Amrut Spectrum 004 - Batch 001

50% alc./vol.
April 2017. Aged initially for 3 years in bourbon casks, this version was then refined into an oak barrel made from five different types of wood: new French oak barrel, new American oak barrel, new oak barrel Spanish, Oloroso sherry cask and Pedro Ximenez sherry cask. Limited edition of 1800 bottles.

André 90.5%
Look more like wine cask than cask sherry, more tannic, almost earthy, intense and bold as an approach. Plums, raisins, wild fruits, vinous, black cherries, bitter chocolate, cinnamon. What balance of elements, a lot of variety in the aromatic palette but nothing that takes over the whole. The mouth texture ... just wow ... Very silky, oily, a lot of mouth coating. Fruit cake, oranges, cherries, grapes, plums, red licorice, chocolate, pepper, cinnamon, bag of natural leather, earthy accent a bit raw, tannic too, at the limit a bit of austerity. Then caramel heated in the pan. Spicy and peppery finish, tannic too, powerful and persistent.

Amrut Double Indian Cask Unpeated Barley

46% alc./vol.
Ex bourbon Cask #3451 June 2009, Ex PX Sherry Cask #3802 May 2010, bottled August 2016. It is in the South of India, in the region of Karnataka that this whiskey has benefited from an aging in tropical climate. This edition of Amrut Double Cask comes from the assembly of an ex bourbon cask and a port cask: the 3451 drum and the 3802 cask.

André 87%
Bold and compact nose, a little edgy on spices. Spicy fruit, dark chocolate, wet leather, fruit paste, Raisin Brand raisins, dried dates, ginger, caramelized toffee, orange peels. In contrast to the nose a little frank, the arrival in the mouth is very silky and tender, but changes quickly for something more spicy and peppery, the nose becomes more greedy on the fruit paste. The notes of cereals are also more present in the mouth and are wrapped in hot honey and dark chocolate topped with caramel in the pan. Finale dominated by caramel with hints of dried fruit dipped in chocolate.

Patrick 90%
A superb whiskey of a burning intensity as only (or almost!) Amrut knows how to do, thanks to its tropical climate. I love, the kind of bottle that every serious amateur should have at home! In any case, I want one! Nose: Rich scent of ripe fruit, dark chocolate and burnt wood. Warm and appetizing. Taste: Extremely warm and sweet, with dark chocolate, very ripe fruit and quite intense burnt wood. Finale: Marked by burnt wood that stretches long minutes in the mouth.

Amrut Fusion - Batch #63

50.6% alc./vol.
Batch #63 - September 2017

Patrick 92%
A superb whiskey, rich, very complex, superbly balanced. All I like in a whiskey seems to be there. If it was a Scotch, we would easily charge a few hundred dollars more for such a bottle! Nose: Sherry and peat smoke, mixed in a haunting way, with a touch of vanilla. Taste: Rich and tasty, sherry, smoke, burnt oak, caramel and some spices. Finale: Fruity and sweet, with beautiful warm spices.

André 90%
Beautiful honeyed cereals, citrus, pineapple, lemon, chocolate and peat smoke set back. The palate is powerful, more spice than in the nose, notes of cereals, honey, vanilla, red fruits, citrus, oranges, pineapple, chocolate and smoke. Superb balance, superb texture, Honey Comb cereal. Peppery and smoked finish, spicy and sweet too.

Paul John Peated Select Cask Batch 001

55.5% alc./vol.
Paul John Peated Select Cask is produced under the tropical climate of India where the angels share peaks around 12% each year. It is part of the range "Select" whose barrels are rigorously selected and bottled in barrel. This single malt illustrates the sumptuousness of the city of Goa with its rolling hillsides on the edge of the Indian Ocean.

André 85.5%
Initially, the whiskey offers more notes of malted cereals and chocolate than peat. The nose is strangely soothing for such a beefy alcohol level. Many notes of caramel and toffee, almost sugar cane. The mouth finally reveals its aromas of peat, not phenolic, just smoke of the beach fire style almost extinguished in the morning drizzle, buxom caramel and honey notes, hazelnuts in the pan. Sweet finish but sprinkled with spices that nuance this whiskey may be a little too flat. Beautiful fruity retro-olfaction drowning in successive waves of slightly earthy peat. A pleasant whiskey that surprises with its softness and roundness.

