Pendery Gold Line Sherrywood Welsh Single Malt

46% alc./vol.

Patrick 79%
Almost good. Almost. Nose: Delicate scent of sherry, with hints of milk chocolate. Mouth: Ok, as always with Penderyn, it's on the palate that it takes the edge. It starts with beautiful notes of aged whiskey in a sherry barrel, then we have the typical metal notes of the distillery. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by fruits and metal.

Pendery Gold Line Madeira Welsh Single Malt

46% alc./vol.
The flagship of the Penderyn distillery's single malts, the Madeira from the Welsh Gold range presents a new face! Distilled in a unique alambic designed by David Faraday, it is first aged in bourbon casks before maturing in Madeira casks. Penderyn, which means Welsh Bird Head, is a small distillery founded in 1998 that started production in 2000.

André 82%
Bananas, small pastry with almonds and pears, pineapple, residual sugar, a lot of vanilla too. Strangely, the mouth is drier and astringent, good dose of cinnamon, still the pastry with pears and almonds, vanilla and heated caramel. Nice creaminess. Finish spicy and dry, medium in length, big mixture of ginger and cinnamon with a good sugar content in the background. This whiskey offers beautiful flavors but lacks the hook to make it an exceptional whiskey.

Patrick 77%
Another whiskey a little missed by Penderyn. Pfffff. Nose: Fragrance rather light, with some fruits, a touch of vanilla and red apples. Palate: The finish in the mouth is sweet, fruity and spicy, but everything is quickly washed away by a wave of metal typical of this distillery. Final: Of a good length, but worn on the metal.

Pendery Celt Peated Welsh Single Malt

41% alc./vol.
Corrected at 40.5% by the SAQ. Refining in casks containing peated whiskey.

André 86.5%
Bananas, pears, pineapples, oranges, Bazooka gum, light peat, tropical fruit salad. The nose is very pleasant and the sweetness of the flavors gives a nice place to the peat, medicinal but that does not hog the nose too much. The palate is peaty and offers lots of flesh, pineapple and banana fruit from which emerges a good dose of earthy and peppery peat, notes of chocolate too. Once ingested, the peat dissolves slowly but steadily. The finish is sweet and long, smoky and chocolatey. The best Penderyn I have tasted so far. The backbone of the flavors of the distillery matches the notes of male peat without denaturing the essence. A beautiful discovery, at a good price.

Patrick 84%
A good whiskey well built, and who manages to satisfy thanks to its light peat smoke which must hide the usual defects of this distillery. In short, if you want to have a whiskey from this distillery in your collection, this one would be good! Nose: Fresh scent marked by citrus fruits and a hint of smoke evanescent peat. Palate: A beautiful whiskey well presented, with delicate notes of smoke, fresh and spicy wood and citrus. Finale: Of a beautiful length, with a beautiful smoke that stretches for our greatest pleasure.

Amrut Spectrum 004 - Batch 001

50% alc./vol.
April 2017. Aged initially for 3 years in bourbon casks, this version was then refined into an oak barrel made from five different types of wood: new French oak barrel, new American oak barrel, new oak barrel Spanish, Oloroso sherry cask and Pedro Ximenez sherry cask. Limited edition of 1800 bottles.

André 90.5%
Look more like wine cask than cask sherry, more tannic, almost earthy, intense and bold as an approach. Plums, raisins, wild fruits, vinous, black cherries, bitter chocolate, cinnamon. What balance of elements, a lot of variety in the aromatic palette but nothing that takes over the whole. The mouth texture ... just wow ... Very silky, oily, a lot of mouth coating. Fruit cake, oranges, cherries, grapes, plums, red licorice, chocolate, pepper, cinnamon, bag of natural leather, earthy accent a bit raw, tannic too, at the limit a bit of austerity. Then caramel heated in the pan. Spicy and peppery finish, tannic too, powerful and persistent.

