Legendary Reserve - Straw Wine

44% alc./vol.
Whiskey from France. Aged in sherry casks, then finished in straw wine barrels.

Patrick 92%
No surprise here, it tastes what it is. However, I have to admit that my expectations were high, and I'm not disappointed: it's really a superb whiskey that must make a good match for Scots green with envy! And for that price, I did not hesitate and I bought a bottle! Nose: A bewitching fragrance with a unique blend of sherry wine and straw wine. Palate: Always the unique blend of both wines, the whole being very sweet and fruity. Finish: A good length, slightly spicy, sweet and fruity.

The Blessed Bellevoye Triple Malt Black

43% alc./vol.
After Bellevoye Bleu and Bellevoye Rouge, the high-end French 100 whiskey now comes in a third opus: Bellevoye Noir, the first peaty Triple Malt produced in the Hexagon. At the end of an uncompromising blind tasting among some forty French whiskeys, three Single Peat Malts have established themselves as the best, worthy to compose the assembly of this Bellevoye Noir. They come from excellent distilleries located in the North, in Alsace and Lorraine, where the primary breeding took place during six years. After assembly, the Triple malt waited between nine and 12 months in the best barrels of the Bellevoye winery, in Charente, new barrels whose heating was carried out on site.

André 84%
Strangely, it looks a lot like a variant of the red version (Bellevoye and not Jean-Pierre Ferland). The notes of burnt oak are discreet and are a good complement of red fruits, licorice (red and black) and oranges. Appears less sweet than the red edition but sweeter than the average whiskey in general. Beautiful texture on the palate, roasted coffee and charcoal, bitter dark chocolate, red fruits, anise and even her cinnamon and clove spices. Yet peaty, this whiskey is more reminiscent of burnt oak and charcoal than peat smoke. Finale of anise and spice and persistent reminder of burnt oak.

Michel Roofer Cap a Pie

45% alc./vol.

Patrick 89%
An amazing whiskey, which pulls us skillfully in many different directions. The notes of grain whiskey may be displeasing to purists of malt, but lovers of good whiskey will not be wrong. Nose: A typical fragrance of a strong blend of grain whiskey, but also with nice fruity notes coming from aging in sherry casks. Mouth: Oh ... surprising! We first feel the grain whiskey, but it is quickly covered with a fruity malt and a touch of caramel. But the real surprise comes next, with a surprising cloud of smoke. Finale: Of a beautiful length, subtly fruity and smoke.

Roof Rye Double Maturation - Batch 1

43% alc / vol.
Distillery Warenghem. The first French Rye whiskey, this Roof Rye is the child of two regions and two aging methods. Distilled and bred in Brittany, this Rye Whiskey aged 9 years in sherry casks and under the temperate and humid climate of the Armorican peninsula. He then aged two more years, under the dry and sunny climate of Provence, in new barrels, to mark the "American".

André 86%
Classic rye, with its spicy red licorice notes, orange pods, somewhat waxy appearance, fairground toffee apples, rye cereals prominently, hints of caramel and vanilla. The palate is spicy and peppery, red fruits, raisins, cassonnade, licorice, oranges, powerful rye, candle wax, spice cake a little earthy. Medium long finish, very spicy, red fruits, peppery liquorice.

Bastille 1789 Single Malt

43% alc./vol.

Patrick 80%
Yeah ... Not easy to give a note to this whiskey. It's good, but I do not know why, I do not want to use another drink. Probably too sweet. Nose: Fragrance of young sweet malt whiskey marked by cereals and deliciously sweet fruits. Mouth: Oh ... Better than I expected! Very warm sugar, oak, some spices and a nice mix of sweet fruits from different finishes in barrels. Finale: Of a good length, fruity and sweet.

Legendary Reserve

44% alc./vol.
Whiskey from France. Aged in barrels of Cognac and Sauternes, then finished in yellow wine barrels.

Patrick 90%
A superb surprise, with a mixture of unexpected flavors and very pleasant. All at a more than reasonable price, so I can only love. Nose: The original scent of yellow wine, with a surprising touch of smoke. Mouth: Always a nice yellow wine slightly sweet, but with smoke that take more space, and a little spice. Finale: Of a good length, fruity and sweet.

The Blessed Bellevoye Triple Malt Blanc

40% alc./vol.
Composed of three single malt from France (Nord, Alsace, Charente), then refined in Sauternes casks. Not peaty.

André 78%
Nose really closed and embarrassed; white chocolate, pears, vanilla, honey cereals, important contribution of new keg (which I personally do not like very much). Disparate mouth, oranges and nectarine, pears, vanilla, honey, green grapes, almonds. Again a lot of influences of the new barrel ... I pick up ... Final expeditious, fruity and sweet. The choice of bottling at 40% rather than 43% like the Black and Red edition might not be wise.

Patrick 89%
A superb whiskey, tasty and relatively intense, with tantalizing sugar. My favorite Bellevoye to date. Nose: New make sweet, with grass, subtle fruit, barley and a vanilla wave. Palate: Grass, spices, burning white sugar and some wood. Finale: Of a good length, fruity and sweet.

The Blessed Bellevoye Triple Malt Rouge

43% alc./vol.
Composed of three single malt from France (Nord, Alsace, Charente), from a selection of the best casks of Bellevoye. Not peaty.

André 83%
An appetizing dessert whiskey. Black cherries, wild fruits, blood oranges, milk chocolate and wet earth. The mouth is super sweet, maybe even too sweet, oscillating between sugar and fine fresh spices: cherry syrup, Amaretto liquor, simple syrup, honey, vanilla, ground coffee beans, milk chocolate, spices more releves in the final. We also feel the final contribution of the new barrel with its touch of vintage and artisanal flavors. Medium long finish, spices - cinnamon, clove.

Patrick 86%
A very good whiskey, but twice too expensive. Nose: Fragrance of ripe fruit, sugar that starts to burn, honey and flowers quite intense. Palate: Very ripe fruit, brown sugar, spices, flowers and touch of honey. The whole is a bit bitter, complex and appetizing. Finale: Of a good length, with a lot of spices and some fruits and flowers.

The Blessed Bellevoye Triple Malt Blue

40% alc./vol.
Made up of three single malt from France (Nord, Alsace, Charente). Not peaty.

André 81%
Very sweet; puree of pears, pear apple, melon with honey, honey, bananas, a touch of lemon perhaps. Stuffy; diluted ... pears, apple pie, banana split, whipped cream, oranges, green grapes. It's uncluttered and boring. Sweet finish with a touch of spice and pepper. A whiskey blah.

Patrick 81%
A good whiskey, but still too young. If it was half the price, it would still be great. But for curiosity, I like it. Nose: Aromas dominated by the new make, with grass, spices and a very subtle little fruit. Palate: Light fruit, a little spice and always the new make. Final: Of a beautiful length, spicy and marked by the new make.

Armorik Master of Chai

46% alc./vol.
Single Malt, distilled in July 2010, aged in # 3320 and 3321 oloroso sherry casks. Limited edition to 2000 bottles

Patrick 91%
Impressive, especially since I never liked the whiskeys of this distillery, I expected the worst. But here, I will even buy a bottle on the field, especially as the price / quality ratio is excellent. Nose: Appetizing scent of shortbread biscuits with a touch of wild berry jam. Palate: Captivating, with fruit and a surprising enveloping smoke and a surprising but delicious note of leather. Wow. Final: Of a beautiful length, smoke and especially spicy.

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