Patrick 92%
A superb rich, complex and especially intense whiskey! Watch out, this is Paul John! Nose: Beautiful peat smoke with a touch of brown sugar and charcoal. Intense and beautiful. Palate: Tasty spicy and intense smoke. All is complemented by tasty spices. Finale: Stretch for a long time on a superb spicy peat smoke.

Antiquary Blue

37.5% alc./vol.
Batch # 009 / 10, Sept.2014.
Blend of Scotch, malt and Indian grain spirits.

Patrick 37%
I hope there will never be a free trade agreement with India that would allow these disgusting dung to enter freely here. YAAAAAAARK! Nose: Leafy and fruity fragrance, with hints of caramel and especially the typical chemical touch of Indian whiskeys. Mouth: After having reminded my wife of the number of the Center Anti-Poison, I dive: Chemical, spicy arrival and, with a little imagination and good will, fruity. Well, that's it, I have a stomach ache (without joke!). But I'm still alive! Finish: Medium length, with burnt wood notes drowned by chemical garbage.

Three Royals Special Reserve

37.5% alc./vol.
Batch #05, Sept.2014.
Blend of Scotch, malt and Indian grain spirits.

Patrick 72%
Good? Not really. Or rather, really not. But we are not talking about a disgusting whiskey anyway. I would be curious to see the effect of a longer aging. Nose: Mix of cereals, fruits, caramel and, it was to be expected, chemical plant releases. Moreover, this little chemical side far from pleasant seems to express itself more and more distinctly as the glass breathes. In short, to drink at pc Bouche: I find there certainly chemicals, but also a nice note of smoke, spicy oak and a hint of fruit. Finish: Long, smoke and spicy.

Amrut Single Cask • Sherry Cask SAQ

62.8% alc./vol.
# 3516 sherry cask, August 2010-July 2014, 90 bottles, SAQ exclusivity.

André 88%
Nose greedy and round, the sherry casket well highlighted and enhanced with spices. Raisins, cherries, oranges, cinnamon and cloves. The discreet alcohol on the nose is on the other hand strong in the mouth, this one coupled with the spices multiplies the sharp sensation versus the sweet fruity flavors (oranges, cherries). I find that whiskey loses its roundness with this powerful alcohol, fruity sherry, dried fruit, dark chocolate, flavors of cherry liquorice and dates can not even mitigate the effects. The finish is long, fruity, and spicy. A sherry monster, powerful and alcoholic.

Patrick 87%
A superb whiskey, as intense as the climate that gave birth to it. Nose: Very warm and vinous, on a woody background. Palate: A syrupy texture, marked by a spicy and unctuous wine, covering a board of burnt oak. Alcohol does not seem too intense at first, but gains strength quickly. Finish: Long, spicy and tasty. Alcohol, constantly gaining strength, gives us a few sweats, giving us the impression of being presently in southern India.

Martin 91.5%
Amber orange more intense but barely the bourbon cask. Nose: Sherry fowl, dates, oak, tobacco leaf, juicy tannins, spices, cocoa even bearing on Lindt chocolate truffle. With a little vinous side that would work well with some cheeses, it is a bottling that equals many Scottish sherry breaks. Palate: Caramel and vanilla, dates, prunes, tobacco and sherry thoroughly, before being caught by the spices of its degree in alcohol, which does not seem all that aggressive. Finale: Oak board full of sherry and tangy shiraz. Strong and spicy notes leaving us in a beautiful heat. Balance: Excellent example of Sherry Cask Strength. At times the Scots are right to have the dog.

Amrut Single Cask • Sherry Cask LCBO

56.5% alc./vol.
# 2096 sherry cask, June 2009-January 2014, 115 / 120 bottle, exclusive to LCBO.

