Elements of Islay LP8

53.5% alc./vol.
Distilled in 1998, this Laphroaig opus is composed of three Ex-Madeira Wine cask.

André 86.5%
Black cherries, figs and raisins, blood oranges, citrus fruits, honey cereals, diaphanous veil of iodized earthy smoke. The palate is medicinal and fruity; dried fruits, black cherries, oranges, plums, raisins. Medicinal elements and roundness in the mouth, roofing pitch, earthy peat, sea salt, camphor and vanilla-flavored vanilla and honey lozenges, antiseptic, but the texture is oily and feminine. Camphor, maritime and spicy cinnamon finish. A good Laphroaig, singular but 280 $ for a 500ml ... No way.

Patrick 94%
Oh that's good, a very intense Laphroaig, but so well balanced that it looks almost sweet. I love. Nose: Impressive, a Laphroaig where sherry almost takes over. In short, sweet sherry, chocolate, beautiful peat smoke and a hint of pepper. Palate: Finally, we find in the mouth the beautiful peat smoke typical of Laphroaig, pepper, burnt wood and sweet sherry to marry everything. Finish: A good length, salty and smoky, with a subtle touch of sweet fruit.

Old Malt Cask Laphroaig 16 years 2001-2017

50% alc./vol.
742 bottles.

Patrick 90%
A big fat Laphroaig that will not disappoint, at least until the credit card account arrives. No but 400 $ for a 16 years, do not know the value of the money to buy that. Nose: The typical dirty peat smoke. In fact, perhaps more filthy than usual, kind of old engine grease and a hockey pocket after the playoffs. Mouth: Always the beautiful big dirty peat, with a good dose of coal and motor oil, with also beautiful spices. Finale: Of a beautiful length, very smoked and spicy.

Bowmore Vintage Distillation 1984 Limited Edition

58.8% alc./vol.
Limited edition of 2208 bottles, bottled in 2000.

André 77.5%
At first glance, it impresses a vintage Bowmore 84 but it hides a surprise. What a homecoming, I feel to return to my first bottlenecks of the distillery with this floral flavor. This is definitely an edition that will not please everyone, singular and powerful violet fragrance. Sea nose, dried sea salt on the pebbles strolling on the beach, soap gum, violet, soapy sherry, distant peat smoke, a little dusty too. Powerful on the palate, alcohol grows quickly as well as it softens with the notes of soap gum perfumed with violet from which salted maritime reminders and offshore winds. Final punch of sea salt and crushed pepper, strong alcohol. One of the weirdest bowmore ever ... uniform, questionable flavor arrangement, balance more than questionable. The taste of peppery soap gum is destabilizing in ti-sin.

Signatory Bruichladdich 25 years 1990

58% alc./vol.
Refill Butt Cask #141, 26th, 1990 Bottle, 2 bottles, 2015 bottles

André 86%
Superb nose with a maritime twist and gourmet flavors; yellow apples, pears, honey, almonds, a touch of red fruits too, orange pods. Beautiful oily texture that takes you quickly to the body with love, whiskey immediately glue everywhere in the mouth. Fruit and tropical fruits, apples, wild fruits, sea salt and crushed pepper. The finish is long and sustained, very spicy, really very spicy ... A real surprise between the announcement of the nose and the final which is completely opposite the aromatic spectrum. Big plus points for the succulent texture, but less points for the experience and the arrangement and harmony of flavors that is difficult to follow.

Patrick 92%
An excellent whiskey, so easy to drink !! It's good, simply. Nose: Sweet barley, red apple and a beautiful bouquet of exotic fruits. Palate: Beautiful ripe fruit, burnt wood and well cooked apples. Finish: A long, rich and intense, with a little sugar and a nice dose of vanilla and fruit.

Port Askaig 8 years

45.8% alc./vol.

André 89.5%
It smells like a long hike on the fiery beaches of Islay Island, the freshness of the fresh air, the dried sea salt on the lips that the Golf Stream has brought from the immensity of the Atlantic, the bowl of fruits tropical food brought to support hunger and a desiccant lemon drink after a stop on the beach where we lit a beach fire consuming some dead wood orphans from the sea. The mouth is full and generous, fresh lemon, honey and pears, tropical fruits and sea salt and a nice sweet grass peat smoke, almost with the sweetness found in old peat whiskeys, this wisdom of age and refinement. Salted and smoked caramel finale. Superb contextual whiskey, I loved my experience with each sip.

Patrick 86%
A good whiskey, but that seems to have been a little too diluted. But hey, it's still a good value for money, so yes. Nose: Exquisitely green peat fragrance, grassy, ​​salt and fresh oak. Surprising at first, but still appetizing. Palate: Salt, peat smoke, herbs, burnt oak and subtle vanilla. But all seems to have been too diluted. Finish: Medium in length, slightly smoky, salty and grassy.

Ardbeg Drum 2019

46% alc./vol.

Patrick 89%
A very good vintage of Ardbeg Day, to the point that I bought a bottle on the spot, even before I finished writing this evaluation! A spirit a little young, a little expensive, but really nice to drink and that's what counts. Nose: The superb peat smoke from Ardbeg, accompanied by surprising notes of bananas and pineapple. Palate: The pepper and peat smoke here is more marked, but softened by a superb oily texture, always with bananas and pineapples. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by smoke and tropical fruits.

