Douglas Laing XOP Xtra Old Special Caledonian Distillery 40yo Single Whiskey Grain

55.1% alc./vol.
Distilled April 1976, Bottled June 2016, Hogshead Refill #DL 11213, 291 Bottles. The Caledonian Distillery was located in Edinburgh and closed in 1988. Its bottling is very rare and difficult to find.

André 91.5%
Full maple syrup and vanilla, fudge caramel, oranges, Sugar Crisp cereals, cinnamon. Exquisite on the palate, the texture is very soft, really sweet, Cereals Honey Comb and Sugar Crisp, maple syrup and caramel, Terry's orange treat, dried cereal grains, cinnamon, raisins, beautiful brown sugar caramelized. In some ways, I also have images of rums in the head and butterscotch. Notes also from old bourbon cask. Long finish, a slow descent in glider, in air currents of caramel and honey. A fine example of long maturation without the assimilation of the barrel and of how the grain whiskeys are underestimated by the amateurs.

Old Particular Loch Lomond Single Grain 21 years old

55.3% alc./vol.
Refill Hogshead Cask #DL12097, Bottled November 1995, Bottled October 2017, 271 bottles. Duncan Barton, the previous owner of the Littlemill Distillery, is behind the current site of the Loch Lomond Distillery. He installed innovative 'pot still' stills whose capitals evoke a still alembic column. Loch Lomond's stills have trays in the upper part for better contact with alcohol vapors and a more efficient process. These stills can produce fumes of up to 90% vol. while traditional stills only go up to 70% vol. about. This type of still can capture different aromatic notes and select or reject from a wide range of alcoholic degrees. It's much harder to achieve through the use of a traditional still pot still. Loch Lomond is one of the few distilleries in Scotland producing single malt and grain whiskey.

André 85%
Ginger cereals, honey, milk chocolate and pecan pie, diced green apples, vanilla. The nose inspires the freshness and the fields of cereals whipped by the wind and the hot rays of the sun of the short Scottish summer. The palate confirms the single grain with the rise of dried cereals, from which also emerge notes of dried fruit, oranges and coffee with milk, leading to a sharp and very peppery finish, raisins and caramel.

Patrick 92%
Impressive, especially for a Single Grain. In fact, if you only have to drink one Single Grain, it could very well be this one. Nose: Appetizing scent of vanilla, tropical fruits and white sugar. Mouth: Oh wow. Beautiful sugar, tropical fruits, a good dose of vanilla and some burnt wood. Finale: Of a beautiful length, vanilla, sweet and woody.

Martin 88%
Nose: slightly aggressive grain, vanilla and powdered sugar, grass and black licorice. Quite special indeed. A rather strong spice wind hides beneath all this. Palate: Molasses and liquorice welcome us on a thick and syrupy texture. Stewed fruits and corn syrup. Surprising. The character of the grain here is a lot more interesting than most of the single grains that I had the chance to taste. Beautiful spices not too aggressive, a sneaky pleasure. Finale: Cream "thicker", wood and sweet spices. Beautiful heat, barely disappointing length. Balance: Still a beautiful wow! I would easily have a night of showers on the balcony.

Adelphi Cambus 27 years old 1988 Single Grain Whiskey

48% alc./vol.
Refill Bourbon Barrel, cask #59353

André 77%
Vanilla and maple syrup, oak wood used several times, white sugar, pineapple, cereals and dried herbs, almonds, wood notes of green wood, then burnt wood. Strange as a mixture of smells and flavors. On the palate, cinnamon and pepper, burnt wood, pineapple, dried cereals, bananas topped with vanilla cream. Together quite rectilinear in terms of flavors and aromas, we get tired quickly of what the whiskey has to deliver. Final spicy, peppery, medium length.

Invergordon 22 years old Hart Brothers 1995-2018

52.8% alc./vol.
Single Whiskey Grain

Patrick 85%
I'm not a fan of grain whiskeys, but I could easily make an exception here. We played skillfully on the weaknesses of the style to return it in force. If you have to try a single grain whiskey, this one would be a good place to start. Nose: A delicate perfume in which vanilla mixes, subtle sherry and a touch of understated oak. Palate: Intense wood spices, warm and subtly sweet sherry. Finish: A nice length, spicy and fruity.

