Berry Bros. & Rudd Cutty Sark 25 years old

45.7% alc./vol.

André 87%
Beautiful creaminess brought by vanilla, paired with a palpable tranquility brought by the quarter of a century spent in cask. Dates, fruitcake, heated caramel, old cherries, apples. The intensity of the mouth destabilizes a bit with the powerful arrival and its smoke notes of hearth ash, pepper and bitter dark chocolate. Once these flavors are assimilated, notes of dried fruit and burnt caramel, salt and anise, pout of coffee bodum, oranges to close on hints of oak a little dry and cinnamon, clove. Finale dry and bitter, dark chocolate and dry oak. Thanks to Eric for sharing this bottle.

Compass Box Phenomenology

46% alc./vol.
Inspired by phenomenological thinking, Compass Box did not initially want to provide either the recipe or the whiskeys that compose it, nor any aromatic description on the packaging or the communication media. This is why consumers are invited to taste this whiskey objectively. The recipe for the blend of whiskeys used to create this blend was unveiled a few months after its release: 24.5% Tamdhu 2001 15 years - 1st fill Bourbon barrel, 72.0% Glenlossie 1996 21 year - Hogshead Rechar, 2.0% Highland Park 1997 - 20 years old - Rechar Hogshead, 1.0% Talisker 1996 21 years old - Refill Butt, 0.5% Caol Ila 2006 11 years old - Hogshead.

André 92.5%
Lemon trees in bloom, vanilla, pears, bananas, lilacs, wild berries, cherries, honey. Exquisite on the palate, what texture, waxy and fruity as well as with a good sugar level; fresh green grass, lemons, oranges, bananas, pineapple, cherries, pears, green apples. There is also a powdery floral touch reminiscent of lilac. Then follow the flavors of red fruits, cherries and red apple peel, licorice. After 2-3 small sips, notes of coconut and distant peat smoke, toasted oak wood, milk chocolate. Finale sweet, full and exquisite. Succulent!

Patrick 82%
An extraordinary scent that I would have spent hours feeling, but the taste in mouth ... Bof, perfect for shots, and again. Nose: Mmmmh, appetizing! Light smoke, biscuits, dry wood and a basket of dried flowers. Palate: Spicy and charred oak, dried flowers and a discreet smoke. But, compared to the nose, the mouth leaves me on my appetite. Finale: Medium length, marked by charred wood.

James Buchanan Black & White 1946

% alc. unknown
Black & White was produced for the first time in 1884 by James Buchanan.
A year later he succeeded in providing the House of Commons and the brand was one of the first to introduce blended whiskeys to the English market.
Composed at 60-65% Grain Whiskeys among those that include brands like Port Dundas, Cameronbridge and Dalwhinnie.

André 81%
Wow !!!! One would think the Lagavulin 8 years or the version of Game of Throne sweet version !!! Medicinal herb peat, sweet camphor, pears, green grass and candy breaks flu, honey cereals. Mouth diluted, sweet, earthy peat, black tea, pears and almonds, melon honey, citrus, oily all the same with a small bite of ginger. Even if the texture is ugly, the flavors are super nice, well integrated peat and alcohol approachable. Back on the burnt wood in the finish and honey cereals, pear syrup and a diaphanous cloud of peat. A beautiful historical reminder.

Martin 80%
Nose: Sweet and sweet, old and dusty at the same time. Like an old library. Jerky beef and smoke slightly ashy. Oranges and marinated steak. Rear wind of dill and vinegar. Palate: Sweet and woody, the vinegary side gives way here to a sweet maritime smoke. The old dust remains here at the end of the mouth. We know that here we taste something old. Finale: Stamp glue, old vinous wood, smoke, honey and brandy. Balance: Well happy to have tasted this, but also happy to see that nowadays distillers know a little more what they do.

Compass Box Hedonism The Muse Blended Grain

53.3% alc./vol.
Hedonism was the first Blended Grain Scotch Whiskey in the world to open a new world of flavors hitherto unexplored in Scotland. Compass Box has recently found a barrel of old grain whiskeys of a certain age. This being exceptional, he inspired John Glaser for the creation of this new limited edition of Hedonism. The Muse is a nod to the woman represented on all of the brand's traffic jams. Limited edition of 3060 bottles.

