Lindores Abbey 13 MONTH - Monbazillac Cask - Cask # 74

61.8% alc./vol.
Sample # LAD-DP-120319-0003. Only 20 barrels are filled to date. Monbazillac is a French desert wine. This spirit was distilled 3 times due to a production error.

Buttered and sweet nose, lots of vanilla and butter biscuits, almonds, unctuous dessert wine with hints of honey cereal and virgin oak. Beautiful texture on the palate, mellow, melted butter and honey almonds, followed by a steep spicy rise as in Glenmorangie Nectar d'Or. Hyper-long finish, frank and on the dried wood.

Patrick 83%
Another very promising whiskey, but definitely not ready yet. Well, in fact, it is so young that it is not legally a whiskey yet ... But it will not need to wait 10 years to win prizes! Nose: A fragrance of young spirits, with beautiful fruits and ... Ouin. A lot of alcohol. Palate: Beautiful wine, lots of alcohol and a surprising touch of chocolate. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by wine and alcohol.

Lindores Abbey Spirit 13 Month - STR Cask - Cask # 38

61.9% alc./vol.
Sample # LAD-DP-120319-0002. Process invented by Dr. Jim Swan, also used in the Cotsworth and Kavalan distilleries. STR = Shaved, Toasted and Re-charred. The casks are barrels of 225 liters on which 2mm curettage is carried out inside, then re-toast and re-charred according to the specifications of the distillery.

What a balance! Wow! Nuts, milk chocolate, honey, slightly floral. Incredible texture, felted, very round, silky, roasted nutty notes are tantalizing, smoked meat like beef jerky and heated wood and giving almost a chocolate result. Flexible, almost felted, singular. Final frank, on toasted wood then chocolate and caramel and good spices in a tornado of alcohol. The surprise of the lot!

Patrick 85%
A big fat intense whiskey ... Oh, the next few years will be long, waiting for the finished product! Nose: Aroma of dry oak, malt and a touch of vanilla. Palate: Large burnt oak, barley, spices, all with a nice oily texture and a good dose of alcohol. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by the burned wood.

Lindores Abbey Spirit 40 months - 1st Fill Oloroso Sherry Cask # 92

61.6% alc./vol.
Sample # LAD-DP-120319-0001. The first fill sherry casks come from the Miguel Martin Bodega in Spain and are constructed of American oak dried for a minimum of two years.

The nose is very fruity, black cherries and holiday cake, caramel, usually sweet but also mixed harshness of cereal new spirit. Superb texture, very silky at first, then a lot of fairly spicy spices, oranges, black cherries and dates. Dry finish, very spicy, peppery, tannic. The nose is really beautiful but the mouth unbalanced. The whiskey is still young and will require even more time to improve in cask.

Patrick 86%
Ooooooh ... It's almost ready! A nice big bomb of sherry not subtle, and probably would only require a few more years in cask to be sublime. Nose: A big sherry not subtle, chocolate, oak and alcohol. Mouth: Big sherry, burnt wood and a lot of alcohol. Finale: Of a beautiful length, burnt wood and a lot of wine.

Lindores Abbey Spirit 1 year - Bourbon Cask #203

62.6% alc./vol.
Sample # LAD-DP-120319-0004. Put in barrel at 63.5% alcohol. About 25 barrels per week are aged in bourbon cask at the distillery, mostly ex-bourbon cask from Old Forester, but also Woodford Reserve Double Oaked and Heaven Hill.

Fresh vanilla, with a little bit of harsch from new make spirit, corn cereals, a touch of coconut and hot butter. We feel that the spirit is much rounded and even at this rate of alcohol we are entitled to something very pleasant. The palate is peppery and spicy, the city round and sexy, Duncan Hines cake cream, notes of almonds seared in butter, dried oak still slightly greenish, which ends with an impressive contribution of pepper in the final. Astonishing to see such a rapid progression in one year.

Patrick 84%
A whiskey still too young, but so promising! I like the presentation of flavors, once the aromas of alcohol have softened, it should be sublime. Nose: A little sugar, oak and a touch of vanilla. Young, fresh and appetizing. Mouth: Oh, the new make is not far! Other than that, intense oak, a little spice and a touch of vanilla. Final: Medium length, marked by alcohol.

Lindores Abbey New Make Spirit Sample

63.5% alc./vol.
Sample # LAD-DP-120319-0005. Taken between 20 and 30 minutes during the heating core of distillation.

The nose brings smells of dried cereal on a creamy vanilla cloth, unsalted nuts, hints of peaches, malt, corn and wet green grass. In the mouth, the spirit is rather floral with a good proportion of cereals and vanilla, notes of apple pods and almonds and butter. The general texture is soft and syrupy, even fatty, the alcohol is powerful and purified. The finish is long and alcoholic with a touch of crushed pepper and a slight metallic accent.

