Ben Birdsall - Whiskey Burn; The Distilleries of Ireland by Vespa

Wittenborg University Press - 2018

Patrick 90%
The author has constructed this book in much the same way as his previous work, Whiskey Burn; Distilleries of Scotland by Vespa, less humor, the waterproof tent and more (which is a must in Ireland). However, I learned a lot more, especially thanks to the fact that most of the distilleries visited did not exist during my previous trip! Built like a story of travel or adventure (the Vespa is still 3 years older than the previous book!), This is one of the few whiskey books for which you will spend sleepless night: Will the Vespa be able to cross Ireland up and down? You will have to read it to find out!

Like its predecessor on Scottish distilleries, this book is for beginners and those who think they know everything about whiskey.

Ben Birdsall - Whiskey Burn; Distilleries of Scotland by Vespa - Highlands and Islands

Wittenborg University Press - 2015

Patrick 94%
For fans of adventures and scotch, this book is a must: The author goes around the Scottish distilleries driving his Vespa 50CC ... 1979! Not only can it seem incredible to have survived such an epic Vespa, but in addition, he stopped to paint and camp in a tent more or less waterproof and despite the terrible Scottish climate. I particularly loved the many humorous dialogues of his interactions with locals. In fact, the whole work reminded me of a twenty-first century version of the most classic work on whiskey, The Whiskey Distilleries of the United Kingdom by Alfred BarnardSo, it's telling you!

Finally, this book is for novices as well as those who think they know everything about whiskey. Real candy to read!

Charles K. Cowderey - Bourbon, Strange

Made and Bottled in Kentucky - 2014

Patrick 84%
I was looking forward to this new book by Charles K. Cowderey after reading "Bourbon, Straight". I have to admit I was not satisfied ... I had the impression that I read a re-edition of the first book, and unlike "Straight", it did not teach me much again, if it does not. is only a few anecdotes. In short, yes, a good book, which I had fun reading, but considering that it is almost impossible to find north of the border, let's say there are other more interesting and easier books to find.

Davin De Kergommeaux - Canadian Whiskey: The New Portable Expert

Appetite - 2017

Patrick 92%
THE book to read about Canadian whiskey. Even my college books have rarely taught me as much as this book. The amount of research Davin had to do is incredible. A must for you to appreciate a style of whiskey too often snobbed despite its high quality. Yes, this book will practically make you an expert in the field of Canadian Whiskey! Anecdote Example: Did you know that Molson (yes, yes, the same as beer) has already been among the biggest distillers of whiskey in the country?

Charles K. Cowderey - Bourbon, Straight

Made and Bottled in Kentucky - 2004

Patrick 94%
If you only have one book to read about bourbon, it must be this one. An essential reference, as much for its content as for the pure pleasure to read Cowderey. Obviously, do not expect here an exhaustive list of American whiskeys (the book dates from 2004, after all), but rather a better understanding and history and industry of American whiskey. And above all, you will realize that many legends surrounding American whiskey are indeed just legends!

Dave Broom - Whiskey: The Manual

Octopus Books - 2014

Patrick 82%
In this book, Dave Broom encourages us to try to consume our favorite spirits differently. In particular, it tastes dozens of whiskeys by mixing them with soda, cola, ginger ale, coconut water and green tea. The problem is that I definitely do not have the same tastes as the author: I hate his favorites, and I love what he tells us to avoid!

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