Highland Park Spirit of the Bear

40% alc./vol.
Exclusive to the "Travel Retail" market

André 82.5%
Honey cereals, earthy peat very present, oranges and honey, a touch of sherry, pear pastry. The mouth is diluted, even flavors on the nose; honey, vanilla, oranges, pears, sherry notes are more subtle, but spices and peat of very good potency. This leaves plenty of room for ginger that drapes itself with earthy peat honey, oranges, citrus, honey cereals, caramel, sherry. Maple syrup? Medium length finish, well sweetened, caramelized oak wood accents and a sweet honey blend.

Patrick 80%
A good whiskey, but a little disappointing for a Highland Park. Do we take advantage of travel retail stores to sell the unsatisfactory stock? Nose: Light peat smoke, sweet vanilla, biscuits and honey. Palate: Smoke peat, spicy and burnt wood, orange and ginger. Finale: Medium length, marked by smoke and wood a little too burned.

Highland Park 14 years old Loyalty of the Wolf

42.3% alc./vol.
Sherry Seasoned American Oak Cask and ex-bourbon cask.

André 87%
Sweet smoke woven from a canvas of fresh honey, stewed pears, a touch of sherry, marmalade of oranges, pineapple, honey cereals. I find the essence that made me love Highland Park, but with a sugar rate a little too pronounced. Beautiful creaminess on the palate, spicy sherry, apple pie, citrus and honeycomb with alveoli, pear compote, candied oranges and pineapple, covered with a transparent peat lace and a pinch of ginger. Sherry is more fervent in the finish of mouth and offers a touch of porous sea. Small salty notes on the finish and a more powerful sherry, peat and spice notes punctuate the finish with a nice rise in crescendo offering a nice length. Nice amalgam of flavors but a little too much sugar present.

Patrick 83%
A good Highland Park, but definitely below average what the distillery usually offers. Another example showing that we must be wary of products offered exclusively in "travel retail". Nose: A toast with apple and honey marmalade, with a hint of smoke. Palate: A nice light peat smoke, some spicy wood, honey, barley and a pinch of cinnamon. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by the smoke and the spices of the wood.

The First Editions Tobermory 1996

54.5% alc./vol.
Bottled 2014, aged 18 years - 487 bottles

Patrick 91%
It would have been almost a crime not to bottle this whiskey as "single cask" because it's so good! As a whiskey appraiser, I would like all whiskeys to be as pleasant to drink as this one ... It must be that Paradise! Nose: Subtle fruity and sweet perfume, with wild berries, a touch of butterscotch all on a delicately woody background. Palate: A beautiful arrival of burnt wood, then sugar, caramel and finally beautiful ripe field fruits. Finish: A superb length, marked by the ripe fruit of the fields and a powerful spicy wave coming from the oak.

Highland Park Trillium 12 years old

61.4% alc./vol.
2005 / 2017 Refill Butt Single Cask for LCBO.

André 87.5%
Touch of sulfur on the nose as soon as poured into the glass. This feeling gradually disappears over time but you have to be patient and do not trust the first impressions of the nose. After a good 10 minutes in the glass; orange pods, black cherries, common heather honey from the distillery, wild fruits. Oufffffff ... .. the arrival in the mouth is super powerful, generously spicy, with the rate of alcohol disheveling extra, it's like being on the edge of the cliff of Yesnaby, tie your tuque with the spit. Stuffy; very spicy, lots of ginger, powerful alcohol, fruit cake notes, oranges, purple grapes, cherries, light lemon, malted barley honeyed, alcoholic, but no peat ... Even after 20 minutes, I come back to the nose and have always a touch sulphurous, not hyper disturbing but there the same. Long spicy and alcoholic finish, a little tannic. Not representative of the distillery, the aromatic palette is more restrictive than usual traffic jams. For 250 $, I would take over a 18 years say ...

Berry Bros. & Rudd Orkney Islands 1999 KWM Cask

53.5% alc./vol.
Cask ref. 39

André 90%
Unusual blend of sherry and bourbon; cherries, honey & vanilla, a touch of smoke, pinch of sea salt, pears, citrus, oranges. Superb arrival in the mouth, clear and fresh, but with a sticky and creamy texture. Handful of oranges and nectarines, melon with honey, pears, red apples, dried cherries, then a mixture of sea salt and beach fire smoke, honey and vanilla. Each sip confirms the quality of the whiskey. Final or alcohol is more felt, notes of dark chocolate studded with black peppercorns and a few grains of salt. A whiskey defined by its island and maritime terroir. What a beautiful sensory journey.

Patrick 89%
A very good Scotch, very rich and intense, a beautiful complexity and quite well balanced. Nose: Subtle floral smoke, peaches, mandarins and discreet caramel. Palate: Floral and spicy smoke, pepper, citrus, honey and exotic fruits. Finale: Very nice length, peat smoke, pepper, burnt wood and some dark chocolate.

Martin 89%
Nose: Cream, grass and malt. Citrus, light heather and meringue. Almonds, vanilla and sugar butter. Alcohol is incredibly devious. Palate: Honey and vanilla, grass and heather, powdered sugar. Extremely floral. We finish with the spices of the cask strength, which delivers us a plank of oak barely wet with sherry. Finale: Sweet, woody and spicy. The rest of the flavors are driven by the degree of alcohol that is less aggressive than one might think. Balance: An excellent Cask Strength that was again brilliantly selected by the experts at Kensington Wine Market.