Legendary Reserve - Straw Wine

44% alc./vol.
Whiskey from France. Aged in sherry casks, then finished in straw wine barrels.

Patrick 92%
No surprise here, it tastes what it is. However, I have to admit that my expectations were high, and I'm not disappointed: it's really a superb whiskey that must make a good match for Scots green with envy! And for that price, I did not hesitate and I bought a bottle! Nose: A bewitching fragrance with a unique blend of sherry wine and straw wine. Palate: Always the unique blend of both wines, the whole being very sweet and fruity. Finish: A good length, slightly spicy, sweet and fruity.

The Blessed Bellevoye Triple Malt Black

43% alc./vol.
After Bellevoye Bleu and Bellevoye Rouge, the high-end French 100 whiskey now comes in a third opus: Bellevoye Noir, the first peaty Triple Malt produced in the Hexagon. At the end of an uncompromising blind tasting among some forty French whiskeys, three Single Peat Malts have established themselves as the best, worthy to compose the assembly of this Bellevoye Noir. They come from excellent distilleries located in the North, in Alsace and Lorraine, where the primary breeding took place during six years. After assembly, the Triple malt waited between nine and 12 months in the best barrels of the Bellevoye winery, in Charente, new barrels whose heating was carried out on site.

André 84%
Strangely, it looks a lot like a variant of the red version (Bellevoye and not Jean-Pierre Ferland). The notes of burnt oak are discreet and are a good complement of red fruits, licorice (red and black) and oranges. Appears less sweet than the red edition but sweeter than the average whiskey in general. Beautiful texture on the palate, roasted coffee and charcoal, bitter dark chocolate, red fruits, anise and even her cinnamon and clove spices. Yet peaty, this whiskey is more reminiscent of burnt oak and charcoal than peat smoke. Finale of anise and spice and persistent reminder of burnt oak.

Michel Roofer Cap a Pie

45% alc./vol.

Patrick 89%
An amazing whiskey, which pulls us skillfully in many different directions. The notes of grain whiskey may be displeasing to purists of malt, but lovers of good whiskey will not be wrong. Nose: A typical fragrance of a strong blend of grain whiskey, but also with nice fruity notes coming from aging in sherry casks. Mouth: Oh ... surprising! We first feel the grain whiskey, but it is quickly covered with a fruity malt and a touch of caramel. But the real surprise comes next, with a surprising cloud of smoke. Finale: Of a beautiful length, subtly fruity and smoke.

Roof Rye Double Maturation - Batch 1

43% alc / vol.
Distillery Warenghem. The first French Rye whiskey, this Roof Rye is the child of two regions and two aging methods. Distilled and bred in Brittany, this Rye Whiskey aged 9 years in sherry casks and under the temperate and humid climate of the Armorican peninsula. He then aged two more years, under the dry and sunny climate of Provence, in new barrels, to mark the "American".

André 86%
Classic rye, with its spicy red licorice notes, orange pods, somewhat waxy appearance, fairground toffee apples, rye cereals prominently, hints of caramel and vanilla. The palate is spicy and peppery, red fruits, raisins, cassonnade, licorice, oranges, powerful rye, candle wax, spice cake a little earthy. Medium long finish, very spicy, red fruits, peppery liquorice.

English Whiskey Co, Chapter 14

46% alc./vol.
5 age old whiskey, unpeated, sourced from bourbon barrels #582 to 585.

André 83.5%
On the bourbon cask, no doubts. Fruit salad, oranges, beautiful sweet presentation, green grapes, vanilla, bananas. Without being unpleasant, the presentation may be a bit monotonous and predictable. Pear in the mouth, then vanilla and grapes to pineapple, tropical fruits. Backbone of cereals and bourbon cask with a contribution of tropical fruits really interesting. Long finish, spicy, peppery, fruity where the whiskey's youth is more evident. A bit dashing in the final and also lacking in delicacy.

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