Mortlach 12 years old

43.4% alc./vol.

André 86.5%
Viande de bois servie avec une sauce aux fruits sauvages, oranges et miel, chocolat au lait fourré aux cerises, prunes, gingembre plus discret que dans l’édition 16 ans. Savoureux en bouche, la tarte aux poires, les oranges, caramel, miel, toffee et vanille, fruits sauvages et prunes, chocolat, touche de cannelle, xérès bien fruité. Belle texture onctueuse avec des saveurs pas trop intenses. Le whisky est bien défini dans sa présentation de saveurs, rien de chaotique, tout est précis. Finale épicée, mélange de cannelle et de gingembre avec un bon retour sur le xérès et le café au lait.

Patrick 90%
Je l’ai déjà dit, mais je ne peux l’expliquer. Mortlach, pour moi, c’est le top du Speyside et parmi les grands whiskys du monde. Ce 12 ans n’y fait pas exception. Je suis conscient de ne pas faire l’unanimité, mais ça doit être l’ingénieur en moi qui capote sur le la complexité technique de la fabrication de ce scotch, complexe, mais si élégante. Nez : Oh wow. Un superbe arôme de fruits mûrs, de viande rouge légèrement grillée, d’épices, de chocolat noir. Oh que ça sent bon ça. Bouche : Toujours le sublime mélange de viande rouge légèrement grillée, de fruits mûrs, d’épices et de chocolat noir, mais aussi de chêne et une note de fumée discrète venant du bois brûlé qui vient donner un niveau de complexité supplémentaire. Finale : D’une belle longueur, et je voudrais qu’elle s’étire encore plus tellement c’est bon.

BenRiach Heart of Speyside 2018

40% alc./vol.
Essentially aged in ex-bourbon casks. Its name comes from its geographical location in the heart of the Speyside region not far from the city of Elgin.

André 73%
Vivid hints of weeder bag filled with wet green grass, green apple, mower wheels topped with earthy mud, honey and whipped cream. Summer definitely seems to be missing. Rectilineal and soporific, but it's nothing compared to the texture in the mouth ... Shit ... Vanilla flavored water ... flat, no love, nothing. Notes of pepper and cinnamon, malted barley, diluted vanilla, white flowers, grass and delicately industrial peat notes. Short final on vanilla and dried cereals in wet grass. A good improvement over the previous edition, it is also one of the rare flagship editions to have improved since the departure of Billy Walker.

BenRiach 14 Vintage 1998

55.9% alc./vol.
Virgin American Oak Finish, Distilled 1998, Bottle August 2012, From Cask #2828, Bottle 286 of 307.

André 85%
Almonds, pineapple with dried and grated coconut, bananas, all baked, beautiful lemony freshness, cake of angels and meringue, pastries. Beautiful creamy texture on the palate, notes of meringue and butter cake, pineapple, lemon, purple grapes and green grass. Once again, freshness is at the rendezvous. The finish is spicy and powerful, the alcohol is well felt, notes of greenish oak wood, cinnamon, ginger. Benriach a little stripped and slightly lacking balance.

BenRiach 21 years Tawny Port Finish

46% alc./vol.
This Benriach has aged in traditional American bourbon casks before being refined in Tawny port casks from the Douro region of northern Portugal.

André 86%
Raspberry and cherry jam, crushed black pepper, dried fruit. The palate is a little diaphanous and faded, faded and almost diluted, the texture is a little too limpid despite the intensity of the very fruity flavors; jam black cherries and raspberries, plums, dried fruits, raisins, oranges, red licorice, very aromatic but a really ordinary texture. Nice fruity finish but lacking in character. I had much preferred the edition of 15 years with which showed a slight passion and a surprising intensity.

Patrick 90%
A whiskey as I love them, with beautiful sweet sherry and a beautiful set of balanced flavors with brio. Nose: Sweet candies with fruits, barley sugar and especially, so enticing. Palate: Burnt and spicy wood, intense red wine, and barley sugar. Yummy. Finish: A good length, fruity and slightly spicy.

Macallan Concept - Number 1 - 2018

40% alc./vol.

André 74%
#1 marketing guy: Heille, I had the idea of ​​a fucking good concept for a new bottling

Marketing Guys #2: Eeeee, we passed all the names of dancers and all the tasks of the distilleries ... Kessé ... it is not easy to find catchy names ... We win our solid pay lately.

