Loch Lomond Original

40% alc./vol.

André 77%
Lemon notes, pineapple and almonds, fresh vanilla bean and caramel, honey cereals. Overall very generic. The palate is liquid, creamy with vanilla flavor, citrus, oranges, apricots, pears, dried cereals topped with a hint of honey, almonds, ginger. Short finish without passion, notes of citrus and pineapple, pears and apricots with a spicy touch.

Patrick 84%
A superb set of flavors, very well balanced, but almost ruined by a too short finish, probably because of the dilution. The whiskey could have scored very hard if we had been less cheap and had it bottled at 46%. Nose: The kind of aromas I like in a whiskey, with a nice subtle mix of malt, spices, oak, peat smoke, salt and sugar. Palate: Peat smoke, oak, subtle fruit, salt, generously sprinkled with spices. The texture is a little watery, but the set still offers a nice intensity. Final: Too short, subtly smoky, woody and spicy.

Loch Lomond 18 years old

46% alc./vol.

André 78%
Honey cereals, oranges, fruit jam, peaches, apple pie, citrus fruits, apricots, honey melon. The nose is superb, the fruit intense and well tied. It spoils in the mouth, with notes of odd wet cardboard and a dose of pepper quite intense. Well sweet all the same, fruit salad syrup, orange pods, chocolate, pepper, wild fruit jam, anise, ginger, eucalyptus-flavored flu-smashing candy. Flavors almost musky. Sweet powder from Bazooka gum packaging. Peppery finish and dry on oak wood, the limit a little tannic too. An unstoppable whiskey with an attractive nose but an unbalanced mouth and amalgam of dubious flavors.

Patrick 88%
A good whiskey, surprising, tasty and a little original. Nose: Light peat smoke, with ripe fruits and a good dose of cereals. Palate: Peat smoke, barley and unobtrusive notes of ... Boiled vegetables? Finale: Of a beautiful and spicy length.

Glenmorangie Allta Private Edition 2019

51.2% alc./vol.
Allta, meaning "wild" in Gaelic and pronounced "al-ta". For the 10th Anniversary in 2019 from its pioneering collection - Private Edition - Glenmorangie unveils the first whiskey created from a wild yeast developed directly on Cadboll's barley from the distillery. The idea originated in Dr. Bill Lumsden's mind when he collected valuable grain samples at random from one of his walks in the fields near the distillery. He then discovered that barley was producing wild yeast never before identified and began to combine these two ingredients to create a creamy and aromatic whiskey. It has been aged in barrels of Bourbon, including several barrels of second filling to reveal the fruitiness of the spirit.

André 83%
Back in childhood with this super-sweet whiskey reminiscent of grandma's pies, pie crust, oranges, honey, malted cereals and wild berry jam, apples and citrus fruits. Strangely, some flavors make me think of rye, by the peppery and spicy accent that appears more fiercely in the mouth. After two sips ... ouch, direct notes that resemble virgin oak ... then apricots, apple pie, malted cereals, citrus and honey and a weird floral touch. Long and peppery finish, oranges and virgin oak both tannic and creamy. A tasting challenge but not in my palette of tastes.

Patrick 89%
An intriguing whiskey, which reconciles me with Glenmorangie, who take the path of cool innovations here! If you consider yourself a trippy whiskey, you take this bottle! Nose: A floral perfume, with vanilla, a touch of citrus and ... What must be yeasts, coudonc! Mouth: Beautiful spices, biscuits, flowers, citrus fruits, a good dose of chili ... In fact, we swear a single malt created by an American micro-distillery! Finale: Of a beautiful length, spicy and marked by spices and yeasts.

Martin 82%
Nose: Rich and sweet. Sugar powder, liquorice, heated caramel and black cherries. Grass and bark of wood. Palate: Return of licorice and grass, supported by large spices. Leather background and new make. More or less on the check here. Finale: Sugar powder in potency with cinnamon, pepper and oak. A strand of mineral lemon. Balance: For an anniversary edition of "private editions", I was expecting a fanfare much bigger. Companta, where are you?