For a new make, it's impressive. But I just decided not to give notes to the new makes, report that it is not great pleasure to drink that, so the note that I would give it could not be worthy of its quality. Nose: Definitely new make, but with beautiful fruits of surprising intensity, enveloping in a nice way whiskey malt. Palate: Nice spices, a little fruit and a lot of alcohol. Final: A little short, with a good dose of alcohol.

Cadenhead St.Magdalene 12 years old

63% alc./vol.
Distilled 12 / 1982, Bottled 07 / 95.

André 84%
A typical Lowlander with notes of green grass and cereal grains. Not the most exciting nose you have to admit, both straight and closed and a lot about alcohol. The palate is pleasant but offers a range of limited flavors; lime, apples, honey, cereals, wet green grass, dried coconut, pears. After 2-3 sips, weird grass peat. Long finish, punchy and spicy; cinnamon, clove and pepper. Not a bad whiskey but not exciting from the point of view of an aromatic palette, but a great job to get an alcohol level so easily without annihilating more subtle flavors.

Auchentoshan The Bartender's Malt

47% alc./vol.
Annual Limited Edition 01

Patrick 88%
Ok, I was reluctant to taste this whiskey. I was expecting a light and tasteless whiskey, in short a whiskey easy to mix with anything to simplify the life of the bartenders. But no, not at all, on the contrary: This is probably the best Auchentoshan I have tasted in at least five years! Intense, complex and tasty! Nose: Fragrance with ripe fruit, apricots, vanilla, chocolate and honey, all being rather sweet. Palate: Ripe fruit, chocolate, ginger and a hint of honey. Final: Of a beautiful length and very warm.

Ladyburn Vintage Single Cask 1973

50.4% alc./vol.
Cask #3223, Bottle #55. The Ladyburn distillery was erected in 1966 by William Grant & Sons (Glenfiddich & Balvenie), for the production of malt whiskey on the grounds of the distillery Girvan. It was an experimental distillery that was to produce malt to serve as a component for blends. But the production was stopped from 1975 to allow the expansion of the distillery Girvan. The buildings were demolished in 1976. The bottlenecks of this distillery are in the rarest and hard to find.

André 86.5%
Greenish is the first impression. Wet herb, vanilla and honey, Honey Comb cereal, lemon, tropical fruits. No doubt, we are in the bourbon cask. The mouth is unique, really, but not necessarily in the good sense of the term ... The first sip leaves doubt, the second confirms some flavors that we could find at the first; maple syrup, fruit syrup, pears, honey, pineapple, vanilla, citrus, dried grass and cereals, pepper. It lacks punch and overall harmony, not that it's bad, but just ok. After a good ten minutes airing, tasty notes of milk chocolate, dried coconut and rum, notes of finely tannic wood and rise in cresendo of crushed pepper. Surprisingly, I find some similarities with the old Glendiddich single cask traffic jams I've been evaluating lately.

Gordon & Macphail Inverleven 1979

40% alc./vol.

André 81%
Nose a little flat and stale, almost shy on aromas that are slow to show the tip of the nose; Oranges, pears, super-ripe peaches, maybe grassy touch, there's also a weird background that's hard to identify. Back to the nose pineapple, apricots, oranges, pears. The palate is fatter, but the flavors a little bland. Fruity overall, the same flavors as the nose, with a slight feeling on the oak wood. After 2-3 sips, I would go so far as to say that the texture is creamy. Finale with a hint of ginger and pepper but nothing that breaks the barraque. Sign that the whiskey may have dried up or faded over time, this old traffic jam hides beneath its fruity makeup, bland flavors evaporated over time.

SMWS 5.59 Auchentoshan 16 years old

58.2% alc./vol.
"Chili Chocolate Cupcakes", Distilled October 11th 2000, bottled September 1st 2017, from 1st Fill Charred Ex-Red Hodshead Wine, 228 bottles.

André 89%
From the singularity to the square foot ... Wow, what a rendering of the wine cask with the flavors of wine gums and red wine, marmalade of red fruits, oranges, spicy spices pampered by the strong notes of fruit, apple pie and cinnamon. Intense! Stuffy; textured and vinous, wine gums and red apple, cinnamon, sustained spices, vinous. The delicate spirit of Auchentoshan leaves plenty of room for the cask finish and the fruity quilt serves as a backdrop for powerful spices; chili flakes, black pepper, cinnamon. Silky but powerful finish, spicy and hyper fruit. The non-fan of Auchentoshan adores!

Patrick 89%
A very good Auchentoshan, as we have not seen for a long time coming directly from the distillery. One of the most intense Lowlanders I have ever tasted, I like it! Nose: Chocolate cake, with a touch of mint and some jujubes. Taste: Fruit jujubes and mint, with a touch of chocolate cake, leather and burnt wood spices (especially pepper pepper) that take more and more space with each sip. Finale: Of a beautiful length, peppered and spicy.

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