Martin 88.5%
Nose: Ardbeg's classic earthy peat, hot enough, though I wonder if this is the Hawaiian tune of this edition, or rather the fact that the bottle has been on the Festibière bar since this morning. Asphalt, lemon and grilled meringue. Dirty ash. Pineapple or is it just in my head? Palate: Sweet peat, ash and sea water. Beautiful peaty spices. Astringency possibly coming from the barrel mix somewhere in there. Finale: Not over-sweet, peat, oak and white pepper. Super good, surprising. Balance: Quite young, but it's still a nice effort for the occasion. Can not wait to taste the commitee release.

Old Malt Cask Ardbeg 17 years old 1991

50% alc./vol.
Refill Hogshead DL4537, 1991 Distilled March, Bottled August 2008, 226 bottles.

André 92%
A break on the dock bordering the Atlantic, eating a bowl of fresh fruit and hair flying at the arms of the squalls coming from the sea carrying some salty memories on our lips. In the distance, some houses of the local fishermen heat the fire, fueled by earthy peat logs that bad weather did not allow to dry completely. It is the spirit of the island that soaks our senses. We dive our nose into the bowl of fruit and we immediately get the tropical freshness and a bit of acidity from the lemon, the citrus and fruit salad are soft and back to the wind, the notes of iodized sea salt and hearth fire ash peddled by the wind also come to tickle our nostrils. For an Ardbeg of 17 years, the peat notes are very discrete and one would rather have thought of a version of 22-25 years. The texture is oily and very languorous and serves as a support for the flavors that cover the mouth with love. The finale is an endless story with peat and camphor flavors, slowly melting on the tongue like the last snow of spring. A very contextual whiskey, a story in several chapters where the flavors play a well orchestrated play.

Elements of Islay BW7

53.2% alc./vol.
16 age-old distilled 2001 bowmore, fruit of 4 sherry butt.

André 87.5%
Grapes and oranges, pebbles topped with sun-dried sea salt, distant beach fire, salted caramel bar, sherry typical of the distillery with its floral side and soap gum. The texture is captivating in the mouth, ample and generous, raisins, hyper-ripe plums, salted caramel, lilac flowers, sherry, oranges, chocolate and smoked sea peat. Final of peppered sherry and sea salt.

Patrick 92%
A beautiful Bowmore as I love them, with salt, smoke and a nice dose of sherry. Nose: The beautiful maritime fragrance of Bowmore, with a good dose of salt, peat smoke, wrapped in a delicious sherry and a hint of dark chocolate. Palate: Superb salt, burnt wood, light peat smoke, ripe fruit and dark chocolate. All I'm looking for in a good Bowmore. Finish: A good length, salty, slightly and sherry.

Bunnahabhain 11 years Pedro Ximenez

54.6% alc./vol.
Bottle #293 of 833.

André 87%
Honey sweets, earthy and salty peat, stewed cherries, raisins, chocolate memories. Some aromas are almost reminiscent of tannic red wine too. The mouth texture is slightly pasty, the fruit and nut cake, cherries, dates and figs, grape chocolate, salted nuts dipped in honey. The sherry notes are intense and full but unfortunately also punctuated with chlorine hues, which have been difficult to dispose of once you put your finger on it. Spicy finish with flavors of oranges and raisins, cinnamon and ginger.

Patrick 89%
Nose: Beautiful warm sherry, with a touch of dark chocolate. Intense. Palate: Intense and warm sherry, with a good dose of burnt wood, and a touch of dark chocolate. Finale: A beautiful superb length, marked by burnt wood and a touch of sweet wine.

Douglas Laing XOP Bowmore 21 years old

52% alc./vol.
Refill Hogshead Cask #DL12812, Distilled July 1997, Bottled August 2018, Bottle #075 of 323

André 91.5%
Delicacy offered under assertive flavors. Gracious and distinguished earthy peaty flavors, sea salt, malted cereals dipped in honey, oranges, salted caramel, vanilla in love. The palate is well rooted with a strong phenolic character and maritime flavors of salted caramel and wet peat. Marmalade of oranges, peardrop, honey and vanilla, all offered on a soft and languorous texture. The finish is reminiscent of cold ash and wood still filled with spirit, sea salt and shovel of wet earth. Slightly powdery feel as a booster, salted caramel and alcohol that comes into the tongue as a nail 6 inches agilely struck with a hammer. Good juice, but more than 600 $ the vial we expected no less ...

Patrick 89%
A beautiful classic Bowmore, with a ton of salt and nice peat smoke. Nose: The sea, a little peat smoke, barley ... Classic Bowmore in appearance. Palate: The beautiful coarse salt Bowmore, peat smoke, pepper. Beautiful big whiskey. Finale: Of a beautiful length, intense, salty and smoke.

Martin 92%
Nose: discrete peat, but you can easily spot the classic maritime notes of Bowmore. Seaweed, washed stone, lemon, campfire on the edge of the lighthouse on a windy and cloudy Sunday afternoon. Grilled malt and fleur de sel. Palate: Peat and lemon, quite spicy but still your friend. Stone, wood and red wine. Orange and lemon, leather and salted caramel. Really really good. Finale: The peat is beautiful here, a bit straddling between the filthy variety and the maritime variety, which is unusual for a Bowmore. Balance: Incredibly solid, but hey, more than 600 $ I would rather be at the end of viarge if it was not up to par.

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