Fujimi Blended Japanese Whiskey

40% alc./vol.

Patrick 80%
Wow. More than $ 80 for a cheap blend, which is made from Scotch for the most part? There is someone in Japan who understood how to enjoy the fashion of Japanese whiskeys. Not bad, but at least four times too expensive compared to its quality. Nose: Fragrance of grain whiskey, floral notes and some dried fruits. The whole is rather cool. Palate: Always grain whiskey, dry wood, a touch of discrete smoke. But especially grain whiskey. Finish: Medium length, marked by grain whiskey and some wood.

Very Rare Old Suntory Expo 1975

43% alc./vol.

André 84%
Beautiful fruity sweetness, a blend of fruit marmalade, cherries and pineapple as well as honey. The sugar level is super nice and makes the whiskey inviting. At nose; cherry puree, milk chocolate, pineapple, brown sugar, plums, raisins, stale licorice. The first impression at the first sip ... maybe a little diluted, a little too much grain whiskey maybe? ... but it corrects quickly to the second lap. There is an addition of layers of fruit that becomes almost pasty in the long run; lots of cherries, raisins, plums, then oranges, pineapple topped with vanilla and honey. Glosettes (raisins soaked in milk chocolate). Finely spiced finish on a basket of fresh fruits. Big plus for the flavors, a flat on the texture in the mouth and a finish where the fruits are blooming a little too quickly. Not bad but no crush too.

Nikka Yochi Single Malt NAS

43% alc./vol.

André 84%
Quickly, tropical fruits; oranges, lemon, pear, melon with honey, then accents of peat smoke present without being invasive. Second sniff ... Pineapple, bananas, vanilla, honey, green apples. Stuffy; notes of oak, quite spice too, on some flavors, it looks almost like a grain whiskey with the continued contribution of cereals, tropical fruits delivered in the mouth. Nice honeyed texture a little sticky. Final, spicy and smoky, albeit a bit short.

Suntory "The Chita" Single Grain Japanese Whiskey

43% alc./vol.
Combination of cask aged bourbon whiskey, sherry cask and wine cask.

André 77%
How to hide a grain whiskey with its harsh side ... we use drums that can adust it. Honey cereals, pears, red berries, dried cereal dust side, oranges, toasted cereal grains, raisins, honey melon and fleshed fruits. Despite the use of different types of barrels, the contribution of cereals is undeniable and this trend of dried cereals a little rough annoys a little. In the mouth, flat and diluted texture, the whiskey is a bit spicy and dry, oranges and pears, cereals with honey and caramel, flesh fruits, raisins, a touch of vanilla and green grass also in the finish. Not great as a presentation, it lacks refinement and general balance. I do not know what's going on with Japanese whiskeys lately, but it's discouraging to see what's on the market.

Ichiro's Malt Mizunara Wood Reserve

46% alc./vol.

André 89%
Beautiful fragrant nose, both floral, fruity and sweet. Mix of red fruits, tropical fruits, icing sugar, creamy vanilla, pear apple, honey, a little lemon too. Nice entry in the mouth; the apple topped with caramel, red fruits, pear apple topped with honey, a touch of pepper and ginger, woody flavors too. Somewhat tannic after a few sips, sensation of cask sherry or cherries, raisins paired with a nice spicy kick, notes of coconut, dried leaves in autumn, tobacco leaves. Final a little short but super well balanced, peppery and spicy, caramel and honey. Interesting, a whisper calm and serene.

Patrick 93%
An incredibly subtle and delicate whiskey, but at the same time, so tasty. Warning, this is a whiskey that you should try the first time at breakfast time !! Nose: A subtle and incredibly delicate fragrance. Beautiful captivating white sugar, a little oak and beautiful exotic fruits. Palate: Beautiful subtle sugar, exotic fruits, vanilla and spicy oak. All presented on a beautiful oily texture. Again. Final: A superb length, especially considering how delicate this is. Stretches on a tasty mix of spices and sugar.

Suntory Hibiki 17 years old

43% alc./vol.
Blended whiskey, blended from the finest malt and grain whiskeys from Suntory's three distilleries (Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita).

André 88%
We do in lace for the approach, just like Hibiki Harmony. Nothing abrupt and direct, finesse and subtle nuances. Super soft nose; meringue, honey block with wax, citrus fruits, tropical fruits, white flowers, oranges. More liquid in the mouth than the nose, citrus fruits, flesh, oranges, vanilla and honey, toffee. The finish is much more spicy and peppery, dried fruit, trace of sherry, nice length and displays quite accents from the oak wood too, pinch of cinnamon in all final. Pineapple retro-olfaction in spicy slice.

Kura the Whiskey Rum Cask Finish

40% alc./vol.
Limited Edition of 2000 bottles.

André 77%
Oh there ... weird nose. Fermented cereals and touches of sulphide, distant peat, red and tropical fruits, pepper, touch of wood stump in the humid forest. Poor texture on the palate, a mixture of pepper and earthy peat smoke, various fruits, vanilla, cereal grains, honey, dried grapes, a touch of residual sugar but good ... Peppermint and on the wood wet in a cloud of smoke . An ordinary whiskey hidden in rum finish, it remains an ordinary whiskey, in rum finish, but ordinary the same.

