Three Ships 10 years

44.6% alc./vol.

André 87%
Creamy nose, very vanilla, pineapple, pears, oranges, honey, tropical fruit, black pepper, oaky, coffee beans, peat smoke rather pronounced. Smoky, powerful, peppery, with ginger notes, hiding the amalgam of flavors of tropical fruit salad, pear and pineapple, topped with vanilla and honey, and a fresh lemony touch. Spicy finish, ashen peat smoke.

Three Ships 15 Pinotage Cask Finish

46.2% alc./vol.
It is the first whiskey in the world to use a Pinotage cask (a wine produced only in South Africa) for its finish. It is also the oldest African whiskey ever produced to date. Limited edition of 4000 bottles.

André 87%
An invitation in due form, with its undeniable wine appeal and a richness that invites you to taste. Nose of raisins, purple grapes, red fruits and cherries, a touch of spices well balanced, pasty sensation that will be confirmed in the mouth, creamy, a little tannic, notes of caramel coating apple pods, good dose of sugar, sensation caramel and honey cereals well-smelled, oranges, red wine, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate, but the whole is much too influenced by the grain whiskey. Final raisins, plums and cereals with honey and caramel. Nice but lacks hook.

Patrick 89%
A very good whiskey, with a nice mix of spices and sugar. For a 15 years, I have already seen more complex, but it is drinking so well that it does not matter. Nose: Sweet fragrance, tasty and of a beautiful intensity. Marked by notes of caramel, sweet apples, banana, nuts and vanilla. Taste: Barley sugar, caramel, spices, beautiful ripe red fruits, pineapple, banana, and fresh wood. The texture is extremely smooth, or "smooth" if you prefer. Finale: Of a good length, slightly spicy and sweet.

Bain's Cape Mountain Whiskey

43% alc./vol.

André 76%
Banana puree topped with honey, vanilla and toffee. Simple but singular. The mouth delivers tasty hints of frantic spices, balanced by waves of candied fruits and bananas, honey cereals. Texture a little disparate, the whiskey would have easily tolerated a 3% of additional alcohol. I do not particularly like the notes of oak chips at the start of the final, it disbalances the whiskey that was doing pretty well until then. Final short and expeditious.

Patrick 88%
A very good grain whiskey, easy to drink and thirsty: A perfect whiskey for a hot winter day in South Africa! Nose: Light grain fragrance with a touch of subtle fruit. In fact, the whole of the perfume is light. Palate: Always the light and fruity grain, with a nice spicy woody tip. Simple, easy to drink and effective. Final: A little short, but gives the taste to use another glass as quickly as possible, which is the best compliment!

Three Ships Premium Select Blended Whiskey 5

43% alc./vol.

André 76%
Nose well fruity mixed with earthy peat, potting soil style. I also thought of a sherry cask of mediocre quality. The nose is aromatic but not in the good sense of the word. Scattered and confused mouth, vanilla, honey and various red berries, the sherry-like flavors are there but it reminds me of a cherry-flavored cheap cherry cough syrup. Final more spicy and fussy, slightly syrupy texture. Length in the mouth is good but gives me the impression to run after a syrup for the flu before the time.

Patrick 83%
The first time I tasted this whiskey, I found it ordinary. Maybe having forgotten a few years, and having let him breathe, has been beneficial to him? Still, I like it now! A nice surprise 🙂 Nose: Fruity nose and a little sweet, with a small background of wet and rotten soil. Finally, it remains light all that ... Mouth: Surprising arrival with a hint of peat with a good background of ripe fruit with a little burnt tire, apples, nuts and spices. Finish: A beautiful length, woody and spicy.

Martin 74%
The most appropriate color description would be a kind of rather red muscatel. Nose: A little bland. Light smoke, a little fruit, almost an impression of sherry. Hard to pin down, maybe because not much is happening. Palate: Sweet and sweet at first, light vanilla quickly replaced by a taste of heated tire or cheap perfume from La Baie. Touch of nuts at the end. Final: Rubber, light caramel. Very disappointing. Balance: Really not to shoot yourself in the walls. Less worse than the Rumskey, but like the latter, there are mixtures that sometimes need to be avoided.

RV 78.5%
Whiskey that we taste with interest but for which we do not go to the SAQ the next day to get it. Very blend in the nose, even when breathing, there is not much good ... but no harm either. Much more interesting to taste, apples and cherries are nice but the finale is weird, not in the good sense of the word. Good? Maybe but weird in an aftertaste a little "cherry flavored".

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