#1 Marketing Guys: Bin we will make a limited edition of 80,000 bottles

#2 Marketing Guys: Wow, Strong Tee

#1 marketing guy: And sherry casks are expensive, so we're going to do a double maturation but half & half bourbon and sherry, so we'll be able to reuse the casks faster or sell them to the other distilleries ... Schling schling! !! Must go back to the base, tasted with our bottles at 60000 $ we moved a little away from the poor. We need traffic jams at more affordable prices, like 150 $ 300.

#2 marketing guy: Serious, you impress me. Do you want to call it how?

#1 marketing guy: Concept, tse, as if it were exploratory and rare as an edition, we had worked hard to create this new masterpiece.

#2 Marketing Guys: Seriously my pot, I do not know why you do not have a more influential position in the shop, tee under pay, seriously.

#1 marketing guy: Ha ... wait, I heard that the master distiller of the distillery gave his resignation .. who knows ... Must aim high!

#2 marketing guy: Serious, do not break our team, send, stay so ... And you expected to ask how much for that?

#1 Marketing Guys: About 160-175 $ Canadian, when I look at our other major traffic jams, it's like price. The best thing is that we will put it only available duty free, so people will think that it is rare, and say that 160 $ duty-free is well worth 200-220 $ normally?!?

#2 marketing guy: Strong guy, really ... I propose that we make a beautiful box too, with beautiful colors and beautiful solid cardboard, tz a king deserves a beautiful throne, the same thing with quality whiskeys !

The nose is flat and inexpressive. Past chocolate notes, tasted when it starts to white on, sherry diluted with water, toasted wood leaves outside a few months to bad weather, breathless ginger and notes of pineapple and dried fruit. The mouth is flat and soporific with its flavors of dried oak barrel, milk chocolate seasoned with cherries and dried fruits, pineapple, a light touch of lemon, pinch of ginger and cinnamon. Caramel wood flavored finale sprinkled with cinnamon and ginger. You have to be imaginative to find qualities to this whiskey, not that it's bad but just ordinary screeching and unimaginative as a presentation, aside from marketing and the box that is cool. Probably I am not the target audience (I have rarely been with Macallan lately). I do not even remember the last bottle I bought from this distillery ... Michael Jackson, the whiskey appraiser, has to come back to his solid grave.

Martin 78%
Nose: Macallan's malt is instantly recognizable, but here it is quite obvious. Alcohol is slightly aggressive, for a 40% is saying something. Flowers, vanilla and diluted honey. Some red fruits and a very distant impression of sherry. Palate: Texture a little bland, slow-cooked fruit, vanilla, oak cleared, some spices. Nothing bad, but nothing stellar either. Final: Spicy and sustained, probably one of the best aspects of this whiskey. We stay on some nice flavors on a length still appreciable. Balance: Not really bad, but extremely clumsy. A Macallan who defends himself not too badly, but at that price and in duty-free, I am afraid of having to advise you not to waste your time and your money with that.

Knockando Extra Old Reserve 22 years 1975

43% alc./vol.
Bottled 1997

André 90%
Very sweet and peaceful. First quick impressions: Pineapple, bananas, coconut, oranges, sherry, a touch of tobacco. We quickly recognize the whiskey with nobility without lacking character. Very supple on the palate, spices, cinnamon and pepper give a second life to super sweet flavors. We guess the use of sherry cask with the delivery of dried fruit, cherries, oranges, raisins and apricots but also flavors that recall the bourbon cask with pineapple and banana. Light also burned with toasted almonds, tobacco and coconut, dark chocolate also stuffed with oranges. The finish is spicy, ginger, cinnamon and pepper. A beautiful expression with unsuspected complexity coming from a distillery that had always left me hungry. That puts things back in place.

Martin 90%
Nose: Sweet, sweet and honeyed. Tropical fruits and dried grass. Fresh cream and shy vanilla. Grapes, prunes and vinous leather. Beautiful notes of the fortified wine cask. Palate: Caramel, dried fruits, grapes, honey and vanilla. A bit of astringency from the wood, beautiful texture and spicy heat. Cinnamon. Finish: Long and hot, sprinkled with spices and sherry. Balance: For a distillery that has given us only so-called "conventional" Scotches, it's refreshing to see that they can produce a bottling of this caliber. Too bad again that it is absolutely something not found.

