Mekhong Whiskey Gold Label

31% alc./vol.
Molasses whiskey produced by SKD in Cambodia (ok, is it really a whiskey?). Available in all grocery stores and pharmacies for 1 $, and given its derisory price, this "whiskey" is very popular in Cambodia. However, it is almost always sold as a cocktail.

André 65%
Floater with cream soda, vanilla ice cream, sugar. The mouth is still reminiscent of soda cream and powdered dish soap and Popeye candy. No texture in the mouth, and a nil and voluble finish. A burst of laughter in the silent and sometimes austere library of whiskeys.

RV 72.5%
At worst, can be used to introduce children to whiskey. Grape juice powder or fruit punch. A whiskey? Come on! Texture very first level but also with a little chlorine (it had to take something to sanitize it) and little taste. In the final the punch resurfaces, but goes out quickly, and in any case, the lack of length is not a fault when you want a whiskey and you are served a Quench whiskey color instead.

Patrick 85%
Mix of soda cream and strawberry liqueur. And contrary to the habit of naming aromas whiskey inspires, this one really tastes the soft drink. Very sweet. Ideal for someone who does not like whiskey or cocktails (Angkor What? Whiskey Bucket recipe from Siem Reap, Cambodia: a bottle of whiskey, a can of Coke and a can of Red Bull). Disappointing if you expect a whiskey, but still very good!

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