DYC Pure Malt

40% alc./vol.
Spanish whiskey

André 75%
A whiskey to be drunk and not tasted that without being unpleasant may only claim to display pure malt. The nose is direct and without too much sophistication; many influences of grains of grain and barrel, one makes in simplicity without flafla, odors easily identifiable and a rate of alcohol which does not abrupt person; malted cereals, honey, vanilla ... here ... The mouth is diluted and without much passion, some menthol notes a little weird in approach, like wet grass, then the same flavors of the nose. Slightly oaky and astringent sensation in the finish of mouth that precipitates the final ... which is not a bad deal in itself in this case. The finish is alcoholic, spicy and astringent. I imagine that with Ginger Ale summer on the terrace in Madrid or Barcelona it must be good, but in the mouth of a North American who lives 8 cold months a year, bin, it is not good…

Patrick 80%
A young whiskey too diluted, but its lightness is probably pleasant under the climate of Spain. Otherwise in cocktail. Nose: Light fragrance marked by wet cereals, some wood, a touch of spice and alcohol. Palate: Wet cereals, burnt wood, some spices. And a lot of water. Final: Short, marked by water and alcohol.

Navazos Palazzi Spanish Whiskey Grain

53.5% alc./vol.
Palo Cortado Single Cask, Cask strength 2014, 285 bottle of 300. Rare aged Spanish whiskey for a period of 4 to 6 years, consisting of a mashbill of 100% Spanish maize aged in Valdespino Palo Cortado barrels.

André 78%
Cross Monument Valley at the end of the day while listening to Chris Cornell sing '' Get yourself a ride and ride it all alone ''. Straight and straight forward, dried cereal grains and vanilla from oak wood, corn and caramel, banana, fleshed fruits, nuts. The whiskey will gain breath for a good quarter of an hour to stabilize the aromas and eliminate some aggressive alcohol. The mouth is spicier and more muscular, it also feels that the alcohol is young and a little fiery, the flavors bring no additional surprise than the one sniffed on the nose except the few berries reminiscent of sherry, notes of coffee at milk maybe. Spicy and peppery finish, dried grains and a sigh of fruity sherry. A performance at the Josée Chouinard (the youngest look for videos on YouTube), a respectable stage entry or the skirt of cereal twirling in the wind before nothing else and it skids on the back. For the experience of the discovery cons, a beautiful trip to the country of Spanish spirits.

Patrick 79%
It starts well, but it ends in fishtail. At first, a delicious dessert, but that was forgotten on the round of the stove, and burnt a little too much. Nose: Intense caramel, vanilla, bananas but especially caramel cream! Is it a whiskey or a dessert? Palate: The caramel cream meets the bourbon! A nice blend of sugar, caramel, vanilla, spices and burnt wood. Finish: Short and dry, marked by burnt wood.

Nomad Outland Whiskey

41.3% alc./vol.
This whiskey born and aged in Scotland - and eventually finished in Jerez in Spain. This unique double aging process violates the SWA rules for the definition of "Scotch": it is therefore a "whiskey" under European law, and not a "Scotch". The spirit is made from 30 Speyside Malt and Grain Whiskeys, aged between 5 and 8. The whiskey is then sent to Jerez, where it undergoes a finish for a minimum of 12 months in Pedro Ximénez barrels, in the cellar of Nomad of González Byass cellars.

André 84%
The sherry of the nose has the same exuberance as Richard Patterson in his whiskey shops. Dried fruits, salted popcorn grains topped with chocolate and melted caramel sold at Burk Barn, a touch of dry sherry and astringent, dried apricots, dates, oranges, vanilla. The texture on the palate is unique, greedy, almost sticky with sugar. The mouth will develop the same elements of the nose. It is very compact and compressed, almost raw and without subtlety as presentation. I am tormented by the feeling of being "cursed that it is drinking well" and "cursed that it is not subtle" ... So, very focused on dried fruits, dates, plums, salted caramel and dryness of sherry. But the overall set is very sticky and syrupy as texture. The finish is very sweet, fruity and long with a spicy and dry retro-olfaction. I have rarely been so ambivalent as to give a note. This whiskey is definitely unique. The typical sherry touch of Patterson is unambiguous, but the lack of general subtlety is a little annoying. By cons, the desire to bang this whiskey glass after glass is strong so it can be enjoyed easily. For whiskey lovers with a sweet tooth, this dessert whiskey is for you!

Patrick 83%
Advertising does not lie, this whiskey is extremely intense in terms of sherry. By cons, it seems that the whiskey is a little too young to be really good. Nose: Sugar and brown sugar, with raisins, ripe fruit and some burnt oak and a nice touch of vanilla. Palate: Always raisins and ripe fruit with a good dose of vanilla and some warm brown sugar. Final: A beautiful and warm length.

W. First Special Reserve

40% alc./vol.
Spanish Whiskey

André 76%
A blend of chocolate flavored with milk chocolate, honey and caramel. We do not have the complexity here ... In the mouth, we diluted the alcohol and the texture is disparate and really diluted. We feel we are still dealing with some kind of alcohol, but the texture is fluid like water, tastes the seasoned water and also boils like water. Caramel, honey, chocolate, nuts. Final slightly fruity, drowned in caramel ... and short and that's fine. A low shelf whiskey, which deserves to remain on the low shelf.

Patrick 81%
A nice surprise from a local "low shelf" whiskey. Nice if you have the taste not to break your head, like when you're on the edge of a Spanish beach! Nose: Aroma of artificial whiskey. Caramel and some mixed cereal notes. Palate: Vrament better in the mouth than what the nose foreshadowed. Barley, spices, oak, some vanilla and some fruit to complete it all. The set is not large, but remains interesting. Finish: Medium length, sweet and marked by cereals.

Martin 74%
Amber malt very general. Nose: Alcohol wave in front of a blast of coffee latte and white chocolate. Still good. A little vanilla and caramel, nothing to shit on the floor. Palate: Texture very tasteless and one-dimensional. Walnut, vanilla and caramel. Chocolate-hazelnut. Curiously reminds me of the kinds of marbled imitations of European Nutella. Final: Quite short, few spices, little cereal, much too much sugar. Balance: I do not really know how they came up with this unusual result, but it almost looks like it's not really a whiskey, much like the Indian After Dark.

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