Lonach Caperdonich 37 years 1969

40.6% alc./vol.
Distilled 1969, Bottled 2007

André 89%
Cut wet green grass, lemon, oranges, honey and vanilla, pears, peaches, pineapple. In the mouth, we do honor bourk cask but the texture is a little too fluid and diluted (even if we speak here of cask strength ...); lemon, oranges, green grass and chlorophyll, pears, honey. I love this amalgam of flavors that shade the greenish tones. Some notes of peppers crushed in the final, unfortunately a little short in the mouth.

SMWS 24.124 Macallan 23 years

50.3% alc./vol.
"Close to the edge of extreme", 22.12.1988 distilled, Sherry Butt Refill, 403 bottles

André 94%
A traffic jam of the SMWS of Macallan, it is rare like the pontiff's mard, and a good traffic jam of Macallan, these days it is as rare as of the pope's mard. The SMWS has yet to bang on its knees to have eradicated a cask of this quality to Macallan ... Figs and cherries, honey bee for old furniture, oranges, old leather wallet, ribs with bourbon sauce, caramel ... What nose! ... and what about the mouth !!! WOW! What is the execution of a long maturation in sherry casks? The quality of sherry is supreme; raisins, cherries, figs, honey, caramel, oranges. We distinguish the old age of whiskey through a thin layer slightly older tannic tanned well and dry pasta almost pasty. Beautiful textured finish, beautiful dried fruit, chocolate, a pinch of clove. A dignified balance worthy of Cirque du Soleil. A reminder that not long ago, Macallan was making good whiskey.

Old Particular Glenburgie 21 years old

51.5% alc./vol.
Sherry Butt #DL12572, June 1997, Bottled June 2018, 607 bottles

André 83%
Raspberries, cherries, apricots, pears and pear syrup, honey. Very attractive this fruity nose with the sweet inviting texture. The sherry cask is discreet, but the dried berries are definitely present in the mouth; apple pie, raspberries, fruit salad syrup, distant smoke and warehouse notes of moist earth, honey, pear syrup, creamy vanilla. Final a bit short on the astringency of dry oak wood and vanilla.

Patrick 82%
An intense whiskey, but whose balance is not extraordinary. Nose: Moist cereals, some fresh wood and herbs. Palate: Burnt wood, herbs. Intense. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by the burned wood.

Martin 89.5%
Nose: cooked green apples, vanilla and cream. Red grapes, dates and prunes. Viny oak and nutmeg. Orange and cocoa. Palate: Raisins and spices, apples and oranges, hot spices and toffee. Tobacco and latte coffee. Final: Superb retro-olfaction. Barley, smoke, caramel, spices and dark chocolate. Balance: An excellent single cask, but like many old single casks, mostly from independent bottlers, a tad out of my price range.

Macallan Quest

40% alc./vol.
With this duty-free expression, The Macallan wanted to pay tribute to its explorers who roam more than 30 000 kilometers around the world in search of better oaks for its refinements. Macallan Quest has benefited from aging in four different types of casks: American Bourbon casks are combined with meticulously selected European and American oak barrels, as well as small 250 Hogsheads.

André 82%
Very interesting nose: bananas flambéed with sherry, vanilla essence, dried fruit, raisins, refreshing notes of lemon and citrus, oranges, milk chocolate. No texture in the mouth, the whiskey is flat and diluted despite greedy flavors; red apples, dried fruits, bananas, oranges, vanilla, chocolate and a pinch of cinnamon, ginger and Caribbean spice. The finish is very short on the texture in the mouth, with a crescendo of spices quite pronounced. The final sensation on the palate is weird, reminiscent of dry chocolate wood mixed with citrus. No need to do 30,000km to find the best whiskeys, just go to the accountants' office and instill in them passion for their products.

Patrick 72%
A whiskey that looks promising on the nose but does not deliver the goods. I had a sample of only 25ml, and I still threw more than half in the sink. Nose: A beautiful complex perfume, with bananas, grapes, wood, citrus fruits and a discreet touch of milk chocolate. Palate: Erk. What is that? Another whiskey too diluted, which tastes the water. The water is not clean anymore. Disgusting. Final: Yark.

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