Special Courier Whiskey

42.8% alc./vol.
Bhutan. Bought for 8 $ in a shop on the side of a road.

André 87.5%
Ashen, caramel, fruit salad predominantly oranges. The palate is as fruity as the nose suggests but is also spicy despite a slight rough on a slightly platonic texture. The finish is heavily orange and a little smoke. Could look like a smoked and ash Balvenie. A value for money to make many Scottish whiskeys blush.

RV 84.5%
Trout not freshly caught and cigarette ash mixed with some branches of fennel. The finish is deeply spicy and pungent as if it were a cask strength, with a rusty metal base and barrel of metal in which a campfire is made. Like the blends, the final falls a bit too steep but despite its somewhat crooked nose, in the peasant style unpretentious at the limit of harshness, I like, especially for a bottle that could pass as negligible .

Patrick 85%
Salt on the nose and light spices. On the palate spices take the place, if not a touch of metal that does not bother me too much for once. Final rather short, but still nice, which allows the salt to come back. A nice surprise considering that I had no waiting ... Or rather, I expected to be very disappointed!

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