Cadenhead North British 29 years old

46% alc./vol.
Single Grain - 1985-2815 - 432 bottles

André 81%
Rather reserved nose, HoneyComb cereals, honey, a lot of vanilla, butter biscuits, rectilinear as an aromatic profile. The quality of the texture on the palate is incredible, sensation of melted butter and whipped cream, big vanilla covered with honey. The finely sharpened sensation of dried grains easily perceptible, notes of milk chocolate, caramel, apples, oranges and citrus. We can get tired a little too quickly the flavors belonging to the same aromatic spectrum. Finale on dried cereals, caramel and toffee, sugar. Perfect to understand the whiskey grains but for the trip to the four corners of the palette of flavors, we will iron.

Patrick 90%
A superb whiskey of incomparable sweetness: Perfect for lunch! Nose: A healthy and sweet breakfast, with wild berries, honeydew melon, vanilla yogurt and Honeycomb cereals (well, not so healthy and that, lunch). Palate: Barley, almonds, a good dose of vanilla, peaches, honeydew melon and brown sugar. Finale: Of a good length, fruity and sweet.

SMWS G13.1 Chita 4 years old

58.3% alc./vol.
"A Complete Revelation", Virgin Oak Puncheon Cask, Distilled October 2009, 622 bottles.

André 88.5%
Nose of whiskey grain, but well nested in a basket of fruits which rounds much the sharp side of the dried cereals. Beautiful big fresh pineapple, lemon accent, Sugar Crisp cereals, malted cereals, honey, ginger, brown sugar. The palate is sharp, the cereal flavors are well presented but seasoned with fresh ginger rather high. Still notes of Sugar Crisp cereals, pineapple and tropical fruits. The alcohol content breaks a little the oily appearance of whiskey and wriggles on the tongue despite the sugar and fruits. Long finish, on Sugar Crisp cereals, malted barley and honey, caramelized sugar.

Patrick 90%
A grand grain whiskey that demonstrates the complete know-how of the great Japanese distilleries. Nose: A very unique fragrance of mangoes, intense pineapple and a touch of grass. Overall, fruity, with a touch of caramel. Palate: First fruits smell on the nose, ginger, caramilk and vanilla. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by the wood spices and the ginger.

SMWS G8.6 Cambus 26 years old

59.7% alc./vol.
"Jazzed up banana split", Distilled 12th June 1988, from Refill Hogshead Ex-Bourbon Cask, 258 bottles

André 80.5%
Definitely the banana split and vanilla slush, then spicy grain alcohol wave, ginger, icing sugar and pepper (yes yes ... weird), pineapple, toffee and caramel. A little closed as amalgam of aromas. On the palate, we quickly feel the creaminess of whiskey rounded by its long barrel aging, many notes derived from sugar and vanilla, bowl of vanilla ice cream, pineapple, bananas, topped with hot caramel, Wherters sweets, Finale on flu-sweets candies and dried cereal grains.

Patrick 85%
A whiskey of surprising intensity, as much from a grain whiskey as a Scotch 26 years. Maybe even a little too much. Nose: Floral scent, subtle fruit and sawdust. Palate: A nice mix of spicy chili, caramel and vanilla. Intense. Final: Of a beautiful length and complex.

Clan Denny Invergordon 45 years 1966

47.1% alc./vol.
Drum #HH7254

André 91%
Apple crisp, slightly dry cereal grains, honey and hot caramel, creamy vanilla with a touch of spice. If patience does not bother you too much and you resist the urge to have a drink without waiting, you will be greatly rewarded. The mouth and nose become super creamy, with a progression of caramelized pears, coconut and flambé bananas. I had my idea a little too fast on this whiskey the first time I tasted it ... What is curious is that if we linger a little, we can continue to discern the fact that this is a grain whiskey, because dried cereals always come back in the foreground. After a good half hour in the glass, tasty notes of dried fruit appear with discretion but affirmation. Some oak-flavored dryness is also latent without hiding other, more subtle flavors. The finish is tasty with hints of milk chocolate and vanilla. A beautiful dram, in style, you still have to know what to expect because it is very different from single malts. Like most single grain, this whiskey remains a work of nuances rather than contrasts, so it may take a little more attention than normal.

