Kirkland Signature Premium Small Bourbon Batch 7 years

51.5% alc./vol.
Batch T-1796. Distilled and bottled in Tennessee

Patrick 91%
Ok, in terms of surprise, it's hard to beat. An excellent whiskey, with everything you would expect from a bourbon, like "textbook-bourbon". Wow. You have to try it to believe it. Nose: A superb sweet and juicy bourbon perfume with vanilla, molasses and some spices. Very appetizing. Palate: Beautiful spices of rye, some burnt wood, brown sugar, molasses, a note of discreet smoke and a little citrus. Wow. Unbelievable. Finale: Of a beautiful length, spicy, smoke and woody.

Martin 86.5%
Nose: shy aromas, though typical of American whiskey. Dominance of vanilla, corn and wood. Some stewed fruits and a little honey. Light wood glue and earth cherry. Alcohol level lives up to expectations. Palate: Vanilla, honey, wood and spicy maple water. Corn firmly in the foreground. Very little subtlety, however. Finish: Hot and spicy, strongly marked by vanilla, earthy cherry and charred oak board. Balance: A bourbon more than honest. An extraordinary nose, some clumsiness in the mouth, but even if it is rather punches, I would live well with the fact of being able to get it at Costco.

Evan Williams 2003

43.3% alc./vol.
Bottled 2018

André 86.5%
Pretty generic in the approach; super round and not wild, beautiful wild red berries, cinnamon candies, red licorice, toffee apples, vanilla. Beautiful luscious mouth, filled with dried fruit, cherries, cloves and cinnamon, chocolate, corn syrup. The finale reminds me of the cherry Coca-Cola, a handful of cinnamon candies and red licorice. Coudonc, chu due for a junk snac ...

Trail's End Bourbon Batch #003

45% alc./vol.

André 81%
With a name like that, it's almost the official whiskey of '' Hiker Assoed ''! Raisins, cherries, liquorice, honey, vanilla, spicy caramel. Missing a lot of texture in the mouth, hyper fluid. Burnt wood, caramel, licorice, cherries, dried fruits, cinnamon, wet earth. The mouthfeel is very tannic, dry and the rye cereals are well in evidence too. The finish is peppery, charred oak wood and offers lots of spice.

Patrick 84%
An intense bourbon, very intense in the burned wood. The whiskey is average, but considering that some of the money raised is going to a good cause (the Trees for Us program of the National Forest Foundation) treat yourself! Nose: Fruits, honey, wood and vanilla. Palate: Burnt wood, some fruit, honey and a ton of spices. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by the burned wood.

Jim Beam Distiller's Cut 2017 Inaugural Release Limited Edition

50% alc./vol.
Whiskey of about 5 years of age. Mash Bill: 77% Corn, 13% Rye, 10% Malted Barley.

André 88%
Powerful nose of red licorice and charcoal, cherries and heart of apples, red fruits and beefy caramel, heavy spices too. We are definitely on familiar ground in the initial approach. The palate is fruity - cherries, wild fruits and apples, allspices, cinnamon kick, dark chocolate, burnt caramel and charcoal, vanilla. Rye cereals are also well represented with tasty spices. Peppermint, anise, apples, charcoal, cinnamon and chocolate. An illegitimate brother of Booker's with less depth. The Distiller's UpperCut ...

Patrick 91%
Another superb whiskey from Jim Beam, with a nice mix of spices, fruits and sugar, all balanced as I like it: The distiller has chosen his "cut" very well! Nose: Very sweet fruit, with nice vanilla and some wood. Palate: Beautiful spices, burnt wood and above all a good dose of sweet fruits. Final: Of a beautiful length and very spicy.

Maker's Mark Cask Batch Strength # 16-03

55.8% alc./vol.

Patrick 90%
I hope that the SAQ will end up offering us that! Maker's Mark Cask Strength, a safe bet! Rich, complex, superbly balanced and especially intense !! Nose: Oh that feels good, that! Beautiful fruits, caramel, vanilla and very subtle wood. Palate: A beautiful intensity, very woody, charred wood in fact, with beautiful fruits and some caramel and vanilla. Finish: Very long, intense and marked by burnt wood.

Blanton's Bourbon Original - Barrel #950

46.5% alc./vol.
Warehouse H, Barrel 950, 7-26-18

Patrick 86%
A very classic bourbon and very well done. Nose: A little cherry, some nice cereals and some oak, the whole being quite fresh and tasty. Mouth: Oh, that's good! Cherries, burnt wood, a nice mix of cereals and a touch of brown sugar really subtle. Finale: Medium length, marked by burnt wood.

Blanton Special Reserve - Cask #33

40% alc./vol.
Warehouse H, Rick 46, Barrel 33, 3-16-17

Patrick 80%
A bourbon ok, nothing more. A little expensive even, but hey, the bottle is beautiful. Nose: A nice scent of light bourbon, with good sweet corn well mixed with other cereals and very subtle cherry. Palate: Beautiful fresh wood, generous spices, a little cherry ... Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by the wood spices.

Colonel EH Taylor Single Bourbon Barrel Bottled in Bond

50% alc./vol.

Patrick 89%
Like anything coming out of the Buffalo Trace Distillery, it's a safe bet. For those who love their spicy bourbon! Nose: Fragrance of beautiful ripe fruit, some fresh wood and caramel. Palate: Beautiful burnt and sweet wood, spicy cereals that seem strong on rye (at least, for a bourbon) and discrete fruits. Finale: Of a good length, rather intense and marked by the burnt wood.

Wild Turkey

40.5% alc./vol.

Patrick 87%
An excellent value for money! In fact, I do not know what else to say: It's very good, the price is superb, what else to say? Nose: Ah Wild Turkey, a sure bet! Beautiful sugar, beautiful fruits, beautiful cereals. It makes you thirsty! Palate: Beautiful wild fruits, spices, oak and a little sugar. Finish: Medium length, spicy and sweet.

Booker's Batch 2018-01E

63.7% alc./vol.
Mash composed of 77% Corn, 13% Rye and 10% Malted Barley.

André 90%
Black cherries dipped in bitter chocolate, aniseed, burnt oak wood, powerful rye, spicy and earthy, cooked nuts, moist earth, vanilla, toffee, strong spices, wet leather. Superb work at the level of flavors and textures, the oily side hides the breathtaking alcohol content. The arrival in the mouth is supple and oily, avalanche of cherries topped with caramel and spices, candied oranges, old leather fallen in the ground, vanilla and toffee, charcoal, ginger, crushed black pepper, dark chocolate. Astrology arriving later, bitterness as well. Long finish, fruity and spicy, burnt wood, pepper and chocolate. Note, the increase of 30% of the price of the latest versions, it starts to be expensive when a not so rare bourbon is made at the same price as an Aberlour A'bunadh ...

Patrick 82%
A good whiskey, but very disappointing for a Booker's. I find weird grassy notes, and lack the sweet touch that usually helps to make the animal so complex and pleasant to drink. The fact that it happens at the same time as a substantial increase in the price is only more deplorable. Nose: Intense, as always! Cherries, burnt oak, herbs, a subtle note of smoke and chilli. Palate: A ton of burnt wood, black pepper, dark chocolate, herbs, cinnamon and a hint of oranges. Final: Very long and intense, especially at the level of spices.

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