P & M Vintage Whiskey

40% alc./vol.
Handcrafted whiskey from Corsica, bottle #09720. In 1999, Dominique Sialelli from the Pietra brewery and Jean-Claude Venturini from the Mavela distillery (hence the acronym P & M) combine their common love of this cereal beverage with their know-how to create a unique whiskey deeply rooted in the terroir of the island of Beauty. This will be the third French distillery to launch in the production of whiskey, the first bottlenecks will see the day in 2005. The Cuvée "P & M Vintage" is the result of a blend of vintage whiskeys, the oldest of which have up to 14ans. Associating it with whiskeys from younger distillations, the Malt brewed by Pietra and distilled at Domaine Mavela in the 2000 year reveals in this limited edition a wide range of aromas. P & M whiskeys age in oak barrels that have contained Corsican wine from the Domaine Gentile, mainly barrels that have contained white wine or Muscat, then are assembled with the water of Col Saint-Georges which has its source in more 1000 meters of altitude on the heights of the island.

André 69%
Nose of pears and wet cereals, straw, new (?) Barrel, agricultural and artisanal in style and approach. It seems that this whiskey is aged in a barrel having previously contained another alcohol or a sweet and sweet kind of wine, like Sauternes. The palate is very sweet, the canned fruit salad, DelMonte pears, accompanied by good spices. Final of citrus and ginger. Design correct but a touch of craftsmanship may be a little too present.

Patrick 59%
Yark. A good example of "effective" marketing, where we call a "vintage" whiskey hoping to convince some fish to buy it. Nose: Parfum of straw and wet cereals, with ripe pears and something vaguely reminiscent of a latrine. Berk. Palate: Pfffff. Dried cereals, burnt wood and blue liquid chemical toilet. Finale: Stretches on the liquid blue chemical toilet. Well, not as bad as that, but in the same category.

P & M Corsican Single Malt Whiskey 7 years

42% alc./vol.
Limited edition to 3500 copies. The single malt P & M 7 years is obtained by the distillation of the wash, from the Pietra Brewery, it is then raised long years in the cellars of Domaine Mavela. Maturation obtained by the passage in oak barrels of the forest of Tronçais, having previously contained the white wines and muscats of the Gentile domain. First Single Malt Corse, it claims its origins that it draws in the wonderful insular nature, globally recognized as a wild land free from any pollution.

André 91%
Whole nose, raisins, apricots, sherry, oranges, discrete spice flavors, liquorice sensation, very sweet but nuanced with spices. The mouth is beefy, fruitcake, fruit paste, currants and confirms its syrupy texture plump in the mouth. The sweet flavors outweigh the spices but the balance of flavors is perfect, the texture serves as a backdrop to the fruity explosion unveiled in the mouth. After a while, tasty notes of Sugar Crisp cereals, melted caramel and caramelized sugar. The finish is long and supple, complex and perfectly balanced. A surprise, the unexpected.

Patrick 90%
Completely unique! Succulent, complex, warm, the kind of whiskey that keeps my passion for novelties well lit! Nose: Perfume very spicy, sweet and especially completely unique. After a few minutes, rich, ripe and warm fruit also appears. Complex, unique and promising. Palate: Warm, fruity, spicy and grassy, ​​with a very subtle stony note. Final: A little short, but tasty and sweet.

P & M Blend Superior Whiskey

40% alc./vol.

André 78%
Aromas so sweet that alcohol seems superior. Spices of ginger, not bad of citrus too. Unfortunately the texture is bland and diaphanous and a bit vegetal. Well, to be taken to take this, in the absence of anything else, I would do but in the end, it's pretty ordinary.

RV 80%
Disappointing hike in the country of novelty with the strong impression of not reaching its destination. Smell in 2 clouds: the lighter of Muskol, sugar and vanilla, the second much heavier (but farier) grain. In the mouth, the grain is very fresh and sweet, but the slippery texture ensures that it is not mint vodka that I think I have to do. Small presence without grand finale except a bit of heather, the aftertaste of old fruit salad concludes a forgettable experience.

Patrick 69%
Light nose of birch sap, but without sugar. On the palate, the sap explodes on a beautiful minty spice. The finish stretches on mint and a small metallic side. Overall weird ... Not bad, but far from good.

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