Glen Garioch 21 years Official Distillery Archives Limited Edition

43% alc./vol.
Bottle #1331

André 92%
Nose of toasted almonds, malted cereals, oranges, chocolate, sherry. Wow ... what a mouth, a lot of earthy peat, almost industrial, blackcurrant and dried fruit sherry notes, orange tea, honey, ginger. The texture is divine and the industrial peat, although quite present, does not hide other sweet and reserved flavors. Final sweet but long or we surf on beautiful waves of peat and spices. An edition that stands out from the usual lot of the distillery, especially with the impressive contribution of peat.

Martin 92%
Nose: Sweet and shy at first, then fall in hints of vanilla honey, cocoa and toasted malt. Walnuts, oranges and raisins. Milk of almonds. Palate: Suckling, greedy and sweet. Malt, oak, grapes and cinnamon. Sherry in power, with a peat that does not hide the other attractions of this whiskey. Final: Woody and spicy, very satisfactory. Peppery notes of honey, peat and dried fruits. Balance: A strong contrast to other Glen Garioch traffic jams. They are all relatively good, but here we have a home run.

Glenmorangie 19 years

43 %% alc./vol.
Glenmorangie 19 is a whiskey aged exclusively in old bourbon casks. The barrels that compose the blend were chosen because of their aromatic freshness and citrus and vegetable notes. Glenmorangie 19 years is available in limited edition in duty free shop.

André 92%
What a superb edition that combines know-how, balance and the backbone of the distillery. The spirit of Glenmorangie, with its fine and sweet flavors allies so well with the bourbon cask. The amateurs of Glenmorangie Original and 18 years will be in known ground; citrus fruits, pears, pineapple, honey melon, apricots, green apples. Ultimate creaminess in the mouth, Bazooka gum powder, light floral, then the mouth confirms the smell of the nose; honey, fruit salad syrup, oranges, pears, honey melon, apricots, peaches, lemon, vanilla. Good dose of sugar, white chocolate, a dessert whiskey! Refreshing finish, fleshy fruits and nice lemony notes and oranges. A disarming simplicity that envelops you and wins you a lot of flavors. My next duty-free purchase!

Ben Nevis 10 years 2018

46% alc./vol.

Patrick 90%
Wow, Ben Nevis has come a long way in recent years! It's beautiful, it's rich, it's tasty, it's intense. Nose: Tasty perfume with a very nice blend of wild fruits, exotic fruits, citrus fruits and a subtle hint of vanilla. Palate: Beautiful ripe fruit, brown sugar, chocolate and burnt wood. Rich and intense. Finale: A good length, with chocolate and ripe fruit.

Wolfburn No.128 Small Batch Release

46% alc./vol.
Maturation in First Fill ex-bourbon cask of 100 liters. Limited edition of 6000 bottles.

André 86.5%
Salad of wet green grass seasoned with a squeezed lemon splash, sea salt enbrums, vanilla and orange ice cream. Seriously, I am very pleasantly surprised at the approach of this whiskey. 4 range that I have been able to evaluate to date is the most balanced. In the mouth, wow ... Crème brûlée, caramel, honey, vanilla, oranges, pears, apricots, a touch of salt and distant smoke, sliced ​​waves of woody spices and black pepper. There is also a touch of heather in bloom that serves as a backdrop. We imported a Caribbean island in the North Sea ??? We can barely distinguish between the hints of the whiskey's youth and its provenance in the finish of the mouth, a thin bit of greenish wood and dried sea salt on the lips during a hike on the beach at Wick, eyes to the Orkney Islands and the Arctic Circle. A whiskey in the image of three of his personality traits; bourbon cask, seaside and promising youth. Superb.