Recipe used: 27.2% Invergordon Distillery (refill American standard barrel), 20.4% North British Distillery (re-charred barrel), 16.0% Strathclyde Distillery (refill hogshead), 15.7% North British Distillery (first fill bourbon barrel), 13.8% Unknown (butt; parcel of unknown, pre-blended grain whiskeys), 3.6% Port Dundas Distillery (re-charred barrel) and finally, 3.3% Port Dundas Distillery (hogshead)

André 89%
Chantilly cream, caramel, honey, pineapple, coconut, honey cereals and maple syrup. The influence of the grain whiskey is undeniable in the mouth, it is crunched in the notes of cereals with full teeth as well as the flavors of oak wood; dried cereals, caramel, honey, pineapple, vanilla essence, peaches, oranges. Finely spiced with cinnamon, cloves sprinkled on dried cereals. A perfect example of the expertise of the blender and the quality of grain whiskeys when selected.

Patrick 80%
Mouin, must be thirsty in curses! It's not bad, but it's not the kind of whiskey that gives me great pleasure to drink. In short, for me, the very definition of a "80%". Well, I would like to add one or two points for alcohol, but no. Nose: Typical fragrance of a grain whiskey: fresh, light, a little sweet and woody. And also exotic fruit scents and a hint of cherries. Taste: Intense on alcohol, with lots of fresh wood, but a little burnt, with a good dose of spices, vanilla and citrus. Final: Medium finish, marked by wood and citrus fruits.

Dewar's 12 years old The Ancestor

40% alc./vol.

André 82.5%
Notes of honey and nuts, flambé pears, pear apples and malted barley. Very approachable as whiskey. The palate is luscious and starts with notes of milk chocolate, dried fruits and grapes, a good sugar content that develops on tones of honey and exotic frutis, orange pods and cherries. What is surprising is that cereal intake does not monopolize the mouth at all and has been fully integrated into the end result. At the second sip, I have the fire of cherry wood and apple tree. Also appear good spices and a light smoke that accompany well the cherry flavors. Finer a little dry and cereal with exclamation marks of spices, pepper and smoke.

Patrick 90%
Wow, exactly what I expect from a blend: Complex, well balanced and easy to drink. Trèèèès easy to drink. Nose: A beautiful complex and appetizing fragrance, with hints of honey, nuts, pears, oranges and malted barley. Mouth: Oh, that's good. Oak, cereals, honey, barley, wood, dried fruits and a subtle smoke. All superbly attached by beautiful sweet grain. Final: Of a beautiful length and complex.

Berry Bros. & Rudd 40 years Blended Scotch Whiskey KWM

46% alc./vol.

André 85.5%
Sherry, plums, dates, apricots, oranges, dark chocolate and vanilla. A rainbow of flavors that complement each other superbly. The mouth displays more venerable age of whiskey; more about the notes of old oak wood, the almost charcoal, old dusty book binder in the corner of the wet library, fruitcake, caramel, plums and raisins, slightly unclear texture, dry feeling and astringent , spicy, on bitter dark chocolate too. I find the mouth slightly unbalanced. At the 2eme sip, notes of blood oranges, old sherry and jelly teddy bear are added. Medium long finish, spicy and bitter with a return on tobacco notes.

Patrick 90%
A deep and unique whiskey, as only a tape of 40 can be. No disappointment here! Nose: A beautiful marmalade of ripe fruit, sugar, vanilla and subtle spices. An enticing fragrance if there is one. Palate: Very ripe fruit, burnt wood, spices, dark chocolate and a surprising peaty note. Finish: A beautiful length, marked by a unique blend of burnt wood, spices, black coffee and peat.

Martin 91.5%
Nose: Beautiful softness, leather and wood, delicate and affirmed at the same time. Red berries, syrup, sherry. Grapes, dates and tobacco. A blend maybe, but loaded with sherry block. Palate: Sweet, syrupy, cherry and juicy grapes. Orange peel, leather and ultra-dusty oak. A great malt that transpires the tradition of a bygone era. Finale: The wood and juicy grapes transports us to the rest of the experience. Balance: All smooth, a beautiful ride in time. Too bad that these whiskeys weaken with the years.

Johnnie Walker White Walker Game of Thrones

41.7% alc./vol.
A blended scotch whiskey including single malt from the Cardhu and Clynelish distillery. The bottle is illustrated with thermochromic ink which, once cooled, leaves the words '' winter is here '' on its side.

