Still Waters Small Cask Brandy Small Barrel

40% alc./vol.
Cask #26, bottle #54.

Patrick 91%
Nose: Wow! What a tasty nose! Aromas recalling an old sherry, chocolate, caramel and some cherries. Palate: Consistent with what was advertised on the nose, with sherry, chocolate, caramel and cherries. These latter seem however more present. Everything offers a bit of bite, just enough to be nice. Finish: Long and marked by cherries. Balance: In general, I am not a fan of brandy, but I regret not having made a provision for it. My favorite product of this distillery! Too bad it's a one shot deal 🙁

Hidden Marsh Distillery Apple Brandy

40% alc./vol.

RV 82%
The less mature apples are not the best in the mouth. A little embarrassed and vinous, it is the grape that already imposes on the taste buds. Beautiful texture in the mouth that can wait for the really sweet red apple that settles after a few seconds. Final a bit disappointing after the amazing mouth, the green apple aftertaste corrects a little shooting, but not significantly enough. A brandy that I would like to taste with a few months or more years.

Old Telegraph Chateauneuf-du-Pape Old Marc

42% alc./vol.
Old aged marc 10 years in barrel of 225 liters and unfiltered.

RV 87.5%
Theoretically, brandy, but a spirit like I have never tasted to this day. To live the experience, feel as soon as it is poured, with more or less interesting odors of spruce and large mushrooms growing on the trunk of it. A few minutes later, much quieter with a superb mix of raisins, nutmeg, vanilla and even some maple. In the mouth the wood is very strong, but in a beautiful development it is sugar until the final which starts a little too abruptly but which as the mouth goes down very well scratches the throat of his grapes. My first alcohol of this type but my curiosity being stung, it is surely not my last.

Uitkyk Pot Still Estate Brandy

38% alc./vol.
Brandy from South Africa.

RV 82%
Too round and undefined, there is a touch of vanilla. The finish is very quietly sweet, with warm apples and caramel. Before the finale, there is more wood on the Armagnac side than Cognac. A good little brandy that is good, a good introduction that will not shock.

Miguel Torres Jaime I Brandy

40% alc./vol.
Brandy from the Barcelona region of Spain produced by Torres, founded by Jaime Torres Vendrell in 1870.

RV 81.5%
Brandy can be made from any fruit, and this one is pretty much anything. Licorice and raisins burned. On the palate, sweet then pungent star anise and pepper, quite dry. The finish is grainy first, not very fresh, compensated by an aftertaste of pumpkin and currant. Overall weird, not really in my tastes and a little too exuberant, except the superb packaging.

Michel Jodoin Calijo XO

40% alc./vol.
Big brother of Calijo, for the moment not available in SAQ.

RV 88.5%
Nose surprisingly devoid of apples; it is more the caramel of the barrel that one can taste there. On the palate, we bite into the apple, sweet and soaked in caramel then less sweet. The finish is ultra-clean for an alcohol so aged. By its taste profile, it seems perfect for mixology; however when looking for a little easy going back up, difficult to do better. If only the SAQ helped instead of harming its distribution ...

Michel Jodoin Calijo

40% alc./vol.
Brandy made from Rougemont apples in Quebec.

RV 83%
On the nose of vanilla, cinnamon settles slowly, but more strongly than in calvados. On the palate, the liquid is soft but the burning barrel attack continues well until the attack just sustained enough. Very good for encouraging Quebec products in blends requiring brandy, he is doing very well alone too. Too bad he is not as well known as his French and Spanish cousins.

Lucky Bastard Brandy

40% alc./vol.
Brandy from an artisan distillery in Saskatchewan.

RV 89%
Brandessert. While power without any indication on the alcohol from which it is designed, by its olfactory profile wrongly I would say that this brandy comes from a mixture of citrus and vesou (cane juice of Caribbean rums agricultural). The finish is a big, big leap of citrus, before the alcohol takes control of the experience. Reduced to 40%, the rum side (The Favorite Heart of Rhum) is even more prominent, but the vanilla found there is a departure to find something more Canadian. A great little brandy, not too sweet and perfect for a big Christmas cake.

Cardenal Mendoza Gran Reserva Reserva Brandy

40% alc./vol.
Brandy from the region of Andalusia in Spain.

RV 83.5%
Very different from smell to taste, with toffee, maple and burnt sugar and a little vegetal taste, with some chives. All offset by an extremely sweet finish, really the maple taffy that sticks in the bottom of a cauldron. Very good but very typical, probably an excellent dessert accompaniment but taken dry, a little too rich for comfort.

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