Canadian Rockies 17 years

50% alc./vol.

André 81%
Corn syrup, honey, vanilla, cassonnade, clove, cinnamon. Really very rectilinear as much on the range of flavors as on the texture in the mouth. The good side is that the alcohol is really well hidden under the sweet blanket. The palate is tannic, the wood feels a lot like powerful notes of sweet corn syrup and maple, topped with honey and vanilla flavor, unsalted almonds, green apples. Short final on cereals and wood. A bit disappointed by the simplicity and lack of depth of this whiskey though for the price of 70 $ ...

Patrick 79%
I have already tasted old 17 aged whiskeys that seemed older than that. Alcohol dominates all flavors, it looks like a vodka aged a few months. Nose: 17 years ??? It does not smell anything but alcohol. And really intensely! In short, alcohol, a touch of berries, a few apples and sugar. Palate: Alcohol is a little less present here, green apples, fresh fruit and a little sugar. Finale: A good length, marked by alcohol with a little spice.

Corby's Park Lane 1940

40% alc./vol.
Founded in Corbyville, Ontario in 1859. This blended whiskey is composed of whiskeys up to 25 years old.

André 86%
The nose is very soft, silky texture, caramel and vanilla, cinnamon and rye bread, red fruits, honey, cassonnade. It actually looks like the signature of a Canadian whiskey. The mouth is as sweet as the nose at the start, cassonnade and honey and is followed by a quick rise of crushed pepper and fresh cinnamon, cloves, fish-shaped candies, wild berries, rye cereals take the lead. By letting the whiskey breathe in the glass a good 20 minutes, the texture rounds up even more but in the mouth, the spices become even more sustained. The finish is peppery and strongly influenced by the spices that remain very long in the mouth. A Canadian whiskey with a lot of character and at this venerable age, grumpy grandfather style.

Martin 88%
Nose: Pretty impressive! Round and sweet, caramel and honey, vanilla and roasted cereals. Wood and some spicy fruits. This typical Canadian nose has it all. Palate: Sweet and as sweet as the nose. Brown sugar and spicy honey, oak wood and vanilla. Wild fruits. Superb. Finish: Long, silky and honeyed, frank and strong spices, dry wood. A whiskey at the height of our winters. Balance: I'm not surprised to learn that this blend even contains 25 whiskey. It falls alone, even if you want to sip it for a long time. A bottle that knows how to break our will.

Adams Antique 1968

40% alc./vol.
Blended whiskey made by Seagram in Toronto, Ontario. Founded by Samuel Bronfman after his takeover of United Distiller's in 1953, a distillery he renamed Thomas Adams Distillery. The whiskeys used in this blended are about 10 years old.

André 78%
Corn whiskey, very sweet, big round vanilla, white flowers, honey, almonds. The palate is diluted and clear but the texture is interesting, slightly oily and very silky. Unfortunately, the flavors are unidirectional. Very focused on cereals, corn, beautiful tones of caramel, always this vanilla, almonds in honey, then bursts of cinnamon in the mouth and crushed grains. Finale that surprises with its length in the mouth, propelled by cinnamon and pepper.

Martin 79%
Nose: Pretty sweet with a touch of polish, very typical of Canadian whiskeys of the time. Corn, flowers, fruits and honey. Few other surprises. Palate: Little texture, maple water, honey and white sugar. Some spices, corn, wood and fruits. Finale: Wood glue, slightly peppery, oak, red fruits, all a little too diluted for my taste. Balance: Not too bad, but like many whiskeys of that time, we would have preferred to see a slightly higher alcohol level. But hey, what do you want, it was not in the mores.

Shelter Point Classic Cask Strength Single Malt Whiskey - KWM Cask

59% alc./vol.
Distilled May 2012, Cask #206, 162 Bottles

André 84%
Tropical fruit salad, citrus salad, honey, vanilla, pineapple and fresh lemon. The palate is full-bodied, with apple heart notes, orange pods and tropical fruit salad, pineapple and vanilla. Honey hides the teasing notes of spices including cinnamon and clove, behind sheets of vanilla and lemon zest. Light agricultural accent with some tones of dried earth and crushed cereals. Alcohol is sharp and powerful but relatively well controlled despite the youthfulness of the whiskey that stands out easily. Despite its young age, this whiskey has a promising future with a touch of singularity.

Patrick 79%
Mouin, a whiskey that seems a little too young, intense in spices, but without the remarkable balance that such flavors require to make a great whiskey. I probably have enough fingers on one hand to count the number of times I said that, but I think we should have diluted it a bit ... Nose: Scent of citrus, cereal and light wood. Palate: Well spiced and burnt wood with nice citrus fruits. Finale: Of a beautiful length, very spicy.

Martin 87%
Nose: Honey and white flowers, grass and cereals. Small aggressive side at the level of alcohol, which betrays his youth a little. Some tropical fruits, pineapple and light leather. Palate: Floral malt, a little honey and powdered sugar. A full basket of spices, at the height of its alcohol content, a real cask strength, which can give an impression of Arran cask finish. Finale: Lemon and spices, wood, barley and dry earth. We keep a small fire of spices on a good length. Balance: Still young, but we can see the potential of this single malt. Bonus points for not having diluted to 40%.