Arran 21 years Limited Edition Kensington Wine Market Exclusive

55.3% alc./vol.
Cask No. 559 - 352 bottles - Distilled 17 / 06 / 1996 - Bottled 09 / 04 / 2018

André 91%
Strong selection of Andrew from Kensington. Arran is one of the few distilleries that has not followed the shameless rise in the price of its bottlenecks and which, moreover, delivers an incomparable quality. This whiskey is much more like bourbon cask than sherry cask with its pineapple and pear flavors, tropical fruit, tantalizing sugar, fruit salad juice, honey and vanilla, refreshing lemon. Incredible texture on the palate, very oily and creamy, lots of sugar, the dirty tropical fruit with its fruits perceived on the nose. Oak wood brings a slight touch of spice, also enhanced by spices including cinnamon and ginger. Finer more pointed and spicy with a touch of dry oak. Superb performance, nice and well-crafted flavors and incredible texture. Superb!

Patrick 91%
Nose: Beautiful fragrance of exotic and sweet fruits, with a touch of vanilla and very subtle wood. Mouth: Oh that's good! A beautiful blend of wild and exotic fruits, vanilla and subtly spiced wood. All carried by a suberbe texture that makes you feel almost no strength of alcohol. Finish: A beautiful length, fruity and woody.

Martin 90.5%
Nose: Honey and wood, nice grilled malt. Ripe field fruits, fresh cream, vanilla and back wood. Palate: Red fruits, vanilla, oak, malt and beautiful astringent leather. Spices elegantly bring us to the finale. A superb scotch. Finale: Wood, spices and barley, touch of fruit. Balance: An incredible malt, an excellent choice from the KWM. Why can not we have beautiful things like that in Quebec?

Arran 14 years for The Whiskey Exchange London

55.7% alc./vol.
Bourbon Barrel # 2000 / 1106, Distilled 15 / 12 / 2000, Bottled 07 / 08 / 2015, Bottle 29 of 197.

André 87%
Discreet nose and that takes time to open; pears, melon with honey, honey, vanilla, pineapple, mango, lemon. A beautiful pleiade of fruits. Incredible texture in the mouth, lots of pepper and cinnamon softened by notes of fruit salad and honey, pear syrup and maple syrup, pineapple. Sweetened after, then Granny Smith apples, lemon juice, dried and grated cococut. Presentation under the theme of the freshness of tropical fruits with a spicy twist and peppered, all softened by a vanilla love collars. Peppery finish, spicy and smoked with peat. A good Arran lacking a little balance and the guideline not always clear ... but good like!

Game of Thrones Greyjoy House Talisker Select Reserve

45.8% alc./vol.

André 91.5%
Good decision to bottle at the usual alcohol level of the distillery. A Talisker at Port Ruisge ... Beautiful peppery notes dear to Talisker, fruitcake, red fruit compote, smoked sherry but not peat smoke, kind of beach fires badly extinguished, dark chocolate, slightly burnt heated caramel, oranges, red licorice . The mouth is powerful and balanced; maritime desire, smoked and peppered, a mixture of licorice and wild fruits, caramel and dark chocolate. The notes of spices are also powerful in the finish of mouth, I am frankly amazed by the delivery of intense and diversified flavors. The finish is peppery and fruity, long notes of lingering smoke, caramel and liquorice.

Patrick 90%
Just like Ironborn, this whiskey make it's fortune amidst salt and smoke! A superb Talisker which, like House Greyjoy, is a somewhat legendary product. Nose: Superb peppermint and spicy peat smoke, with a good dose of sea salt. Palate: Salty sea water, caramel, peppermint smoke, spicy wood and subtle caramel that balance all brilliantly. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by the smoke and an intense salt.

Martin 91%
Nose: Salt peat and sea bottom. Power waves crashing on the rocks. Black pepper and beach ash. Orange and chocolate, all lined with a big belt of old leather. Palate: Salted caramel on peat smoke. Sea water, crazy spices, sodden oak. Power with which it is difficult to compete. Finale: Long, hot, salty, smoky and assertive. Sea salt, peat, seaweed, sherry, wood. Pepper, caramel and red fruits almost too ripe. Balance: Another great island whiskey. To bottle it to the usual degree of the distillery was I believe the best decision of the year. Simply spectacular. Theon Greyjoy would forget the fact that he has no more penis.

Connoisseurs Gordon & MacPhail Highland Park Choice 1999-2018

56.0% alc./vol.
Batch 18-018 - 202 bottles

Patrick 84%
A very good whiskey but ... Well, I do not like mint in my whiskey, so it's hard for me to give it a big note. In short, if you do not have a problem with mint, add 5 points to my note. Nose: The typical floral smoke of Highland Park, complemented by fairly intense citrus notes and coconut. Palate: Smoke of floral peat, burnt wood, beautiful spices, banana, citrus fruits, peaches, ginger and a touch of mint. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked mint and ginger.

Highland Park Valknut

46.8% alc./vol.

André 87%
Straight nose of vanilla and honey, cereals, honeycomb, a touch of peat indented, oranges, fruit salad. Nice texture in the mouth; sea ​​salt, chocolate peat smoke, honey, vanilla, malted cereals, oranges, with a pinch of spices and crushed pepper. The overall texture is soft and creamy, there is much more about the use of bourbon casks than sherry that go virtually unnoticed. I admit that the love brought by the sherry cask is missing in this edition. Final spicy, smoky and chocolate, salted in the final, all served on a sheet of honeyed vanilla. Retro-olfaction of pineapple and pear, citrus. A sober edition of the sherry cask, a little cold but well balanced in style.

Patrick 85%
Do not trust the nose, it's in the mouth that the action is happening! A whiskey a little young and therefore too expensive, but that will not disappoint you anyway. Nose: Fragrance of a young, slightly peated whiskey. Palate: A nice, relatively intense smoke, burnt oak, a good dose of sugar and discreet but effective fruits! Finale: Of a beautiful length, smoke and spicy.

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