Wieser Uuahouua Single Malt WIESky 7 years old

40% alc./vol.
Austrian whiskey - Sherry Wood, quadruple distillation.

André 73%
Agricultural nose of macerated cereals, raisins topped with caramel, honey cereals, liquor in bulk, wild strawberries, cherry juice, wine of mass ... not always a pleasure to evaluate whiskeys ... The mouth is diaphanous, without too much of texture, pears, purple grapes, cereals topped with honey and caramel, all swept by a wave of neutral alcohol and agricultural flavors not super nice. Final, short, desired, rectilinear.

Patrick 82%
A beautiful simple and effective whiskey, where we have made the bane of many commercial distilleries, to reduce the rate of alcohol abuse. Otherwise, apart from a small false note on the nose, it would be pretty good. Next time maybe? Nose: Fruity scent, with a touch of sweet biscuits and a little new make. Palate: Beautiful fruit, a little sugar, burnt wood. Finale: Of a beautiful length, with beautiful spices.

Reisetbauer 12 years old

48% alc./vol.
Limited Edition 2001, 453 bottle 997.

André 83.5%
Very fruity nose (raspberries, wild fruits), small fruit jelly sweets, at the limit it can look like some sherry casks, chocolate, caramelized toffee. Beautiful texture on the palate, both liquid but with a beautiful creamy and mellow consistency. Dried fruits, gelatin sweets, then raspberries, dark chocolate and toffee again. Sweet backbone very nice. Slight astringency in the mouth, I must admit that this is the only place that would suggest the use of particular barrels. It reminds me of some Glenmorangie bottlenecks on the nose, this tricky nose not easy to identify ... Some grassy notes that slowly rise in crescendo, but the fruits are still present. The finish is sweet and well balanced, fruity and sweet to perfection. I love the flavors of jelly candies that dot the final.

Patrick 78%
Not in my palette! In fact, even my stomach seems to be protesting. Nose: Sweet (caramel) and syrupy. A weird note reminding me of fir branches that would be boiled in an aluminum camping cauldron. Palate: Caramel dominating, intense fir and mint. Warm sensation in the mouth. Finish: Medium length, metallic and minty.

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