English Whiskey Co, Chapter 14

46% alc./vol.
5 age old whiskey, unpeated, sourced from bourbon barrels #582 to 585.

André 83.5%
On the bourbon cask, no doubts. Fruit salad, oranges, beautiful sweet presentation, green grapes, vanilla, bananas. Without being unpleasant, the presentation may be a bit monotonous and predictable. Pear in the mouth, then vanilla and grapes to pineapple, tropical fruits. Backbone of cereals and bourbon cask with a contribution of tropical fruits really interesting. Long finish, spicy, peppery, fruity where the whiskey's youth is more evident. A bit dashing in the final and also lacking in delicacy.

Cotswolds 2014 Odyssey Barley

46% alc./vol.
Batch No 01 / 2018, 7150 bottles. The first single malt to be made in the beautiful Cotswolds in the heart of the English countryside, Cotswolds Single Malt Whiskey is made from 100% local barley. This whiskey comes from a long fermentation then a double distillation in still pot stills named Mary and Janis, before maturing in American oak barrels and red wine.

André 85%
Cereals bathed in citrus fruits, apricots and beautiful fresh pear, oranges. The nose and mouth are creamy, the cereal intake well presented and it is quickly understood that the selection of cereal is very well chosen. Beautiful roundness in the mouth, the same flavors fervently rush, supported by strong spicy notes and small red fruits. The oranges stand out in the foreground and blend nicely with pear and apricot notes. The finish is on red fruits and orange jam. An unpretentious whiskey, very nice and really well designed.

Patrick 88%
My expectations of the first editions of micro-distilleries are still quite low. Here, however, we can afford to raise expectations without risking disappointment. A superb whiskey, which should be excellent soon. Nose: Fragrance of a beautiful young malt marked by peat smoke, a little grassy, ​​subtle fruits and honey. Palate: Smoke of peat, intense spices, Seville orange, brown sugar, malt and burnt wood. Finale: Of a beautiful length, smoke and spicy.

St George's Distillery - The English Smokey

43% alc./vol.

Patrick 87%
A very good whiskey, which would probably be excellent except that it was a little too diluted. Nose: Smoke of peat, citrus, vanilla and a touch of fresh wood. Palate: As the nose suggests, with a touch of spice and pepper. In terms of texture, the whiskey seems unfortunately a little too watery, probably because of too much dilution. Too bad, otherwise it would be excellent! Finish: Medium length, smoked and spicy.

The English Whiskey Co. 11 Heavily Peated

59.7% alc./vol.
April 2010 - July 2013, 204, 206, 209 & 210 Drums, 83 96 Bottle

André 89.5%
Intense peat, dirty and muddy, chimney soot, in the style Laphroaig but with much more ardor and a little awkwardness. Green apple and citrus, vanilla and lots of peat smoke. May look like the Cask Quarter Quarter Cask Strength. The mouth is relatively soft on the finish, not very discrete, however, based on green peat and a fruity background of citrus fruits and oranges. Whiskey offers an interesting sweet side, vanilla is also present and hides a bit of the harshness of alcohol and this whiskey a little young and impulsive. The finish is a little short and lively, the alcohol hiding a little more discreet flavors. But on a cold and snowy day in February, we have here a very appropriate whiskey.

Patrick 89%
Intense, tasty and, if not really complex, very tasty and very well balanced. Nose: "Yellow" peat coated with extremely intense smoke. Palate: Oily texture. Intense liquid smoke, covering the peat and a hint of spicy and peppery barley. Finish: Long and tasty, marked by peat smoke and spices.

Martin 88%
Another young malt, by his livid pallor. Nose: Peat smoke rather assertive and fieffée, which does not leave too much the rest of the flavors to express themselves. Palate: Honey and fruity and spicy sugar full mouth. Nice fire of spices long awaited of this cask strength . Smoked peat here takes the back seat. Final: A little short but very pleasant, marked by spices and a return of smoke. Balance: Already an excellent whiskey, but which is likely to be even better to drink in cold weather.

English Whiskey Co. Chapter 6

46% alc./vol.
Batch #3 unpeated, distilled in February 2007, bottled in February 2010 from drums # 001-011.

André 83%
Frank nose, direct and unequivocal; a young whiskey a little fiery. I poured it in my glass and waited a good 10 minutes before returning. I thought I had to make another single malt ... The fruits exploded, the vanilla of the barrel appeared, the almonds and a background of cereals, wood and green grass. One-dimensional in the mouth, vanilla is powerful, the various fruits also (banana and pears), without departing from a slightly grassy and green accent. The texture is a little clear but the flavors are strong and a nice amalgam. Final dry wood paired with a hint of spice. A whiskey that is certainly not mature but offers a nice tasting challenge.

Patrick 87%
Nose: Yummy !! Sweet fruity sugar with a hint of barley. Really appetizing. Mouth: Always sweet sweet fruits, with the tip of barley, but also notes of barley that come to offer a nice complexity to the whole. Final: Of a good length, but rather marked by the alcohol. Libra: Makes me think of a young Glenmorangie, which is definitely a compliment in my case. Another whiskey that I can not wait to see in a decade.

Martin 83.5%
Very young and could not be more pale. Nose: We start unsuspectingly in the young molasses, but the malt brings us easily under the auspices of vanilla and fruit. After a light leather background, we can safely leave him a little time to open so that a nice grilled malt appears. Palate: Always light, but fruit and vanilla form a strong and sweet foundation on which the influence of the barrel can build. The new make fades to give a nice place to roasted cereals and almonds. Final: A good length, spices blend in a return of the new make. Balance: Again a lack of finesse and experience, but a great effort that promises!

English Whiskey Co. Chapter 4 Peated Single Malt Spirit

46% alc./vol.
Drum #516. Distilled November 1er 2007 and bottled August 11 2009. Limited edition to 2500 bottles. Bottled on barrel, St George comes from an ex bourbon cask of first filling distilled in February 2007 under the leadership of Iain Henderson, formerly "Mr. Laphroaig". In December 2006, for the first time, the first "New Spirit" of St George distillery's stills was released. Built in Norfolk in the heart of a region renowned for the quality of its barley, St George is to this day the only malt distillery in England. It draws its water from an underground source that flows under the distillery itself. St George produces a peaty, unpeated malt. Near 13 barrels are filled every week. This edition is aged for a period of 18 months in American oak bourbon barrels from the Jim Beam Distillery.

André 89%
Young yellow peat, quite sweet (probably brought by the first filling drum), animal hair and medicinal and of course peaty, very singular way also supported by notes of hazelnut (RV I approve) and oranges. Surprising, but still it should be considered in its own category of "not yet whiskeys", but a nice stop on the path of discovery in the vast world of scotch whiskeys.

Patrick 85%
On the nose, a young and animal peat. Surprising nutty touch. In the mouth, the first impression is that of "new make", quickly carried away by the intensity of the peat. A hint of sweet fruit comes to give a pleasant extra dimension. Everything evolves on hay, algae and of course smoke. Overall, a wealth of fantastic flavor, but this whiskey definitely lacks aging. Could be in my top 5 in a few years, but he will have to eat his crusts by then. Still, it is a beautiful discovery and an interesting piece to have in his collection.

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