Bearface 7 Triple Oak Canadian Whiskey

42.5% alc./vol.
Single-grain whiskey, aged seven years in ex-bourbon casks, 70 days in French red wine barrels (Mission Hill Family Estate & winery) and 7 days in new Hungarian oak. Distilled at Canadian Mist in Collingwood, Ontario.

André 83.5%
When you do not expect anything from a whiskey, the chances of having a good surprise are great. This is the case here. The nose is tasty, very sweet; cassonnade, cinnamon, red wine, dried wild berries, cedar, cherries, red apple peel. The mellow corn cereals with a peppery and spicy accent. The palate confirms everything, the effect of wine cask is well felt through a pleasant silky texture and a flight of red fruits, accents of red licorice and a touch of burnt oak. The mouthfeel is really on the tannic notes of the red wine barrel and the burnt oak wood. A good week whiskey.

Patrick 87%
A beautiful and complex whiskey that turned out to be a nice surprise, report that my expectations could hardly be lower. Nose: Beautiful, rich and complex scent of fruits, spices and dry oak. Taste: Beautiful brown sugar, spices, fruits, sugar and a good dose of burnt wood. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by burnt wood and many spices.

Martin 84.5%
Nose: Lightly burnt toffee, red fruits, heated caramel, vanilla, corn. Apples and wooden board. Very sweet and sweet. Milk chocolate and white chocolate, like a Kinder egg. Palate: Winey and spicy, nice accents of red wine and caramel. Slowly cooked fruits, cocoa and vanilla. Very surprising. Finale: Red licorice, toasted oak, vino, spices. A nice way to say goodbye. Balance: A damn handsome Canadian whiskey, a damn beautiful week whiskey, a hell of a discovery! There is no reason to do without it!

Forty Creek Rye 22 years old

43% alc./vol.
Limited edition of 102 bottles.

André 93%
Here is the evaluation of the Holy Grail of Canadian whiskey, 102 bottles produced, which appeared a few weeks ago on the LCBO website and are missing for no reason. Nobody can explain or have passed the bottles. This assessment is drawn from a sample of one of the Canadian Whiskey Awards evaluators 2019, Alex from In the Name of Malt. I was expecting a whiskey dominated by wood but that is not the case at all. The nose is reminiscent of fresh red licorice, apple and wild fruit basket, earthy and waxy rye, fresh oranges and dry cereals. Although we feel the tannic contribution bequeathed by oak wood, whiskey is not dominated by wood; the contribution of the spices is important but the texture is very silky. Red apples, wild fruits, plums, pepper and well-seasoned spices, earthy rye. Waxy texture that coats the inside of the mouth with love. Long finish, very spicy and peppery, on red fruits, oranges, apples, red licorice. Superb rye, both intense and sweet. A beautiful legacy left by John K Hall.

Forty Creek Unity 2018

43% alc./vol.
012 Lot, Bottling #03346. This edition is a blend of Forty Creek whiskeys selected by a panel of 5 fans from the distillery developed by whiskey maker Bill Hashburn.

André 92%
Milk chocolate, cassonnade, dried fruit, sherry or port because of its roundness, wood dried in a kiln, sweet spices. Beautiful luscious mouth, pecans, pleasant notes of milk chocolate and nuts, maple syrup, cassonnade, red wine, oranges ... Viarge, it tastes Turtles! Then, touch of fruity rye and spicy, cinnamon, dried fruit, red wine, red licorice. Creamy, very smooth texture, the choclat notes of milk and pecans are really nice. It also reminds me of the Glenfiddich Rick Oakâ € | A fruity and chocolaty finish, the spices come to nuance nicely round notes in love with nuts and chocolate. They slowly emerge from the mellow cover and are accompanied by notes of red licorice and wild fruits. A delicate Forty Crek, with sweet Canadian roots.

Patrick 95%
I think this is my bottle that emptied the fastest !! A whiskey of incredible thirst, sublime and incredible. One of the best Canadian whiskeys ever. Nothing less. Nose: Milk chocolate with dried fruit, pleasantly spicy, sprinkled with brown sugar, with a dash of port. All served on a touch of oak. Mouth: Oh that's good. Chocolate, dried fruits, pecans, rye, oranges, port and red licorice. The texture is sublime. I miss words. Final: Of a beautiful length, rich and complex.

Stranahan Diamond Peak

47% alc./vol.
Batch 026

Patrick 88%
Despite his young age, here is a distillery that has nothing to prove. It's good, it's original, it's complex and it's well built. Nose: Juicy grass, on which you would have poured the juice of a homemade fruit salad, and a touch of oak and vanilla. Palate: Sweet oak, fruity grass, warm spices and red apples covered with caramel. Finish: A good length, fruity, sweet and woody.

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