André 87.5%
Color announcing the drum used. Nose that surprises by its fruity roundness. It will also be patient and let the whiskey inhale an 10-15 minutes to let the alcohol evaporate a little and extirpate the aromas. Red fruits, cherries, crushed grapes, a little winey twist and languorous texture, sprinkled with spices (cinnamon first) relatively soft. Beautiful sweetness despite the alcohol, the conjunction of sweet flavors softens the alcohol, which will be more felt in the final will be long, spicy and warm.

Patrick 89%
A very good whiskey that offers "sweetness" and softness to the power "cask strenght". Nose: I smell sherry and juicy fruit at over 2 meters from my glass! Intense! So, red fruits, cherries, rather ripe red grapes, old sherry and intense sugar. Palate: Fruit wave and very warm sherry. Texture very oily mouth. A few spicy oak planks complete the whole. Final: Long, intense and warm.

Single Cask Amrut • Bourbon Cask SAQ

60% alc./vol.
Bourbon Cask #3450, June 2009-July 2014, 120 bottles, SAQ exclusivity.

André 82%
Nose pleasantly fruity with well-stocked cereals and flavors brought by the bourbon cask (honey, caramel a little burnt ... on the edge of the toffee). Rectilinear and the whiskey flattens out the more time it takes to breathe. Not so powerful that one might have thought it in the mouth, tropical fruits (papaya, honey melon, cataloup), honey, caramel and a slight woody a little pointed mouth final. Tapered and alcoholic finish, coupled with a flurry of sharp spices. Final eternal and sustained. I am ambivalent about this traffic jam. On one side I do not find any major flaws but I also find that it does not have the hook of many traffic jams of this distillery.

Patrick 79%
No matter the quality of the orchestra, it is always the small false note that will hold our attention. Pity. Nose: Sweet sweet scent of cherry caramel with a subtle woody note. Palate: Beautiful oily texture with spicy notes of burnt oak. The spices rise in crescendo, until unfortunately reaching a false sulphurous note. Final: The sulphurous note stretches for a long time, without catching its breath.

Martin 87%
Dark orange, marked by the maturation of some Indian summers. Nose: Sweet burnt caramel and barley, but do not pass in silence some bourbonnesque notes such as vanilla, oak and corn. Fragrance wave of fennel. Palate: Very rich and syrupy texture, with thick caramel, vanilla, oak, juicy fruit, barley sugar. Finale: Cinnamon and other hot spices of its alcohol content transport us to notes of wood, candied fruit, light vanilla. Balance: A great experiment for the distillery and our state monopoly. Even if its price is more or less good, it remains a cask bourbon relatively surprising.

Amrut Kadhambam

50% alc./vol.
Batch 5 - July 2014) Aged in barrels of rum, sherry and brandy.

André 90%
Spicy nose at first and then rounded with fruity elements very intense; cantaloupe, melon with honey, oranges, caramel and toffee, all encased in spice. Breathing honey cereals. The mouth is rich and robust, the alcohol level is still discreet, crushed fruit, purple grapes, it is juicy and attractive as a whole and the wave of spices in the final mouth gives a little twist really intense with very fruity mouth. Long and fruity finish, enhanced with spices but offering nice honeycombs. Superb!

Patrick 89%
A very good whiskey for an evening in good company or, alone, in a cottage lost in the bottom of the wood! Nose: Whiskey marked by oak and cereals. Definitely very woody. Palate: Oak and barley remind us of an old barn where the grain is drying. The whole is wrapped in a delicious caramel slightly spicy and fruity. In fact, the fruits are much more subtle than I expected, given the aging in sherry and brandy barrels. Final: Of a beautiful length and rather sweet.

Martin 88.5%
Ray of honey rich and deeply orange. Nose: Dusty oak marked by a strong cereal and a hint of peat barely perceptible. Traces of young molasses in the distance. Palate: Pleasant texture in the mouth, the cereals gently leave the barrel express on notes of wood and dried fruits. A light salted caramel takes us to a pile of spices. We find it a little more mature here. Final: Back on a grain a little bland as well as oak and a handful of fruit a little juicier. Balance: Very nice shot Amrut, but you used me better.

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