West Cork 12 years Rum Cask - Cask Collection

43% alc./vol.

Patrick 84%
A good whiskey of surprising intensity. Not extraordinary, but very drinkable! Nose: Fragrance Irish whiskey quite typical grain, with some fruit, a little citrus and a touch of very subtle smoke. Palate: Grapes, pears and burnt oak see smoked, carried by Irish grain whiskey. Finale: Of a beautiful length, slightly smoke.

Midleton Dair Ghaelach - Virgin Irish Oak Collection - Grinsell Forest

57.9% alc./vol.
Virgin Native Cask Finish, Irish Oak Cask - Batch #01, Tree #04, Bottle. In Gaelic, Dair Ghaelach, pronounced "dar gayloch", means Irish oak. After having grown from 15 to 22 aged in American cask ex-bourbon oak barrels, this version was refined for ten months in new Irish oak barrels from the Grinsell Forest from the Ballaghtobin property in County Kilkenny.

André 92%
Superb nose but it takes time to stabilize, filled with bananas, pineapple and pears, unctuous honey mixture of cinnamon and clove, malted cereals, oranges, apple jam and milk chocolate. The mouth evokes sighs of dried wood, freshly cut wood chips, pineapple and pears, honey, hints of crushed pepper and clove, powerful alcohol as well. Long dry and spicy finish, freshly baked apple pie and grated milk chocolate, wild berries, orange-filled chocolate.

Patrick 94%
Oh that's delicious. A whiskey in the category "to bring on a desert island" thanks to its masterful balance. And above all, its complexity ... With each sip, I find something new, wow! Nose: Oh wow. Wow, wow, wow. Whiskey as it should be. Honey, spices, linseed oil, oak, vanilla, chocolate and a nice mix of ripe fruits and exotic fruits. Palate: Honey first, oak, chocolate, exotic fruits, cinnamon and ripe apples, all carried by a superb oily texture. Final: Of a beautiful length, complex and of a well measured intensity.

Martin 93.5%
Nose: Generous. Red fruits and tropical fruits. Spice, oak and vanilla cake. Cherry and cinnamon, granulated honey and pears topped with syrup. Green wood. Powerful. Palate: Arrival in exquisite mouth. Salted caramel and berries, jams and dry wood. Well-dosed spices, mulled wine and fruit paste. Honey, honey, and re-honey behind. White chocolate. A beautiful painting indeed. Finale: Long and sustained, spices, wood, fruit, chocolate, but all with a character that can not be easily put aside. Balance: A great Irish whiskey, delicious, virtually flawless, but with the scarcity and the price that goes with it. Dangerous to fall in love.

Green Spot Château Montelena Finish

46% alc./vol.
Second opus of the Wine Geese series of the distillery. Initial maturation in ex-bourbon cask and ex-sherry cask followed by additional maturation of 12 in the former French Oak Cask used in the ripening of Zinfandel wine from Montelena House in Napa Valley, California.

André 84%
The red fruits are in the spotlight and opens the parade. Tropical fruits, bananas, basket of wild fruits, citrus and lemon, licorice, red apples, cherries. Very attractive on the nose. The texture in the mouth is unfortunately a little diluted despite 46% alcohol. The flavors are superb and match perfectly; peel of apples, wild fruits, pears, citrus fruits, oranges, maraschino cherries, green grapes, pineapple. Final slightly abrupt, but the whiskey has gained texture after a good 20 minutes in the glass. The flavors of various fruits are still intense and the rise of peppery spices. A whiskey that demonstrates the intense bubbling and revival in the world of Irish whiskeys.

Patrick 90%
Yes, Irish whiskey can be good. See excellent. Here is another proof. Nose: Delicious fruit and caramel scent, with a hint of oak. Enticing! Palate: Beautiful ripe fruit, burnt oak, citrus fruits and milk chocolate. Oh that's good! And it's better with each sip! Finale: Of a beautiful length, sweet and spicy.

The Tyrconnell 15 years Madeira Cask Finish

46% alc./vol.

André 90%
It has been a long time that an Irish whiskey did not have so much more (since Teeling put) but there, we just aim with this cask finish. With the finesse of their spirit, a good portion of Irish whiskeys lend themselves well to the game of ripening and there is still evidence here. Superb unctuous and very fruity nose; green grapes, pears, peaches, chocolate, honey, pineapple. Inviting mix! Divine texture in mouth, syrupy and mouth coating. Bananas and pineapple covered with honey, chocolate and syrup, dried fruits, toasted oak, tropical fruits. Delicious! Finale on chocolate oak wood and toasted nuts. Buy !!!

Patrick 86%
A very good Irish whiskey with a rare intensity for the style. If you like the finishes in Madeira wine barrels, you'll love it! Nose: Fruity perfume, with a nice dose of maraschino cherries and subtle hints of wood, vanilla and caramel. Palate: The wine of Madeira is not subtle, with a good dose of burnt wood and warm caramel. Finale: Of a beautiful length and marked by the burned wood.

Glendalough 13 years old - Mizunara Finish

46% alc./vol.
First aged in American oak barrels, ex-bourbon for 13 years, this single malt was then transferred to virgin Japanese Mizunara oak barrels.