Girvan Patent Still Single Grain No.4 Apps

42.6% alc./vol.
The Girvan Grain Distillery was built by William Grant & Sons in 1963 on the grounds of a World War II munitions factory right next to Girvan Harbor and inaugurated in 1966. Its location is ideal because large quantities of grain can be landed at the port while the water required for the production of Girvan comes from "Loch Penwhappel". The distillation is done in a coffey still and a continuous still.
In 1966, a distillery of malt, Ladyburn, had been attached to it, then destroyed in 1976. Made exclusively from the Girvan distillery, this grain whiskey is made with 90% wheat and 10% malted barley. It is aged, subsequently, in casks which contained initially American bourbon. The name of this version comes from "apparatus" the name given to the stills. Apparatus No. 4 was installed in 1992 in Girvan and operates a type of vacuum distillation unique in the world. Today, more than 99% of the production of grain whiskey is consumed by the assembly houses for the creation of blends. William Grants & Sons is committed to building a sustainable Single Grain range. Indeed, the aging of Single Grain gives impressive results and the company has one of the oldest stocks of grain whiskey in the world. Only 7 distilleries currently produce grain whiskey in Scotland.

André 83%
Very smooth and round nose, super balanced. Honey, citrus, vanilla, touches of wet grass, flambé pears and a touch of banana peel and pineapple. Very close to the flavors arising from the use of bourbon cask. In the mouth, the whiskey is supple and delivers a beautiful creamy texture, but the flavors are relatively limited, but offset by a fairness of balance and a felted texture. The same flavors smell on the nose now express in the mouth, cereals win the palm, to which is added a good dose of spices a little sharp, a touch of ground black pepper and a touch of green grass menthol-eucalyptus kind . Short finish, aside from peppery and spicy notes. A straight whiskey but in the whiskey grain section, offering a nice introduction to the style without being confused.

Patrick 81%
A good whiskey offering a nice complexity but that would have won to spend a few more years in cask. Also, in terms of value for money, we will iron ... A whiskey for whiskey curious geeks only. Nose: Creamy and fruity fragrance, with a touch of powdered sugar. Palate: Vanilla, fresh wood, cream, complex fruits and white sugar. Subtle touch of spices. Fresh, light and complex. Finale: Of a beautiful and spicy length.

SMWS G4.4 Cameron Brig 34 years old

47.4% alc./vol.
"Enjoy some R & R" - Distilled 28 May 1979, 156 bottles.

André 78.5%
Obviously, there are things that are not getting better even though it's getting older. The Justin Trudeau whiskey. Remover furniture and nail polish remover gradually softening by releasing vanilla. The aggressive nose initially will require a good 30 minutes to balance and round off. Then come the flavors of toffee, honey and sweet vanilla, citrus fruits. Even when softening, the nose remains very oriented on crushed cereals a little sharp. The contribution of the oak barrel brings an interesting contrast between the sweet and round flavors and a fine sensation of dry wood, the toffee also gains in importance more the whiskey is ate. Honey Comb cereals topped with honey. The finish is a little spicy and dry but well balanced by the sweet elements. In the range of grain whiskeys, it respects the guideline, but I must admit that I am disappointed by the texture of the whiskey, especially for an 34 years of age, which I expected much more flexibility and nuances.

Patrick 85%
A real summer lunch, while freshness, citrus and sugar. Nice and easy to drink, we would give it twenty years less! Nose: Sweet caramel and vanilla, with a touch of citrus. Palate: Nice oily texture. At the level of flavors, citrus ice cream, oranges, a touch of wood, almonds and a little fresh bread ... In short, a kind of summer lunch. Finale: Of a nice and pleasant length, with sweet notes and vanilla.

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