Oshlag - hopped vodka

40% alc./vol.
Produced from millet, corn and hops waterfall. Date of production: 7 November 2016

Patrick 93%
As a beer lover IPA, I'm crazy and as a lover of spirits, I'm passionate! Do you like tasteless vodkas? Run away ! This one is full of life and energy, making us think of a perfect summer day! Nose: Citrus, bouquet of dried flowers and a good dose of hops. This vodka does not hide its origins! Palate: We smell the cereals well, then bang! It's an avalanche of hops, grapefruit, lime, and a must-know forest. It could be summed up while saying that it is an API on the acid! Finale: Stretch for a long time on floral notes and citrus acid.

Zoladkowa Gorzka

40% alc./vol.
Polish vodka flavored with herbs.

RV 78%
Quench with grapes and spices. Rye on the drug, or weird drink at the Carolina Catdaddy. Spice-flavored cough syrup, with a most bizarre final of grapes and turnips. At the limit of the interesting, but must quickly fall on the heart.

Wyborowa Exquisite

40% alc./vol.
Rye based.

RV 89%
On the nose, spices, earth and mushrooms well balanced. Always the spices on the palate and long enough finish, on lustrous spices such as cinnamon, all in softness and subtlety. A good proof that vodka can be appreciated for oneself, outside the mix, and not just out of the freezer. A real pleasure to watch, but not as much as to discover naked in his glass, and the memory of the aftertaste is very hot.

Wyborowa Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Rye, Poland, 1823. Rye-based, distilled 3 times.

RV 81%
Lemon and fresh on the nose, it arrives quickly and explodes from the beginning of the final. The aftertaste meanwhile presents a return to the lemon, which remains long enough. Another beautiful introductory vodka, with a bit of personality, but without the class of her exquisite sister.

U'lukva Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Poland. Based on brains, distilled into small batches.

RV 82%
Seven Up but as if it had been added sugar, with a very glossy and juicy texture on the palate. On the other hand, the taste is very ethereal and transparent, even if one can find there a very distant vanilla. The finish is rounder, with a strange mixture of pepper and brown sugar in a beautiful scale. At 61 $, a bit expensive, but perhaps suitable for those who like fine vodkas without much personality.

Ultimat Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Bielsko-Biala, Poland. Made from wheat, rye and potatoes.

RV 86%
Difficult to define in the nose, draws everywhere, in spices, fruits and even slightly on the smoke. Very sweet on the palate, but keeps a nice caress of sweet spices on the finish. It then goes off sweetly, but a little too quickly. A hot and powerful summer rain, without thunder or light but with an impressive cloud cover, followed by a beautiful rainbow.

Troika Premium Vodka

40% alc./vol.
Diageo, Canada.

RV 77%
Nose very slightly vanilla, in the nose we can not expect much. Early attack slightly smoked, with spices that take time to open. Final halfway between juniper and mint, with a little bit of spice. Not unpleasant, the kind of vodka found in the bottom of the cupboard drink cabinet, which is far from impressing us but when we expect to find the Kuyper Vodka between an old bottle of Snowy Owl and another from Beefeater, and when we come across Troika, we find almost qualities. On the other hand, by displaying it on its bottle, Troika shows us that the name "Premium vodka" should not be regulated, at least not on the nose of quality.

Tag no5 Vodka

40% alc./vol.

RV 85%
Resembling Iceberg, mint and 7up are olfactory sexy. The arrival of sweet juniper is tasty, with a back-taste of mint, all in power. Real sweet toothpaste bottled, a little too direct but will not fall into oblivion.

Svedka Vodka

40% alc./vol.

RV 81%
Even when served warm, the nose remains very clear, and the cold and austere grain brings little. In the mouth, the cement dust is dry, and the juniper, for a rare time, elegant. The finish is very clean, and this vodka should be particularly appreciated in drinks. However, I prefer my tastier vodkas.

Stolichnaya Elit

40% alc./vol.
Filtered at -18 degrees celcius to remove any impurity.

RV 86%
Great quality undeniable, but to reserve for fans of ultra clean vodka. Really sweet, we do not really discover the grain at the base of the spirit. In order to taste it better, do not hesitate to take it in big sips to better savor the light arrival of white pepper. Clean, even more in second sip, the sweet pepper mixes with the apples with elegance. Since a vodka, by definition, should not taste anything, its medals are well deserved, but in my case, it's a little too perfect as a liquid.

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