André 77%
Mashed bananas, pears and peaches, oranges and nuts, pineapple, floral notes also quite powerful. There's definitely something that does not come back to me at all, like candies and faded flowers. The mouth is even more bizarre, like orange liqueur and soap gum, then baby fruit puree, mango and honey melon. The whole is sweet in terms of flavors but nothing seems definite. One swims in the approximate and in the expectation. Finale dominated by pepper, ginger and notes of green wood. Although this whiskey is in the singularity of the aromas, the final result is doubtful, poorly balanced and an unbalanced layout. Not my style moreover.

Patrick 81%
An Irish whiskey all that is more typical (in other words, platte), but with a little exotic touch. Let's say I would have preferred that the barrel (given its rarity) stay in Japan to work with a better whiskey than that. Nose: Fragrance of grain whiskey and "pot still" very typical of an Irish whiskey with subtle notes of exotic fruits. Palate: Ah, here the Mizunara is less subtle, presenting beautiful sweet oak and exotic fruits covering an Irish whiskey all that is more typical. Finale: Medium length, marked by exotic fruits.

Powers Signature Release

46% alc./vol.
The brand's second Single Pot Still, Powers Signature Release is a premium Irish whiskey. Powers Signature Release is the result of aging in American bourbon casks and, for a small proportion of whiskey, in Sherry Oloroso casks.

André 86%
Nose really attractive and round; green apples, vanilla, honey, pears, mashed bananas, tropical fruit salad. We must give time to whiskey to open, because at the beginning, the whiskey remains a little camped on its positions without revealing too much. The mouth offers more punch, more direct too. The contribution of the grain whiskey is defined even if draped with beautiful caramelized sheets. Level flavors, more red fruits, like raisins, licorice, chocolate sprinkled with peppercorns, pears, vanilla, plums, honey. Many spices, especially cinnamon, that accompany dried cereals. Medium length finish, spicy and peppery, astringent on a scrim of malted cereals.

Patrick 89%
Ooooooh. Lovers of "Irish Pure Pot Still", take note. Very pure in style, and at a very competitive price. Of a beautiful well measured intensity and a scale superbly successful. No choice, I go to the SAQ to get me a bottle! Nose: Oh the beautiful scent of "pure pot still" ... Spicy, oily, woody with notes of biscuits. Palate: Tasty spices, biscuits, a little burnt wood, all carried by a beautiful oily texture. Finale: Of a beautiful length, spicy and oily.

Jameson Caskmates Beau's Edition

40% alc./vol.

André 83.5%
Citrus fruits and tropical fruits with a reddish touch, wild berries, pears, green apple pods. Pleasant uncommon creaminess found in Caskmates editions, both on the nose and in the mouth, like milk chocolate. The palate is more refined and one feels with much more fervor the contribution of the dried cereals. The texture is nice but the background is a little sharp and tapered. Tropical flavors of fleshed fruit, fruit fruity salad, lemon squeezed, a hint of ginger and then milk chocolate notes. Follows an astringency and a spicy drought quite pronounced. Finish a little short punctuated with a touch of hops. Not my favorite version but offers a pleasant experience.

Patrick 85%
A very good whiskey, but it seems to me that I would have let it age longer in beer beer, because I find that the red beer flavor is too discreet. Nose: Discreet fragrance, where we can guess the citrus typical of Jameson, but softened by a very slightly hopped beer. Palate: On the palate, flavors awaken, with Jameson's base of citrus and fresh wood spices, but softened by the sugar of a red beer. Finish: Medium length, marked by the caramel of red beer and wood spices.

Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition

40% alc./vol.

André 86.5%
Beautiful lyrical flight of citrus on the nose. The freshness of the nose is strange because one also feels a big enveloping smoothness that is delivered to the nostrils. Oranges, pears, fruit salad, lemon, honey, a tiny touch of forget but seriously you have to know otherwise it would go unnoticed. As expected, the mouthfeel is creamy, although whiskey grain dominates through spicy dried cereal flavors. We even have the right flavors of red fruits and apples, cinnamon and good spices. The finish is on tropical fruits, oranges and lemon, pears topped with honey and dried cereals. The retro-olfaction is very spicy, at the pepper limit and the hops are much more active too. A beautiful singular wedding, we love it.

Patrick 89%
A Jameson of a rare intensity that is for IPA lovers. Like, you like the blue Labatt and the regular Jameson, forget that, it's not for you. All that to say that I love it! Nose: Well hopped aroma, fresh and intense. The whole is complemented by citrus fruits, vanilla and a touch of oak. Palate: Intense hops, burnt oak spices, citrus, green apples and grassy notes. Finale: Of a good length, marked by hops and spices.

Lambay Whiskey Small Blend Batch (Blue Label) Finished in Cognac Casks

40% alc./vol.

André 81%
Lemon, pear juice, pineapple, bananas, vanilla, white flowers. We managed to collect the grain whiskey background with its slight side harsh. The mouth develops the same flavors as the aromas of the nose, the texture is very fat and hides the spices and the sharp side of the dried cereals and the pepper notes of the finish. The fruit flavors are super nice as well as the texture, but the grain alcohol always comes back into the decor and breaks the overall balance. Final short, not very relieved apart from the shy few and the touch of pepper.

Patrick 80%
Yes N. Not my kind of whiskey. It's not bad, but honestly, as long as I drink that, I'm going to vote for a non-alcoholic health night. Unless it's St. Patrick's Day. Nose: A discreetly fruity and sweet perfume, with a touch of the most subtle oak, almonds and vanilla. Palate: Almonds, vanilla and oak. Finish: Medium length, with a good dose of almonds and oak.

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