Belgian Owl 36 months • Batch LC836081

46% alc./vol.
Bottling LC836081

Patrick 80%
A promising whiskey, but still too young. And definitely way too expensive. Nose: Sweet and vanilla scent, with a little fruity touch. The set is fresh, light and looks pretty young. Mouth: Oh boy, the new make is not far. Green apples, cinnamon, pears and wood spices. Or in fact, plainly of the wooden board. Finish: Medium length, marked by wood spices and alcohol.

Gouden Carolus Single Malt

46% alc./vol.
Molenberg Distillery. Gouden Carolus Single Malt is a Belgian whiskey, distilled from the must of Gouden Carolus Tripel beer. A first for Belgium are the hand-hammered copper distillation vats, in which the must - composed only of malted barley - is distilled. The distillate is then aged in first filling bourbon casks for a period of 30 months followed by a successive period of 6 months in 'Anker' barrels (oak barrels reworked by a cooper according to our own speci fi cations). From 1637 to 1927, the "miller family" Van Breedam operated a small distillery at Molenberg in Blaasveld. In 1872, Louis Van Breedam and his sister Anne leave Molenberg to become brewers in Mechelen. The Molenberg remains in the hands of the family and the tradition continues. Charles Leclef, fifth generation of the Van Breedam family, spent his childhood in the brewery in Mechelen, but also knows the Molenberg in Blaasveld, where his uncle Michel Van Breedam lives. While he is modernizing the brewery in 1990, the idea of ​​distilling whiskey beer matures in his mind. He wants to distill at Molenberg: distillate beer, that is whiskey. This distillery becomes the perfect combination between the two family traditions: brew and distill.

André 84%
Beautiful blend of vanilla pears, apricot, light charred barrel, beautiful round and plump vanile, honey, almonds, graham crackers. The nose is attractive is well presented, without being unique or pretentious. The palate is fruity, round and pulpy, lots of pears and vanilla sprinkled with ginger and pepper. The cereal notes are prominently without monopolizing the mouth. Appears then green apples, then cherries, but spices quickly regain ground. The finish is in two stages, sweet on the fruits and raised on the spices. Beautiful retro-olfaction of fleshed fruits. Nice and easy to drink.

Belgian Owl Private Limited Edition 36 months old Single Cask

70.3% alc./vol.
036 / 200, bottle #220. First Belgian Owl distilled with the legendary Caperdonich stills straight from Scotland. The 200 Private Angels - Exclusive Series of 200 Barrels. Etienne Bouillon, passionate distiller, initiator of the project, filled the first barrel of the future Belgian Single Malt Whiskey, the 29 October 2004. The first sales took place in December 2004 through an online sale supported by the Belgian daily newspaper via a full advertising page.

André 91%
With a monotonous and ennyeux climate, wet at wish and could bring Miss Méteo to the nervous breakdown, how could one think that a whiskey would gain about 8% of alcoholic degree in 36 months ??? Singular climate of the region or dry relative warehouses, but more than 70% alcohol for a whiskey, say that this is definitely out of the ordinary. Gift of the owner and distiller Étienne Bouillon, this whiskey has as much generosity as its owner. Micro-distillery approach and very "grain to bottle", the nose is muscular and alcoholic steroids. It is definitely necessary to ignore the high alcohol level that grips your nose ferociously. Initially, cereals and agricultural twist and small batch, pears, caramel, meringue and lemon pie, hot honey. Without dilution, I admit that it moves a lot, so I add some tears of water. Pears, almonds, crème brûlée, churned butter (no salt), green apple, cereals. The contribution of the oak barrel is important but the spirit still managed to keep its unique backbone. The whiskey develops luscious notes of spice on the palate while the alcohol keeps the note with the same conviction as the singer Bianca Castafiore draped in her cloth of cinnamon and ginger. The quality of the distillate and the choice of barrels is obviously (and gustantly) fair, the result is an experience in itself. Fasten your belts because when the foot will press on the accelerator, you will be entitled to a whole trip ...

Patrick 88%
With such a high alcohol level, one can not be surprised at such an intensity. Definitely not a whiskey everyday but really triumphant to taste! Nose: Delicious scent of sweet and slightly fruity cereals, all with a touch of meringue. Palate: Of a rare intensity, with citrus fruits, nuts, some wood, green apples, oak and a lot of spices. Final: A little dry, spicy, woody and marked by cereals.

Belgian Owl 48 months

46% alc./vol.
Batch # 14-02-11.

Much more supple in the mouth; both rounded and also very assertive. Mouth of caramel and vanilla, pear, apricot and white chocolate. Final transits on crème brûlée, caramel and vanilla yogurt. The final is more sustained than in the other versions. We are getting closer to a whole lot more complete.

Patrick 78%
Nose: Cherry of earth, feels the not-clean of day after torrid eve and fresh leaves. Palate: Mint, cereals and citrus juice. Finale: Leafy and minty. Balance: Not really.