Patrick 81%
Not bad, but you must be seriously lacking Japanese whiskey to pay more than 100 $ for that. Nose: Superb perfume, with a slight smoke, vanilla, a little fruit and apples. Enticing. Taste: Smoke dry, slightly peppery, vanilla and a touch of apples. Finale: Of a rather short and tasteless length.

Mars Iwai Tradition

40% alc./vol.
Originally from Japan, the March distillery has a history as tumultuous as it is out of the ordinary. Its founder is none other than Kiichiro Iwai, the man behind the departure for Scotland of the famous Masataka Taketsuru and above all owner of a spirits company producing shochu (Japanese brandy). The Shinshu Mars distillery enjoys an exceptional geographical location offering its whiskey a singular character. Perched at 800 meters high in a harsh climate region, the distillery benefits from pure water sources filtered through the mountains for centuries. Another special feature is the production of whiskey only during the winter months. The drop in demand in the 80 years forces the distillery to close in 1992 until it reopens in 2011. A blended whiskey consisting of 75% malt whiskey and 25% corn whiskey.

André 78%
Nose atrophied and flat, a whisper of sherry, a lot of cereals and corn is really powerful compared to its percentage going into the composition; corn syrup, dried cereals, honey and vanilla, a touch of red fruits, cinnamon, raisins. It's pretty basic and not bad drunk on purpose. The whiskey is very volatile and the flavors quickly fade from the glass. The mouth is super sweet, monotonous and the flavors are transient; strawberry and dried berries, corn syrup, cereals, banana split. We seem to have wanted to hide the youth and lack of balance of whiskey by drowning it in sherry and wine cask. Nonchalant finish, pout notes of cereals flavored with wild fruits. Disappointing…

Patrick 80%
Not bad, interesting even, but not quite to the point. Does the problem come from the still or barrels, I can not say with a single sample, but still it is that I am glad not to be the one who paid for the bottle! On this subject, thank you to Jonathan Pub Nelligan! Nose: Light sweet malt scent, with a good dose of bitter herbs that a little discouraged me at first. Palate: An interesting blend of grass, ripe fruit and sweet cereals. It's interesting, but the jury has not yet decided whether it's good. Final: A little dry, or rather, marked by dried grass or burned.

Super Nikka - Limited Edition "Revival"

43% alc./vol.
Launched in 2015 in memory of the 1962 blend

André 87%
Superb and really approachable, the kind of whiskey that you serve novices and will make new fans. Beautiful smoked sherry nose and spices (ginger, clove and cinnamon), burnt caramel and just dried oak, milk chocolate. On the palate, notes of honey and milk chocolate, hazelnuts, sherry and spices, as well as a fine peppery touch. The texture is soft and silky with a slight astringent, spicy and dry touch in mouth finish. A good all-purpose whiskey, nice flavors, friendly stuff.

Patrick 87%
A great blend, with a rich complexity that requires time to contemplate in all its splendor. I like. Nose: Succulent typically Japanese fragrance featuring herbs, citrus, ginger, coffee hints and a subtle touch of freshly cut oak. Also, a je-ne-sais-quoi reminding me of an undergrowth after the rain. Palate: The first sip surprised me with a note of peat smoke that, although delicate, is not discrete so far. Then, once the surprise is over, there are also spicy notes of cinnamon, pepper, ginger, herbs, honey, flowers and a subtle touch of vanilla. Finish: Long and tasty, stretches on the flavors of peat smoke, spices from burnt wood and subtle floral notes.

Ichiro Malt Wine Wood Reserve

46% alc./vol.
Ichiro 's Malt Wine Wood Reserve is an unusual malt vatted as it is composed of Chichibu, Hanyu but also Scottish single malt. This rare expression has aged in barrels that have contained red wine before being refined in ovum barrels, which are French oak barrels shaped in Charentes by the Best Workers of France team Taransaud.

André 86.5%
When you have four inches of makeup in the face, it's probably a sign that it's hiding an ass face. It's a bit like the nose of this whiskey, drowned in the wine cask beefy and not subtle and sugar. On the nose, avalanche of red fruits, mixed spices of sugar, dark chocolate stuffed with orange, a little licoreux and not subtle on the influence of the used barrels. What surprises in the mouth is the strength of the notes of crushed black pepper, ginger and spices, bent with notes of red fruits and wild fruits, orange pods, big purple grapes. There is an off-key somewhere in the mouth, a little something in the wine cask. The finish is super spicy and pepper, relatively long, fruity without subtlety, with a return on a spicy-sweet mixture a little disorienting. A whiskey showing great ambiguity, sometimes difficult to follow but also with beautiful flavors and aromas.

Patrick 82%
Well, my expectations were high, so yes, I'm disappointed. A rather mono-dimensional whiskey, which will be ideal for those who love wine more than whiskey! But for lovers of whiskey, we will iron ... I also tried the experience with friends who just prefer wine to whiskey, and they loved their drama! Nose: Fragrance marked by a beautiful sweet and fruity red wine, with a touch of caramel and vanilla. Palate: Very intense warm wine, burnt oak, burnt caramel and spicy vanilla. Finale: Of a beautiful length, marked by the burned wood.

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