #5786, 288 bottles.

Patrick 90%
The use of sherry casks here is superbly successful. Everything is complex and very pleasant to drink. I would gladly abuse it. Nose: fruity honey, even floral and unctuous. Vanilla and oak complement pleasantly all. Palate: Floral honey on arrival, followed by a wave of fruit from sherry. Everything is bathed in vanilla and oak sugar. After a few sips, the notes of burnt oak are detected. The texture on the palate is creamy and very warm. Final: Shorter than expected, but on a nice warm and spicy sherry note.

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