Ile de Ré - Camus Cognac

40% alc./vol.
Fine Island Cognac (there's just the French to write that in English in the French version of the text!)

Patrick 92%
An extraordinary Cognac, especially for the scotch lover of Islay. Rich and intense, balanced as well as possible. I just love it. Nose: Ripe fruit, black cherry and dark chocolate, with a touch of appetizing sea salt. Palate: Tasty sea salt, ripe fruit, dark chocolate, subtle caramel and intense spices. Finish: Very very very salty and fruity.

Augier Cognac - The Oceanic

40.1% alc./vol.
Vintage Ordinary Wood from Ile d'Oleron, Ugni Blanc grape variety. Made the 23 July 2015

Patrick 90%
The best compliment I can give a spirits, especially when it's not a whiskey, is to buy a bottle on the spot after tasting. And that's what I did here! Scotch lovers should love it, and Cognac lovers should be at least intrigued. I just love it. Nose: Extraordinary scent of green apples, touch of sea air, subtle spices and a touch of tobacco. Palate: Beautiful fresh and tasty fruit, a very good dose of salt, the spices of the oak and a delicate bouquet of flowers that completes the whole. Finish: A beautiful length, marked by oak, flowers and a delicate salt.

Cognac Augier - The Singular

41.7% alc./vol.
Cru Fine Champagne, Folle Blanche grape variety. Realized the 8 September 2015

Patrick 89%
A superb Cognac, rich and intense, something that may disturb traditional lovers of Cognac. Nose: Fresh red berries, subtle vanilla and caramel, wrapped in fresh, delicious oak. Palate: Very ripe grapes, dry and spicy oak, pepper, burnt brown sugar. Rich and intense. Finale: Of a beautiful length, spicy and intense.

Cognac Augier - The Wild

40.8% alc./vol.
Vintage Petite Champagne, Ugni Blanc grape variety. Realized the 4 December 2014

Patrick 87%
A very good Cognac, punches, original and full of relief. Warning, this is not for novices in the world of spirits, but if you "qualify", you will like a lot. Nose: Sweet and fruity fragrance, light but still captivating. Taste: Spicy, with a hint of oak, pepper and a little burnt grape. Finish: Medium length, woody and peppery.

Martell Blue Swift

40% alc./vol.
Spirit Drink - VSOP Cognac Finished in Bourbon Barrels

Patrick 84%
A nice Cognac (well, theoretically, it's not a Cognac, but in practice, it's not bad) and tasty. Simple and effective, the kind of Cognac I would bring to the woods this weekend. Nose: Perfume as sweet as a pure spirit can be, fruits, and a little sweet bourbon. Palate: Beautiful raisins, nuts, plums, spicy oak and a note reminiscent of bourbon. Finale: A little short, marked by some nuts and a note of liquorice warmed.

Remy Martin Excellence XO

40% alc./vol.

RV 82%
From the beginning, the fruits do not give the impression of an XO cognac but of something really younger. This juvenile aspect is also felt in the mouth which is not very developed, not very subtle and too clear. The finish is more interesting, first with old grapes, followed by mellow spices, and finally the grape that has become deliciously juicy. Unfortunately the teenage orange that also dominates the whole is a bit too little too late, especially for the price.

Pierre Ferrand Selection of Angels 1er vintage

40% alc./vol.

Patrick 93%
A prodigious complexity, an incredible balance. At the height of expectations, which is saying a lot because it was high. Nose: Curry chocolate, oaky-vanilla, flowers, raisins, black licorice and ginger. Very complex at the level of spices. Palate: Arrival in the mouth spectacular, with an explosion of complex spices and vanilla oak. Tea, curry, ginger, saffron, nutmeg, dark chocolate, dried herbs. So complex! Final: Long and tasty. Stretches on a mixture of spices and chocolate.

RV 89%
More fruity than the Pierre Ferrand Réserve, curiously this older cognac is fresh and does not let the weight of the years of the wood to exceed it of the nose. On the palate, spices come to mix with oak instead of fighting with him. The final is undeniably wise, combining spices (cinnamon) and vanilla, and of course keeping the memory of the grape that plays much more a (very beautiful) backstory that the great fanfare. And even for a beginner, impossible to deny its quality.

Pierre Ferrand Grande Champagne Reserve

40% alc./vol.

RV 85%
Grapes this time in their declination "dry" with a touch of wood in the background. On the palate it reveals a surprise of maturity with a texture much more creamy and elegant. The final goes in the same vein, and the aftertaste is really neat, silky, and flat clothing for very long seconds. A good walk over her younger sister, this bottle is a beautiful young lady talking low in decibel but with seductive notes.

Pierre Ferrand Ambré Grande Champagne Premier Cru

40% alc./vol.

Patrick 89%
Exceptionally well balanced, with a tasty complexity. Wow, a great spirit. Nose: Floral scent dominated by roses and violets, complemented by acid raisins and touches of pears and apricots. Palate: Delicious on the palate, with a nice fruity sugar, grapes, apricots, vanilla and a touch of understated oak, but not as much as the peppery notes. Final: Medium length and pleasant.

RV 80%
Very sweet on the nose, a good approach to coax the lovers of wine, but probably ill-advised to try to open the spirit horizons of a single malt lover of Islay. However, in the mouth, a hint of caramel and wood is heavy on the tongue, to establish a firm presence. Finally, the finish is good taste, very little pronounced, and there is little or no aftertaste. So definitely to keep on the harmless side of the liquor library.

Michel Forgeron Special Reserve XO Cognac Grande Champagne

43% alc./vol.

RV 85%
So close to the grapes that if it were served in an opaque glass, I would think that the liquid would probably be purple. So we play on fine note of grapes, but only the grapes, as if the liquid had barely aged (and it is still an XO). In the mouth, a little surprising with the pepper that attacks the tongue before a bunch of grapes explodes with the final. Fancy, we play only one note but in several ranges, and although not necessarily in my palette, the quality and especially the subtlety are undeniable.

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