Kilkerran 12 years

46% alc./vol.

André 87%
At first I had some traffic jam bourbon cask Balvenie. Then I had some smell of peat that appeared gradually, then citrus and lemon, hints of sherry and jam of fruits, oranges, raisins and honey. What surprises me later is the hyper-oily texture of whiskey, like olive oil in a white plate that coo on the tongue and in the palate. The table is set for a buffet of exquisite flavors; citrus fruits, lemons, oranges, cherry jam, raisins, honey, vanilla, as well as a discreet saline touch. Not all about the proportion of bourbon casks but also with the touch of sherry with the flavors delivered. Sweet final, slow and languorous, fruity and finely peaty. I like this edition a bit out of the ordinary scope of sea whiskeys.

Patrick 91%
A superb whiskey whose peat while restraint allows it to present a superb bouquet of flavors. I love it, and the best proof is that my bottle emptied without my being aware of it (of course, this is a somewhat circular argument). Nose: Light peat floral and maritime, with a touch of wood and a little vanilla. Enticing. Palate: Smoke of delicate floral peat, some salt, ash and a good dose of spices and wood. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by peat smoke.

SMWS 93.79 Glen Scotia 10 years

56.9% alc./vol.
"Oiled up and frisky", 29-06-2007 distilled from 1St Fill Bourbon Barrel, 197 bottles.

André 88%
Salty and oily fruit salad, strange to say but that's what it is. Fruit salad juice in can, salt block, pineapple, apricots, pears, pepper vanilla, citrus fruits. Destabilizing as a presentation but strangely, the whole stands and is pleasant. The palate is very peppery and salty, these flavors transcend the notes of fruit salad, it is even right to notes of ginger that sharpen the mouth in general. The mouth is a little less well balanced than the nose, too strong spices that leave an astringent and sharp sensation. Even the oily rope seems to have evaporated a little. The finish is long and spicy, peppery even though the fruit salad.

Patrick 92%
A superb rich and intense whiskey, complex and well built. No, but it's really excellent this case! Wow, another success from the SMWS! Nose: Appetizing perfume with a nice smoke, some cereals, pears, rum and lime. Intriguing! Palate: Wow, a superb mix of smoke, spices and white sugar. Also apples and banana. Finale: Nice length, hot sugar and spices.

Glen Scotia 15 years

46% alc./vol.

André 86.5%
Attractive ... Melon with honey, vanilla, pineapple, honey, pears, orange pods, a touch of red berries, stormy peat cover finely maritime. Superb texture in mouth, nice fruity amplitude, a touch of spices (ginger and cinnamon, pepper), red and tropical fruits, fruit salad, grassy fresh peat background. The red fruits predominate in the final, a good dose of pineapple and pears, many oranges too, smoky, maritime, salty and spicy smoke. A nice surprise from this distillery that I never really liked.

Patrick 90%
A whiskey that definitely exceeds my expectations: A rich blend of flavors superbly balanced, with tasty smoke while restraint. I would take a bottle please! Nose: Fragrance of sweet cereals and vanilla, and subtle fruits, such as mangos and watermelon. Palate: Rich fruit, impressive smoke and savory woody spices. And a little salt and caramel. Finale: Of a beautiful length, smoke and spicy.

Old Particular Springbank 18 years old

48.4% alc./vol.
Distilled October 1996, Bottled February 2015 from Refill Butt #DL10737, 360 bottles.

André 91.5%
Springbank has always been a difficult animal to sift for me, I have tasted such unbalanced traffic jams and unforgettable pearls, which makes me never know what to expect from them. I could compare this distillery to an elephant or a fairground bear, which we take a lot of pleasure to enjoy in show but always with an afterthought to say that he can turn against his master and return to his animal roots. A touch of curiosity, a touch of apprehension. At nose; Rum baba, Queen Elizabeth cake, pear purée, salted caramel, honey, red berries, it starts very well ... Divine balance in the mouth, plump texture, superb alcohol content, soft and velvety. Sugar Crisp cereals, heated salted caramel, honey topping a small bowl of wild fruit, cassonnade. Finely maritime finish reminiscent of discrete notes of sea salt, salted caramel, honey, fruit compote, brown rum and donuts soaked in the cassonnade. What a superb whiskey, a pity that we are waiting with a club at the checkout.

Patrick 92%
A grandiose Springbank, every sip has brought me the greatest pleasure! Please again !! Nose: Brown sugar, grapes, honey and leather. Wow. How to describe something as appetizing ?! Palate: An impressive peat smoke, beautiful spices from burnt oak, brown sugar, salt, sherry and a hint of honey. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by smoke and salt.

Springbank 21 years old

46% alc./vol.

Patrick 90%
Great Springbank that will satisfy those who can afford it. Or even those looking for a nice Christmas gift to offer! Rich and complex, what more can you ask for? Nose: Wow, it smells good old whiskey that! Barley, a subtle smoke and oak, old oak. Palate: Sweet and spicy oak, a subtle touch of fruit, brown sugar, some vanilla and a slight smoke in the background. Finish: Medium length, spicy and woody.

