Teerenpeli Single Malt 8 years old

43% alc./vol.
One of two single malts from Finland. Appearing for the first time on the 2005 market as a single malt aged 3, being available only in restaurants, the distillery now delivers an aged 8 refined in bourbon and sherry casks. The annual production of the distillery is only 10,000 bottles.

André 81%
Fresh nose, grassy, ​​well vanilla and seasoned with lemon. The mouth lacks nuances and refinement, flat texture, oak and dry wood, honey mixed with vanilla extract. Dry and sharp set. Final of good length, with again a guideline of dry wood, toffee and spices.

Patrick 82%
A good whiskey, but its scent makes him lose several points. Finally, complex, and pretty well balanced. Not to the point that I rate it as a very good whiskey, but enough for me to come back in a few years. Nose: Fragrance of moldy herbs, vanilla, oak and some spices. Palate: Beautiful woody and spicy finish, with a slight hint of smoke and honey. Final: Beautiful finish marked by burnt wood.

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