Chu Yeh Ching Chiew

45% alc./vol.

André 45%
Crazy weird nose, cream of mint and brown sugar, Chinese noodles, soy sauce and tea leaves. Background of rubbing alcohol perfumed with sugar. Change of scenery ... no doubt we are pretty confused but the experience is more like a trip to hell. I'm afraid of losing the rest of my hair for the next few days.

RV 65%
We must first agree on one point, this liquor is not a whiskey. From there, the smell of Christmas cake and didajyo (Chinese natural product to cure bruising) does not seem so aggressive. More voluble in the mouth is the savannah, bamboo, herbs, sugar and mint that slide on nutmeg candies. Well mixed, first a cocktail of Southern Comfort and Chartreuse, then is a mix of Fireball and cream of spearmint. Not so bad, it's just that it's not a whiskey.

Patrick 39%
A blend of chartreuse, insecticide, soy sauce and weird tea. Ouch. Mint cream and rat poison to taste. The final stretches on the rat poison. Infect. The writing on the box is exclusively in Chinese, are we certain that it was indeed an alcohol and not some cleaning product?

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