1792 Ridgemont Reserve

46.85% alc./vol.

André 89%
Very nice and dangerously attractive. The alcohol level, a bit higher than the average, is drowned by the sweetness and the vanilla, thus allowing to disappear without too much being really realized. Very sweet and liquid in the finish with a hint of honey and an avalanche of wild fruits. The whole is well balanced and really pleasant. at 26 $ us the bottle is more than just candy.

RV 87%
A whiskey quiet but very good string. Grain and jute, an old rope of barn rope, while remaining syrupy and pleasant. Beautiful finish first chocolate, then long aftertaste of wood and vanilla.

Patrick 88%
Nose: Powerful oak, some cherries and vanilla. Palate: A nice mix of rye and oak. All married with a beautiful mix of spices and ripe fruits. Finale: Burnt brown sugar and spices. Balance: Simply good. The tailgate whiskey we want to share until we see that the bottle is about to be empty ... At this moment, we will hide the rest jealously!

Martin 89.5%
That must be that in the Sico palette at Rona, "orange bourbon" ... Nose: Rye and oak, honey and mint. Coated with a sweet ballet of brown sugar and vanilla that does not betray surprisingly its rather generous alcohol. Palate: A large sweet honeysuckle attacks first to quickly retreat in front of spices and mint. Final: A woody oak background acts as a stage for a long-term duel between vanilla and chocolate. Balance: The perfect bourbon to plant on the veranda while waiting firmly for the epic storm that will free us from the yoke of this infernal heat wave.

66 Gilead Crimson Rye

47% alc./vol.

Patrick 79%
A whiskey that shoots everywhere. In fact, almost think of a new make rather than a whiskey. The sugar is also too intense, to believe that we took advantage of Canadian legislation a little lax about it to add to hide the defects. Nose: rye and sand. Not disgusting, but not inviting either. Palate: Very sweet, and focused on fruits. Some spices and burnt oak notes complete the whole. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by burnt oak and spices.

Martin 81%
Roux-orange dark, like the label. Nose: Rye and fruits well present, but behind a solid youth curtain of the new-make. Palate: Interesting weight with beautiful rye spices, combined with a light fruit syrup. Finale: Fruity and metallic at the same time, with spices that come to save the day. Balance: Disproportionate and young, although you can see an honest effort.

AD Rattray Auchroisk 25 years old 1991 Single Cask #7531

53% alc./vol.

André 90%
Linear and creamy nose, very sexy vanilla, a little grassy, ​​candies Certs, green apple with the layer of wax, lilac flowers. The mouth is muscular, the alcohol content is notorious, the texture divine, super creamy and very textured; bowls of canned fruit bathed in its juice, slices of green apples, both floral and grassy, ​​a touch of spice. I am surprised to like the presentation of this whiskey because they are not flavors that I normally like. The finish is sustained, superbly balanced, the sweetness of vanilla hides the alcohol and a retro-olfaction on candies Certs, pepper and wet green leaf. A nice surprise from this distillery that we rarely see on the shelves.

Aberfeldy 12 years old (old traffic jam)

40% alc./vol.
Built in 1898 on the site of a former brewery called Pitlie, by John and "Whiskey Tom" Dewar, the first Scottish merchant to bottle his blends, the Aberfeldy Distillery is located in the heart of the Grampian Mountains. With the exception of the war years, Aberfeldy never stopped producing. The Aberfeldy distillery was completely renovated in 1972. The whiskey of the distillery is mainly intended for the production of blends. It is part of the famous blend Dewar's White Label, Scottish Leader and Johnnie Walker among others. Since the 60 years, the distillery has a direct rail link with Dewar cellars located in Perth.

André 79%
Nuts and pecans coated with honey, freshly cut wood. Dry and very frank on the palate. The after-taste is by cons longer than evaluated at the finish in the mouth. The finish is slightly fruity (raisins) without being extraordinary. There is an "off-key" somewhere ... I sometimes prefer the quiet tranquility of a single malt without surprise but still it must be well built and balanced, which is not the case here.

Patrick 83%
Spicy grains. Light spices. Grapes. Banana that disappears with the arrival of the final. The final, meanwhile, leaves us a sweet taste in the mouth.

Martin 82.5%
Coppery Amber full of promise and we hope for riches. Nose: honey, heather and pear. Frankish oak with a touch of butterscotch here and there. Palate: Sweet and honeyed. Nectarine, orange and re-honey. A nice cushion of softness compared to the nose. Finish: Moderately long and warm, with hints of dusty oak and echoes of vanilla honey. Balance: unpretentious, but also unsurprising and without brilliance. It still remains another excellent malt week. As in most cases, with a slight kick in the back of its alcohol content, one could get to somewhere.

RV 82%
Vinyl, buttery flower, a little spicy, which comes on the tongue with a certain passion. We find a Bruichladdich butter when swallowed, and the final a little smoky and ashen is long only a persistent malt, with a touch of alcohol well present despite its low percentage. Very well built, efficient and well disposed, but even after several visits, I do not see who could establish it in his first choices. Probably a good base blend, but in single malt, I'll see elsewhere.