Patrick 86%
A beautiful complex and interesting whiskey to drink. Not a super star, but pleasant, a great way to discover a promising distillery. In fact, the taste deserves a few more points, but the final a little too short prevents me from giving more points. Nose: Smoke of diffuse peat, sea salt, citrus fruits and some fresh wood. Palate: The smoke, without having the intensity of a Laphroaig, is definitely not subtle! Then, salt, citrus, dry wood and a floral touch. Finale: A little short, peppery and floral.

Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 27 years 1989

43% alc./vol.
2017 Bottled, Bondhouse No 1 Collection. Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1989 Malt is the second limited edition of the exclusive collection "Bond House No.1" The collection takes its name from the largest traditional warehouse of the nineteenth century Glenmorangie - Bonded Warehouse No.1 - transformed into 1990 in the current room stills, the highest in Scotland. Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1989 is a blend of some of the finest and oldest whiskeys in the distillery, some from this warehouse. This Single Malt having benefited from 27's maturing years, has been partially aged in carefully selected old barrels, including a barrel that previously contained Côte-Rôtie wine.

André 94%
Sexy and greedy this whiskey. Almonds, pear puree, vanilla, oranges, apple pie, wild red berries, honey. The texture is UNIQUE ... wow ... syrupy and languorous ... Exquisite. Tropical fruits, citrus fruits, oranges and pears, apple pie, red fruits, hot honey, apricot. The big surprise comes in the final mouth with the flight of crushed pepper and blackcurrant, figs, anise also, very strong, which raises this whiskey with super sweet flavors and relatively low alcohol. Peppery finish and spices that slice skillfully with the tones of citrus, oranges and tropical fruits. The ecstasy version whiskey, pure. Second of the series, second circuit ... We will aim the hat trick.

Mortlach 16 years old

43.4% alc./vol.

André 89%
Orange pods rolled in ginger, old sherry, light red meat accent on typical bbq, raisins. Superb texture on the palate, liquid but with body on the side of flavors; milk chocolate, dried fruits, grapes, plums, cherries, oranges, wood meat, red apple peels, caramel, supported by a cascade of ginger and ground pepper as well as toffee and honey, a touch of liquorice maybe to be too. Long spicy finish more on the constancy of the flavors than on the strength of these with a touch of tannic and earthy effect.

Patrick 93%
Yes, I am sold to Mortlach. But it is precisely a double-edged sword: the bar is high! Nose: A good steak of wild meat with blueberry coulis, cloves and other spices. Unique and appetizing. Palate: Similar to what I detected on the nose, but we added to the set a caramel stroke and a drop of vanilla. Finale: Of a beautiful length, sweet and slightly spicy.

Martin 89.5%
Nose: Grilled malt, greedy sherry, vinous wood. Raisins, milk chocolate, vanilla and fruit paste. Rich and enticing. A jewel of Speyside. Palate: Texture a little bland, but we manage to catch up with the wealth of flavors. Orange peel, simmered fruit, honey, spices and fortified wine. Good juice as they say. Finale: Spices, especially ginger, cereals and oak. Black cherries, caramel and dates. Cloud of mokaccino. Balance: Solid expression of Mortlach, who despite his recent return to the track continues to amaze us.

Tomatin 21 years 1995

46% alc./vol.
Distilled 16 / 06 / 1995, Bottled 13 / 05 / 2013, Bottle #1528 of 1912. Refined for 3 years in Oloroso Sherry Cask.

André 82.5%
Fruit cake topped with milk chocolate and sprinkled with spices, plums and dates, raisins, sherry of course. The nose is full and offers a lot of texture without too much spice. This beautiful texture apprehended in the mouth will make an abrupt flop in the mouth, the whiskey, despite its alcohol content 46% seems completely washed out in the mouth. The flavors of sherry and red fruits are bland, no sticky or oily appearance in the mouth. The beautiful notes of oranges, chocolate, dried fruits, grapes, cherries fly away quickly in a cloud of ephemeral memories. Spice side, the pepper is the majority and is accompanied by notes of cinnamon (the Christmas cane). Faded finish, stale dried fruit and spice flavors. Too bad, the nose was so promising.

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