Belgian Owl 60 months

76.1% alc./vol.
Drum #4276140.

André 91%
Owly cow! For those who sound the knell and who the owl howls ... The nose surprises by its softness and its delicacy, the flavors going in the same direction. There is nothing raw or sturdy; Furry pears, vanilla, a light grass bottom but nothing that really disturbs. One is able to feel the latent power of alcohol that one could also easily confuse with spices as the nose is abrupt if it is plunged directly into the glass. In the mouth, once the shock of alcohol faded; pineapple, pears, lots of vanilla, oranges / nectarines, honey. The finish is long, like a whiskey with such a level of alcohol can be, a little more spicy but counterbalanced by the significant contribution of vanilla and sweet fruity flavors. A breathtaking takeoff and a long, gliding descent. Ideal to realign Chakras at the end of a difficult day.

RV 90%
When the slight lack of originality comes from a new distillery probably still busy tweaking his art is that it's going pretty well thank you. Very honeyed, the nose contains a hint of wheat that sticks to the palate. In the mouth, the alcohol is hot without being hot; cask strength surely but we would think the rate much lower. With notes of leather and caramel Grenache Spread, even if raisins and flakes of oatmeal still in the small envelope. Very good, Belgium is not only talented for pastry, it is also good for breakfast whiskeys. Patrick 90% Salad with mixed fruit and spices. On the palate, vanilla, spices and a little bit of cherries and raisins. Beautiful finish with notes of wheat that stretch for a long time. Complex and very pleasant to drink. You do not smell alcohol at all, or you'd think you're dealing with 4t-50%: I'll take another glass, bigger, preferably.

Patrick 90%
Salad with mixed fruit and spices. On the palate, vanilla, spices and a little bit of cherries and raisins. Beautiful finish with notes of wheat that stretch for a long time. Complex and very pleasant to drink. You do not smell alcohol at all, or you'd think you're dealing with 4t-50%: I'll take another glass, bigger, preferably.

Belgian Owl 53 months

74.2% alc./vol.
Drum # 427-29-86.

Nose of crème brûlée, of caramel pushed by a tidal wave of perfumed alcohol. With a little water, we will be able to appreciate the sweetness of the vanilla brought by the barrel, the cereals. The influence of the drum is notorious. The grapes appear in the mouth, paired with toffee and crème brûlée. Nice fruity presence of nectarines and tangerines. Surprisingly woody finish with a return on hazelnuts. It is essential to experience taking it at the beginning without the addition of water, to enjoy the experience. Rarely we will have had the opportunity to take a whiskey at this percentage of alcohol and the experience is quite unique. After taking a short break (to recover from your shock), I recommend you dilute it slightly to lower the alcohol level, which will release the aromas and make the whole more "approachable".

Belgian Owl 36 months

46% alc./vol.
Batch # 23-11-10.

Pressed green grapes, Granny Smith green apples, cinnamon and honey accent. The mouth confirms the nose; apples and pears are present but the whole approaches more of a mead than a whiskey. Finale vanilla and sugar, honeyed notes of Wherther's candies.

Belgian Owl 24 months

46% alc./vol.
Drum # 427-29-77, bottled on 25 February 2010.

It's more citrus fruits that set the table for this 24 month expression. A tear of lemon, meringue cream, rose water and cinnamon. A nice mixture where each element finds its place. The mouth is also more faithful to the nose; a nice creamy sensation affirming by notes of vanilla and honey. The finish is a well presented dessert of pan-fried pears, with vanilla, honey and banana pieces.

Belgian Owl 8 months

46% alc./vol.
Drum # 407-87-31.

More supported and complete. The alcohol begins to take a secondary role, eclipsed by the work and influences of the drum. Always malty and accompanied by pears, vanilla and butter. The palate is creamy and sweet, the pears are now sprinkled with cinnamon continuing in the final on vanilla notes from which emerge a very heady floral wave of beautiful sweetness. The evolution experienced by the whole while staying only 8 months in the barrel is impressive. A child with a certain potential but always lacking a little maturity to find his direction.

Belgian Owl New Make Spirit

46% alc./vol.
It was in 2004 that the dream of 3 partners, the distiller Étienne Bouillon, the farmer Pierre Roberti and the financier Luc Foubert, materialized. From humble beginnings for this micro-distillery located in the region of Hesbay in Belgium, but driven by an energy and a determination without border. Using an old Swiss alembic of the 19eme century and products of the local soil, the philosophy of Bouillon is very close to the strong principles to Jim McEwan of Bruichladdich ... Quality products, a respect of the soil and people who contribute to the creation of a whiskey.

To be considered a new make. Very cereal, with hints of pear and butter. Ethereal nose, accents of cold butter, dried fruits and cinnamon. Finale very pleasant to the taste of sweets and caramel, waves of dry cereals and orange. A balanced product of great finesse, purity and a pleasant maturity for a new make spirit.

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