Frysk Hynder Single Malt

48% alc./vol.
Malt type: Barley, Distilled 04-06-07, Bottled 07-10-14 from Cognac cask #70C, bottle 448

André 35%
Seriously, a generous 35%. For those of you who say "simonac, look at all the good whiskeys they eat," here is an evaluation that will show that this is not always a pleasure. Cherry on the sundae, after spending a week of shit and sitting in the evening to evaluate a whiskey and fall on ... this ... eee ... pitiful beverage for just being bottled is already nonsense, to jeopardize consumers in this way and that "this" succeeds in passing all the sanitation tests, is to ask if there are people who have done their job correctly. On the nose, cherry-flavored flu syrup (it's certain that even the flu parasite will not survive), purple rotted grapes topped with caramel, cereal grains dipped in a grind of fruit juice. Holy shit ... The mouth recalls the bile following a good swallow of vomit in the toilet, you know when you emptied your stomach and that the high the heart are so powerful that you have the impression that both sides of your stomach touch each gastric reflux, cherry syrup hyper fruit, purple grapes, fruit cake. Finale ... I can not tell you about it, because I tried everything to remove the "remaining" flavors that I had in my mouth. This whiskey is in the list for the most infamous whiskey palm ever evaluated on this site. I did not think that evaluating whiskey was a risky hobby ...

Millstone Barrel Proof Rye - KWM Cask

53.2% alc / vol.
Distilled 01 / 2012, Bottled 14 / 07 / 2017 Cask #1577, Bottle #119 of 139.

André 79%
Phew, that's special ... At the beginning I had in mind a whiskey flavored with orange peel and spices, whiskey type pre-mixed for cocktails. The red-licorice rye accents, which are a bit dusty, blend with the aromas of orange pods and citrus fruit. The mouth is soft and plump, it has the texture of an orange liqueur. Quickly after ingesting, the surging wave of flavors associated with rye arrives quickly; Black licorice, apple peel, cinnamon, clove, spearmint, sharp feel and dusty earth, then the texture becomes waxy and really weird. This is not unpleasant but the guideline is hard to follow. The finish is long, spicy and also offers a good pepper kick.

Millstone - Oloroso Sherry

46% alc./vol.
Dutch Single Malt

Patrick 79%
A succulent perfume, but it spoils in the mouth. I like a touch of sherry in my whiskey, but here, it gives the impression of being the opposite, a sherry with a touch of whiskey. Nose: Wow! Superb fruity caramel, with a touch of burnt wood. The whole is extremely sweet. Mouth: We swear we are dealing with a cheap brandy so the whiskey is fruity and sweet. A subtle spicy note reminds us that this is a whiskey. Finish: Medium length, sweet, fruity and woody.

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