Puni Alba - Batch No 02 - 2015 - Marsala & Islay Casks

43% alc./vol.
Aged 3 years, so this is the very first Italian whiskey!

André 76%
I have not at all in Patrick's craze for this bottle, which, by its name, attracted me greatly. Agricultural nose and craft distillery, experimental; notes of malted barley, red berries, grapes & plums, citrus fruits, we can also smell a bit of sea salt in the background and a diffuse smoke far away, but do not expect something defined as a whiskey peaty Islay nose ... The mouth is spicy and salty, smoke also sparingly, fruit notes, honey, ginger, sea spray, pepper. The texture is a little bland and erased, the whole lack of punch and structure even if the experimentation has something interesting. Final very short, ephemeral in the flavors and its general texture. A marketing move?

Patrick 89%
A unique and superb whiskey, but that will not please everyone: The flavors are very intense and clash in a non-orthodox way. Certainly, it will not leave you indifferent! Finally, 3 years is young, especially when you know that the master distiller has in mind to produce a whiskey 20 years! Finally, no matter what you think of whiskey, this distillery should be part of your top 5 to visit. Nose: Succulent perfume dominated by delicious red fruits, with a touch of clove and old wood. Palate: Spectacular evolution of flavors in the mouth: To begin, the marsala, vinous, marked by ripe fruit and clove, then the whole evolves to a fairly intense peat smoke, ending in the burnt wood spices . Finish: Long and tasty, marked mainly by spices, a little peat smoke, and subtly marsala.

Puni Pure - New Make

43% alc./vol.

Patrick 84%
Tasty, warm and intense, we swear that this new make was not diluted to 43%. It's off to the people of Puni. Nose: Fresh and invigorating scent with hints of pepper, mint and wet cereals. Palate: a beautiful spicy malt which reveals some sweeter flavors after a few seconds. The texture in the mouth is much more oily than one would expect from a new make diluted to 43%. Finish: Short and peppery.

Puni Red - 6 months

40% alc./vol.

Patrick 86%
The people of Puni chose to show us through their "avant-premieres" that they knew how to master the basis of making a whiskey. This demonstration now accomplished with brilliance, rest assured that the best to come. Nose: Appetizing sweet and fruity scent, with very delicate woody notes and a nice touch of vanilla. After a few moments when we let our glass breathe, we also detect a subtle touch of citrus. Palate: The new make is not far, but it's still sweet and tasty. Cereals slightly spicy and sweet, with nice fruity notes and a touch of citrus, some twigs of grass and a drop of honey. After two-three sips, we also detect beautiful woody notes. Final: a little short, marked by herbs and citrus fruits.

Puni Alba 2015 • 30 months

43% alc./vol.
The first limited edition of the transalpine Italian malt single, Puni Alba, has been aged between six months and three years in oak barrels that previously contained Sicilian marsala, South Tyrol pinot noir and Pantellaria zibibbo. The sole representative of Italian whiskey, the Puni distillery uses three cereals for the production of its single malt: malted barley, rye and wheat grown locally.

André 81.5%
Artisanal design (in the good sense of the word), strongly influenced by the barrel too. Fresh and volatile nose, strawberries, honey covering a bed of vanilla, citrus and lemon, candied oranges, ripe pears, berries. The spicy mouth slices with the nose rather sweet. Cloves, ginger and pepper, mixing with wild fruits, from which the barrel flavors are quite pronounced. The gradual evaporation of alcohol allows the toffee and caramel notes to titillate our nostrils a bit. Even the notes of oranges and citrus find their place in the whole, having been muzzled by the notes of spices. The finish is well-balanced, sweet and fruity, sprinkled with spice and hints of oak.

Patrick 88%
A superb "almost whiskey" (almost because it has not yet reached the minimum legal age of 3 years to be called whiskey) but it is already better than many Scotches over 10 years! His only fault, forgiven given his young age, is at the level of the final we want longer, as this spirit is delicious! Nose: Smooth fragrance marked by malt, sugar, fruits, vanilla and honey. In any case, on the nose, it is more appetizing than many Scotch tape Speyside! Mouth: Always sugar, cereals and fruits, all giving us a nice warm impression. After a few sips, we detect subtle notes of burnt wood. Final: A little short, but still delicious.

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