Slyrs 51

51% alc./vol.
Located in Germany, in the heart of the Bavarian region, the distillery SLYRS produces since 1999 whiskeys recognized for their finesse and their greed. SLYRS 51 Single Malt has been standing for 3 years in American white oak casks.

André 79%
Nose greatly influenced by the oak wood, reminiscent of virgin oak, vanilla and cereals, some notes of pears sprinkled with clove, notes reminiscent of the farmhouse, not necessarily in the good sense of the word. The mouth is relatively soft but again too influenced by the wood. We also feel that the whiskey is young, in its lack of balance and its disordered structure; virgin oak, sherry, pears, nectarines, vanilla, clove, milk chocolate. The finish is spicy and alcoholic, on dry wood. No fan, really not ...

Patrick 89%
A very good whiskey, rich and complex, with a superb blend of flavors. Six years ago, I was writing about this distillery that the best was coming, I'm glad to see that I was right! Nose: Appetizing scent of sweet citrus, green apples and discrete smoke. Palate: Smoke, spices, citrus fruits, green apples and burnt wood. Finale: Of a beautiful length, spicy and slightly smoked.

Extra Old Whiskey-Fässle

45.4% alc./vol.
Exclusive bottling celebrating the 25eme anniversary of the Kensington Wine and Market of Calgary, limited edition of 42 bottles.

André 90%
Tasty and warm sherry lovers; bold as presentation, exquisite blend of oranges, dark chocolate, black cherries, dates, pinch of very sweet peat smoke, good spices. The approach is balanced and discreet, hushed. The texture of the whiskey is incredible in the mouth, both silky and very generous. A lot of sherry a little festive, noble but unpretentious, dried fruit, fruit cake, chocolate egg stuffed with orange, honey, candy jujubes shaped teddy bear. Divine ... The finish is punctuated by spices that languorously shudder on the tongue in addition to the flavors already presented in the mouth. The amalgam of flavors is superb, beautiful soft texture, alcohol content well hidden. As Andrew from Kensington mentioned, a blend of Highland Park and Glenrothes is possible, the flavors backbone of these 2 distilleries actually looks strangely like this blended rendering. Tasty!

Patrick 89%
A very warm and complex whiskey, which will satisfy whiskey lovers aged in sherry casks. The best proof that one should not trust the look of a bottle to get an idea of ​​its quality. Nose: Appetizing scent of sherry, very fruity and subtle burnt wood. Palate: Warm fruit, intense sherry, vanilla, burnt wood and some spices. Finish: Long and tasty, marked by sherry and burnt wood.

Slyrs PX 4 years old - 3rd Edition

46% alc./vol.

André 79%
Ouch, do not rely on the first impressions delivered by the sherry cask, these barrel odors or sherry has had time to start macerating warm before being filled with new make ... These flavors also remind me the miserable Armorik, that mixture of virgin oak and uneasy muddy soil, almost earthy peat seasoned with sherry. In the mouth, the whiskey is fruity, the effect of the sherry cask is very present, it reminds me of the fruit paste and the bag of dried fruits, macerated cherries and dark chocolate and some ferocious toffee notes. Personally, I do not particularly like the rendering of sherry in the end. Nice length in the mouth, more worn by the flavors itself than by the strength of alcohol. The fruits sit in the foreground and surround themselves with blood oranges, fruit paste and finely spiced sherry.

Patrick 76%
Having had the exceptional chance to taste some of their future whiskeys directly in the barrel, my expectations were high by buying this bottle. I must say that I am very disappointed. Almost good, but still bad. I understand why they "spend" this whiskey in duty free, the idea being to distance as far as possible from the distillery these dirty bottles. Nose: Fragrance of sherry of poor quality, with some woody notes. Palate: Burnt wood and always the bad sherry, all accompanied by bitter dark chocolate and a je ne sais quoi that attacks me. Finale: Stretch on dark chocolate and bad sherry. In short, too long.

Slyrs Bavarian Single Malt Whiskey

43% alc./vol.
Vintage 2008.

André 85%
Boiling cereals in fermentation, hot malt beer. The nose is not very appealing at first glance, but you just have to be patient because by breathing, it becomes more and more sweet and more pleasant. Wow, superb texture on the palate, a blend of vanilla, lemon and citrus. Not very varied but well balanced. In that sense, we have a solid foundation on which to work to improve everything. The Achilles heel is the final that is not supported and lacks a pattern but the whole is very nice and well presented.

Patrick 80%
Keep in mind that this is a "work in progress" to appreciate this whiskey at its fair value. Because it lacks depth and finish, which is basically normal for such a young whiskey. Wait a few more years and I guarantee you will tear off the bottles of this distillery. For having the chance to plunge my glasses in some "old" barrels (about 10 years) during my visit of the distillery, I can affirm that the best is to come! Nose: Cereals, flowers, lemon and a touch of sweetness. Not really spectacular. Palate: Beautiful texture on the palate, sweet cereals, burnt wood, vanilla, citrus and some flowers. A beautiful complexity. Final: Not very long and a little dusty.

Martin 78%
Hyper pallor that betrays its minimum of 3 years of age required to maintain its name. Nose: Small cereal, pear, flowers and soap. Malt barely grilled, Strong in alcohol on the nose, although it only has title to 43%. Palate: Still a floral impression, personality very little aggressive on notes of sugar cane. Too much lightness, its little character disappears in a jiffy. Final: A little tasteless. Ends on berries. Soapy cereal, dust and flowers. Balance: Not horrible, but not great either. Bring us an added value, such as a cask finish or even an increase in the alcohol content. Otherwise focus on sauerkraut. But hey, let's give the runner a chance, we say that a cask strength version is about to come into being ...

RV 85%
A piece that begins with a strange mix of samplings that seems announced an epic end, but ends in slow too quiet. Sweet coriander? Honey bees on the PCP? Below this hallucinatory mixture, grain is hidden before the arrival in the mouth which is much quieter, with a very cereal beginning and a rather banal end but of good length. Too bad, it was so good, but it's still interesting.

Wannborga 3 years

44.3% alc./vol.
This distillery already produced a variety of spirits but it was only in 2007 that it began producing whiskey. The stills of this distillery come from Germany and produce only 150 liters. Annually, this distillery produces about 2000 liters ... It is currently (2012) the smallest Swedish distillery. Its whiskey is aged in ex-bourbon barrels. The bottle evaluated here is the only one to have been imported into North America.

André 85%
Something agricultural, corn syrup maybe? In the mouth offers a powdery feeling, like chalk dust. Alcohol quite strong nose but strangely, in the mouth it is more than discreet carried on a spurt of chlorophyll or mint. A whiskey filled with ambiguity and I must confess very humbly that it does not leave me indifferent but that I do not know exactly why.

RV 83%
A talented apprentice but early career. Whiskey very embarrassed with a weird funky look, a bit too much elsewhere. Arrival of oatmeal, posed and meticulous but ultimately not the most special. Final more grassy, ​​very creamy (maybe too much for me). Finale of good length, it is a good start except the nose. Good final, really surprising, the originality is there, missed only balance and experience.

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