André 77%
Vanilla and whipped cream, cinnamon, dried fruit, hot caramel, cinnamon Christmas cane, very focused on cereal grains. I did not expect so much that I am '' pleasantly '' surprised by the final result, despite the touch of industrial alcohol as my wife pointed out. The texture is liquid but the presentation is pleasant. I have more in mind the image of a cinnamon flavored drink than Scotch whiskey. First impressions of the mouth, big sloppy cinnamon, vanilla and caramel mix, bananas, pepper and clove, leading us to an expeditious finale leaving a big memory of cinnamon. Overall, this whiskey is monochrome and should be considered as an alcohol of pleasure and not tasting. But that, we expected.

Patrick 80%
Exceptionally, I tasted this whiskey at room temperature (~ 21 ° C) and frozen. The exercise, while amusing, did not allow the White Walker to stand out more than that. Maybe in some places, the phrase "Winter is here" can impress, but as a Canadian, it leaves me rather ice. TEMPERATURE "PIECE": Nose: Whiskey grain and a touch of subtle smoke, caramel, almonds and a touch of fresh fruit. Mouth: Always grain whiskey, accompanied by vanilla, very sweet yellow apples, caramel and a really evanescent smoke. The whole, as it should be, is rather cool. Final: A little short, marked by apples and wood spices. // FROZEN: Nose: As expected, nonexistent! Palate: Whiskey grain, a little wood slightly burned ... That's it. Final: Short, marked by alcohol.

Martin 80%
Given the theme of this traffic jam and the recommendation of Diageo, I decided to taste it too, blasphemy, on ice. Nose: Cream of English and red fruits. Vanilla and light rubber. Recall the Red Label or the Adventurer at times. Heated caramel and acetone. Subsequently, the cold seems to make some aromas mute, to keep only the caramel and the fruits. Palate: Arrival on the palate very shy, with one of the most disappointing textures. By cons pleasant flavors are at the rendezvous. Cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, red fruits and a little peat wind. It was not this last trait, one could even believe in a Canadian whiskey. I like it better in the cold, the flavors developing slowly as the whiskey warms in the mouth. Final: Alcohol and acetone are the only notes that remain at the beginning, to give way to oak, spices and caramel. Once caught cold or on ice, the low temperature tends to kill the bad traits of the blend. Balance: Who believed it? This whiskey must actually be cold. Good bin my bottle goes into the freezer. Too bad because it is a beautiful bottle to exhibit, although its label, like some toys from our childhood or a can of Coors Light, reacts "cool" to changes in temperature.

Cooper's Choice Famiily Silver 44 1972 Blended Scotch Whiskey

41% alc./vol.
Limited Edition of 480 bottles. Bottling highlighting the 25eme anniversary of Vintage Malt Whiskey Co, a blend from three distilleries; Invergordon, Lochside and Garnheath, old for a period of 44 years.

André 90.5%
Cask strength at 41% ... Wow. Nose of dried cereals and a handful of walnuts and almonds, vanilla and honey, caramel blend, coconut and cinnamon, pears and peaches. Definitely singular as a presentation but in keeping with the style. With time and confirmed by the mouth, amalgam of fleshed fruit, raisins, honey melon, walnuts, sprinkled with cinnamon. Sugar Crisp cereals, bananas, pineapple, caramel heated in the pan then oranges, milk chocolate, spices. The finish is raised despite the low alcohol content, a lot of spices, chocolate notes too, coating dried fruits including grapes and plums, tropical fruits, and crushed pepper. Top class grain whiskey!

Compass Box Delilah's XXV

46% alc./vol.
8520 bottles

Patrick 74%
It's not good. Pfff. What are these flavors? It's anything! Nose: Oh, it's starting badly. A bizzare mix of grass and young shoots of freshly cut trees, with a stroke of citrus. Palate: A little better in the mouth thanks to the fact that we find here a nice touch of wood. But it's still the same mix of weird flavors at the base. Finish: A little short, with clove, ginger, herbs and sap. Then we think, well, it's over!

Corriemhor 8 years

46% alc./vol.
Created specifically by Richard Paterson (Dalmore Cigar Malt) to complement the best Cuban cigars. Maturation in American oak barrels and sherry casks.

André 87%
Sherry, fruit jam, cherry compote, figs, dates, chocolate black, oranges, spices, citrus fruits. A maelstrom of inviting and well presented flavors. The nose is greedy, beautiful scale that invites tasting. In the mouth, the whiskey is supple, very fruity and also displays nice notes of spices. Dark chocolate serves as a backdrop to this amalgam of fruity flavors, handful of raisins and varied fruit jam. The richness of the whiskey is amazing for its young age and the balance is really good too. The finish is fruity, beautiful juicy cherries, candied oranges, raisins and bitter dark chocolate background. I like this simple but fair presentation.

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