Eimverk Distillery Floki Icelandic Young Malt 1st Edtion

47% alc./vol.
Barrel #24, bottle #180, 2016. The Eimverk distillery located in Garðabær, near Reykjavik, is a family business established since 2009. Under the aegis of master distiller Egill Gauti Thorkelsson, 4 barrels of "Icelandic young malt" were produced and marketed under their brand name "Flóki", exclusively available in duty-free shops in the country. Barley is dried with sheep manure, used extensively in the country since time immemorial for smoking meat and fish. The stills of the distillery are heated by geothermal energy thanks to the abundant volcanic hot springs available. In November 2016, after the period of research of the good "recipe" (163 tests before finding "LA" final recipe) and the 3 years necessary for the maturation of whiskey, the first "Flóki Icelandic Single Malt" matured in barrels of bourbon will be bottled. However, production will be limited to 500 bottles of 50 cl numbered, grading 40%. The name "Flóki" comes from a viking explorer who gave the name of Iceland to the country in 847. This spirit is aged for a period of 1 to 2 years in fresh american oak barrel medium toast & char level.

André 72.5%
Having finished not long ago the series Vikings, I thought it was probably the right time for me, being in the mood, to try this bottle that was hanging for over a year in the whiskey room. Singular ... Initially, many influences of the new barrel, agricultural side, biological and micro-distillery very pronounced. Vanilla, pepper, wet cereal grains, dried hay. I must admit that I had the image of the animal droppings at first impressions but that I found it too bastard to write it, but after reading that the barley is dried with sheep dung, well I have to confess that that's what it tastes and feels. The palate is more fruity, like oranges and peppermint, pineapple, pears too, finely spiced, green grass, pout of cereals with a small bite of dried oak. I emptied the shed recently to clean it and found the winter bed of the bellette that I saw passing from time to time on the ground. Well, that smell of animal fur a little dirty reminds me of some of the biological flavors that always come back in the foreground. The finish is orange and fruity, sprinkled with notes of sliced ​​pineapple and new oak grapes, cereals and animals very weirdo. I admit that I am destabilized, not necessarily in the good sense of the word but hey I think this spirit is just as unique as Iceland can claim.

Patrick 65%
To make an original whiskey, you just have to want it. To make a good whiskey, it's definitely not so obvious. I guess I can find it cool to have tasted some manure with this whiskey. Or maybe not. Nose: Woooooh ... It's special. Maybe it's sheep manure? In any case, it's agricultural. Like a barn, wet cereals, hay and manure or almost dry compost. Anyway, that does not make you want to taste it. Palate: A compost of bananas, lemons, pears, oranges, grass and oak, with a sick little animal side. Finish: Long, and carried on a mixture of citrus fruits, cereals and purine.

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