Aberfeldy 16 years

40% alc / vol.

André 84.5%
Picture of a quiet meadow at the end of the sunny day, a bowl of dried fruit topped with honey on the wooden table, pinch of cinnamon, peel of red apples, dried grapes, orange pods, caramel. Peaceful, it invites to calm and relaxation, let the good time roll ... The disappointment will come from the diluted texture in the mouth, we were too greedy and lowered the alcohol level too low, probably filtered too, no greasy texture or oily who would have lovingly braided these flavors together; sherry, red apple peel, oranges, honey. Beautiful and sweet fruity finish, tasty but without texture. Pity.

Patrick 87%
The discreet nose does not suggest the very good whiskey that we find in the mouth. A great surprise. For those who do not like it too intense, I'm still tasty. Nose: Very light scent marked by barley, a subtle caramel and fruits that are even more. Taste: Tasty, marked by ripe fruit, caramel, barley and a touch of sweet wood. Finish: Medium length, marked by wood spices.

Martin 86%
Nose: Malt and honeyed vanilla, very close to his little brother 12 years, even the bottle can be confusing. Some fruits and flowers. Palate: Slightly bland but sweet. Still vanilla and honey in power, but its long sleep and barrel gives it a little spicy punch. Final: Of a rather average duration but pleasant, carried on the wood and the spices. Balance: Very good, albeit a little overrated. The 12 years is the job, and for just $ 50 and more!

Aberfeldy 21 years

40% alc./vol.

André 90.5%
We will not spill the planet whiskey with this nose built of cautious and well-known elements - honey, almonds, walnuts, chocolate oranges, malted cereals - but the whole has the merit of being well put together and showing a certain balance. The mouth is soft and well balanced; honey, vanilla and orange peel will be more predominant as the alcohol evaporates and blends perfectly with the fruity accents brought by the sherry cask. I find many similarities with some Balvenie - sherry addition - the flavors of cereal grains, honey and vanilla supported by a sigh of spices ... The final is a little soft but still shows balance as much in its presentation than in its evolution, the mixed sherry of orange is superb and these will die in sheets of honey and vanilla. A superb whiskey, which remains in known trails and sold at a reasonable price.

Patrick 88%
Nose: Blood oranges, almonds and hickory. Palate: Walnut and oak, sweet vanilla and fruit marmalade. Final: Marked by marmalade and vanilla but unfortunately too short. Balance: Sublime complexity, what a whiskey! But why did you let the accountants decide on the alcohol level? At 46, even 43%, this whiskey would be absolutely exceptional.

Martin 89%
Very rich and well golden. Nose: Heavily malted caramel. Walnuts and oranges. The influence of the wood is marked, but without too much taking the place. Palate: Honey sweet and juicy, nice weight on the palate, marmalade a bit bitter, fruit and delicious toffee. Grapes. Sweet and sweet, despite that we would like a little more personality. Finish: Quite short on strong notes of vanilla and toasty oak. Balance: An excellent nose, but the tranquility of the rest of the experience makes potato. Give us a little more alcohol content. With a nose and a similar age statement, I expect more from this distillery.

Aberlour 12 Double Cask Matured

43% alc./vol.
Aberlour 12 years old Double Cask Matured is developed according to a complex process. The result is an appreciable 'Sherry finish': after a first aging of 11 aged in Bourbon casks, the Aberlour Double Cask 12 whiskey is transferred to Sherry casks for a final year, in order to obtain balance and aromatic richness. .

André 85%
Beautiful richness on the nose, generously fruity. Orange, toffee and the well-felt effect of the sherry cask. More raspy and too liquid for my taste in the mouth but is recovering well in the final where the dried fruits and chocolate will embrace your mouth very cleverly. Lack a little finishing and complexity but confirms the guideline of the distillery.

Patrick 85%
Burnt wood nose with touch of grapes. On the palate, the finish is very creamy and oily. The whole is sweet, fruity, focused on caramel and lightly burnt wood and a hint of steak spice. The finish, moderately long, is warm and stretches on the caramel. Well balanced, honest value if you like your oily and sweet scotch!

Martin 83%
Nose: Grape, ice wine, very fruity. This is what strikes first, presumably caused by sherry barrels. We take a break. The second nose reveals its original barley and the oak of its first ripening. If you drink it again after a first sip, the barley comes back, headed by caramel and toffee. It smells like Honey and Walnut Cheerios. Mouth: As much as the nose it seemed to me perhaps too sweet, so much it once baffles me in the mouth. There is a lot going on there. The texture is honeyed, even oily. Grapes, barley, fruit and icewine mix admirably and without being too hilarious. Finale: Good length that begins with a combo barley and caramel and stretches a little on sherry and grapes. It's not to break everything but I'm not suffering either. Without emotion. Balance: Nice climb, but the final is a little too potato for my taste. I would say it's the most Kool-Aid of my whiskeys to date. He would do wonderfully after passing the mower one afternoon in July. It did not stop me from drinking the half of the bottle since the New Year. It's for sugar bugs, we like or we do not like ...