Springbank 22 years 1994 Octave Series

50.7% alc./vol.
Single cask #639909, finished 9 months in Octave Cask, bottle 1 of 81.

André 94%
Fruit cake, caramel, gingerbread, super round, heady sherry, Marasquin cherries. A bit sharp in the finish of mouth, Caribbean spices, nutmeg, candied oranges, tangerines, peel of green grapes. Round mouth, full of nutmeg, mauve grape peel. Perhaps a little too distorted, it is hard to discern the distillery behind the effects of the octave drum apart from the string of sea salt final mouth. What an out-of-the-ordinary presentation, texture to make dream, intense and bold as a whole.

Springbank 13 years Green

46% alc./vol.
Organic barley and aged in sherry casks, 9000 bottles only.

André 86%
Do not really express sherry notes on your nose, but rather pears and honey cereals, green apples and orange pods. Aside from some rather shy notes of raisins, this whiskey carries more on fleshed fruit, hints of fruit salad as well as cereals. The texture in the mouth is exquisite, very silky and once the whiskey in the mouth the flavors of red fruits and raisins are more obvious. There is also something tricky about the nose that one could perhaps associate with organic cereals but, difficult to say. The mouth finish is punctuated with salves of spices (cinnamon, ginger and pepper), lemon tart and whipped vanilla, green grains of grain and a retro-olfaction of dried fruits and sherry.

Springbank Society Longrow 13 years old

56.7% alc./vol.
Distilled October 201, bottled March 2015 - 7 years of barrel aging Fresh Bourbon Barrel and 6 extra years aged in Chardonnay hogshead barrels. Limited edition of 366 bottles.

André 74.5%
Odd nose, the first smells make me think of rubbing alcohol. So I leave a good 10 minutes to whiskey to breathe and take place. Then; powerful peat, pears, stewed fruit, cherries, honey and purple grapes, floral touch. Difficult to sizer and a little too funky on the nose. The mouth ... oh ... shit ... Full pool chlorine, strong presence of animal peat, earthy and grassy, ​​agricultural, red fruits and pears, pineapple, oranges. Very unbalanced and not super nice. Finish salty and spicy, peaty and fruity with a strong presence of alcohol. Not horrible as whiskey but close, I did not even finish my little drink. It is to wonder if the people of the distillery tasted before bottling.

Patrick 95%
An extraordinary whiskey, complex, tasty and perfectly balanced. Nose: Extraordinary sweet peat and fresh fruit perfume. With tar, oil and a good dose of salt air. Mouth: Wow! Sweet peat, fruity and salty. All you want from a whiskey is there. Final: Long, tasty and I want more!

Hazelburn 10 years Rundlets & Kilderkins 2003

50.1% alc./vol.

André 83.5%
The nose is simple and very focused on the grain. So cereal grains (Honey Comb cereal), hot honey, some spices disparate, little earthy accent and set quite influenced by the wood. It is difficult to explain but the nose is both sweet and sharp and defined by very different flavors and aromas, but that blend very well, like creamy texture with spicy accents, saw blade of just cut wood. On the palate, initially very mellow with a rise of spice and pepper, wet earth, slight impression of new wood, green grapes, vanilla and honey, Ginger Gold apples, a touch of sherry. A little destabilizing as delivery. Finale on cereal grains and spices, fruits. The notes resembling sherry are much more robust in the finish of mouth. A funcky whiskey and a little tricky, hard to pin down. It seems that the flavors are a little disparate and the general idea a little diffuse.

Patrick 82%
A good whiskey, but with a weird nose. Nose: Fragrance of hardwood freshly cut, with a note of mixed fruit basket. Palate: Beautiful oily texture, with woody and sweet flavors, subtle spices and some vanilla. Final: Of a beautiful length, and refreshing.

Springbank 12 years old Matured Burgundy

53.5% alc./vol.

André 86.5%
Mega fruity nose, crushed red fruits, raspberries, red cherries, toffee and dark chocolate. I never bet on a Burgundy, the flavors are more associated with those derived from sherry cask. The nose is a little rough and tannic, sharpened by spices and generous alcohol. The palate is round and fruity in approach, then spicy (style Caribbean spices and Creole cuisine), raspberries and cherries, candies in jelly with fruit flavor (wine gums). We perceive the slight tricky of the wine cask. The finish of the mouth is finely salted and peaty, bunch of purple grapes, slightly soapy notes, old warehouse with soil in a slightly humid soil. A tricky and challenging whiskey. Without being the most unusual whiskey this edition of Springbank is well designed, singular, almost enigmatic.

Patrick 84%
An almost very good whiskey ... But it looks like we let the empty drum wait too long before putting the whiskey. It's amazing at the beginning, then it slips, and finally it comes back in the right way. Nose: Superb fruity and sweet fragrance, marked by strawberries and raspberries. All complemented by dark chocolate that turns quietly into something more tannic. Palate: Arrival in the mouth marked by fresh fruit, then ripe fruit, then spices, and finally smoke and salt. Finish: Long, smoke, salty and spicy.

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