Golani Israeli Whiskey

40% alc./vol.
Produced by Golan Heights distillery in Israel, this whiskey made from wheat and barley and water from the Eden source ... This '' whiskey '' of about 1 year is aged in 3 varieties of casks; new American Oak, Oak Chardonnay and Cabarnet Oak and certified Kacher under the supervision of Rav Levi Yoseph Shimon, Rabbi of Katzrin ...

André 73%
Just read the description and our sausages from Rabi Jacob want to relax. Come on, let's dive into this nectar worthy of Eden ... On the nose, strong cereals, like beer in fermentation, green grapes and green wood essences, a touch of citrus and virgin oak. Alcohol is very present on the nose and it does not take long to confirm the youth of the said liquid. The mouth is frank on alcohol and the spirited youth of the whiskey, the notes of green wood are very present and mix with notes of red fruits and citrus. I still have the image of green grapes and green wood in the mouth as well as cereals, white wine. The set is very straight and the range of flavors limited. Final (welcome) is tasteless and alcoholic and agricultural and very '' farmhouse ''. Thanks to PL for this discovery (not super nice as a whiskey must be admitted) but what a rare and unique whiskey opportunity. Final note 73, in memory of the Yom Kippur war.

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