Aberlour 16 Double Cask Matured

43% alc./vol.

André 87%
More body than the 10 years of age. Cherries are in the foreground, followed by aromas of hot fruit cake in the holiday season. Soft and silky, we feel a research, an aging that makes him a single malt more mature and typed than his younger brother. But for the same price as an Aberlour Abunadh, hard not to consider taking the 2eme choice. Very nice and eclipse the Aberlour 10 years, no offense to Jim Murray.

Patrick 86%
Very warm nose, where sherry is not too discreet unlike bourbon spices. To the taste, Aberlour still demonstrates its mastery of aging in sherry casks: a rich finish in the mouth marked by sherry and spices, evolving until the sugar of the wine comes to replace the spices of bourbon. In the final, a waxy vanilla unfortunately unravels everything. Very well balanced, ideal for autumn and winter, or for summer evenings a little too cool.

Martin 87%
Bright and rich orange. Nose: Sweet and sweet, juicy barley and fiery sherry. Raisins, wood, caramel, kool-aid with cherry. Spice cake, leather and vanilla. The right way to express yourself for a sherry cask. Cocoa and flowers. Palate: A little more watery than expected. Juicy grape and caramel, sherry and spices, smoked leather, brown sugar, honey and vanilla. Finale: Oak, grapes and sherry with a touch of vanilla. Long and sustained. Balance: A solid Aberlour, a bit like an Abunad'h with a regular strength of alcohol. Definitely one of the rockstars of the standard range of the distillery.

Aberlour A'bunadh - Batch 049

60.1% alc./vol.

André 92%
50 shades of gray, 49 shades of Abunadh. Fruity sweetness for this edition. Black cherries, dried fruits, raisins, oranges, dark chocolate, fruit cake. The sweetness of the mouth is incredibly beautiful, the alcohol is well nested in the background and waits for the final to start. In mouth; prunes, fruit paste, black cherries, dates, fruit jam presented on a silky and refined, soft cover. Definitely an iron hand in a velvet glove. Peppery finish and spices, mixed with the avalanche of fruits previously served. An Abunadh different from previous versions, more nuanced and soft. We discover new variants of this version is a tour de force in itself. If you have not bought yours yet, run it fast!

Patrick 92%
If you do not know A'Bunadh, go! This is the perfect opportunity to discover this fantastic whiskey. And if you already know it, go, go, go, even more! For lovers of intense sherry, cask strenght version. Nose: sherry, spices, orange zest and brown sugar touch. Palate: Obviously sherry, but with nice notes of orange, oak spice and dark chocolate. Final: Long, tasty and warm. Sherry and spicy dark chocolate remain very intense.

Martin 92.5%
Deep brown, deep brown that testifies well to its sherry cask roots. Nose: Rich and powerful. Refuses to do in the lace with his controlling alcohol level. Sweet grapes, juicy dates and tanned leather underlined by a thin veil of peat and orange. Unbelievable. Palate: Superb texture, rich sherry cask well in evidence. Prunes, tobacco leaves, fire of spices and cask strength. Finale: Leather wind and astringency of sherry spices. Long and delectable. It would be a better choice in winter. Balance: Another excellent version of the classic A'bunadh. Not given, but it's worth every dollar spent. To pick up when it goes into SAQ. A real real scotch.

Aberlour A'bunadh - Batch 057

60.7% alc./vol.

André 87.5%
Sweet and fruity nose. Raisins, greedy and concentrated, lots of nose spices that cut a lot with the roundness of dried fruits, bitter dark chocolate, the eternal Christmas fruit cake, wet leather, black coffee. Guideline for the Abunadh series. Cherries, raspberries, but the mouth is unbalanced by too strong spices (ginger) but definitely demonstrates the richness of sherry casks with its strong flavors of fruit paste and black cherries, oranges, plums. Too bad the spices cut so abruptly with the roundness of fruit and sherry. Final dry, rounder than the nose, a little raspy even. I appreciate more retro-olfaction, almost pasty, than the final itself. If we compare this edition with other distilleries on the market, it is superior. But if you compare it with the other batch of the series, it is perhaps unbalanced in the mouth and too dry and spicy. That being said, a must have for sherry (butt) lovers.

Patrick 91%
Another superb A'Bunadh, real candy for adults! Cursed that's good! A strong argument in favor of SINs. Nose: Cherry Blossom, with milk chocolate, cherry, nuts and a hint of vanilla. Tasty ! Palate: Beautiful ripe fruit, sweet and warm. Spices, touch of milk chocolate and vanilla. Finish: Long, tasty, fruity, sweet and warm.

Martin 90.5%
Nose: Wowowee! Another A'bunadh that comes back with notes of black cherries, grapes, red wine, grilled malt and oak. Palate: Spicy grapes, pipe tobacco and sherry in madness. The alcohol level, although controlled, is absolutely not hidden. Finale: Beautiful spices, beautiful wood, beautiful wine, good juice. Balance: Another homerun. If you like sherry and are not afraid of thrills, A'bunadh is for you.

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