Daron XO Calvados Pays D'Auge

40% alc./vol.
18 years old, aged in barrels of Cognac

Patrick 89%
A spirit that will replace any dessert! Nose: Beautiful ripe and sweet apples, touch of brown sugar and some spices reminiscent of apple pie. Palate: A warm and delicious liquid apple pie, with nice spicy notes. All served on a vanilla oak tray.

Roger Groult Ancestral Reserve

40% alc./vol.

Patrick 94%
A liquor of a quality that I have rarely met. Definitely part of the "top 1%" all categories. Nose: Sublime perfume of apples, spices, oak and compote. CA feels the sky! Palate: Wow, juicy apples, touch of sugar, spices, some grass and a hint of slightly burnt caramel. Final: Long, sweet and warm. Leaves us in a contemplative state, see dreamer.

Roger Groult Dean of Age

41% alc./vol.

Patrick 93%
Exceptional, difficult to describe because of its great complexity and especially its immeasurable subtlety. Nose: Syrupy green apple with a touch of caramel and biscuit. Palate: Sweet green apple with spices, biscuits and oak. Finish: Long, smooth and with a hint of caramel.

Roger Groult Golden Age

41% alc./vol.

Patrick 90%
Complex, refined and very well balanced. Excellent. Nose: Ripe apple, but still an acid point. Palate: Nice, spicy and acidic apples, with a nice subtly sweet touch. Finish: Long, tasty and marked by oak.

Roger Groult 12 years

41% alc./vol.

Patrick 92%
A masterpiece, a success all along the line. Nose: Apple pips and apple juice "Rougemont" unsweetened (or almost!). Palate: On the palate, succulent unsweetened apple juice with subtle oak hints. Finish: Long and slightly spicy, always with nice notes of apples.

Roger Groult 8 years

41% alc./vol.

Patrick 83%
This one, even if it is still good, disappointed me a little. The 3 I had tasted before seemed more interesting. Nose: Rich and sweet apple cider with a touch of simple syrup and a floral tip. Taste: Very spicy, with notes of burnt oak, then some notes of sour apples. Final: The apple expresses itself more clearly at the level of the final.

Roger Groult 3 years

40% alc./vol.

Patrick 90%
Very fresh, ideal for hot summer days, especially if served lightly fresh. Nose: Intense apple cider with notes of slightly browned and sweet apples. Palate: Spicy finish, oak then bitter apple. Finish: Long and dry, marked by the bitterness of the apple.

Calvados Lecompte 12 years

40% alc./vol.

RV 86%
Always interesting to see or feel how difficult it is to hide the apple behind the little wooden nose. In the mouth, the yellow apple and apple jam are given, without being too sweet, even being a little dry. The final is the highlight of the experience: always apple, we scratch the stick of strong scratch cinnamon on the rasp. The aftertaste is remarkable by the length (especially for an 12-aged spirits), which concludes my best calvados until now.

Roger Groult Venerable

41% alc./vol.
Calvados from the Pays d'Auge.

Patrick 88%
A very good Calvados, which will satisfy all palates. Nose: Burnt and sweet apple with a touch of compote, spices and dry grass. Palate: Apples and spices, with a woody tip. The whole presents a subtle and warm sugar. Finish: Long, marked by fresh apples.

RV 84%
An old wise teacher ... but older than wise. Hyper sweet with a lot of apple skin than flesh. Little arrival or rather super slow in the mouth, the apple comes late before the final all cinnamon and apple wood. For an alcohol so worked, it is worth it for the papilla but perhaps not for the wallet despite its more than reasonable price.

Boulard XO

40% alc./vol.
Calva of the country of Auge.

RV 83.5%
Strange olfactory blend. The smell of acid and sweet apple both places this calva between gin and armagnac. By cons, unlike too powerful whiskeys, you can really plunge your nose into the glass to feel all the subtleties of the sugar of the apple. Silky and light on the palate, the apple does not let the wood pass, and we must wait in the finish to find a liquid maturity, with fresh vanilla, a hint of walnuts, in a beautiful heat for a percentage as low. Like introductory Calva, does the job very well.

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