Playboy Whiskey

34.2% alc./vol.
Himalayan Distillery, Raxual, Nepal. A blended of imported Scotches and "premium spirits" ...

André Sacrament ...
Rubbing alcohol and paint products. No texture, taste, or retro ... niet, nothing .... With this traffic jam, India delivers as much quality as calls outsourced to it. The Playboy that comes out to use as a "pussy magnet" is cooked ...

RV 50%
Taste even less than Aqua Panna. Is it diluted to 20-30% alcohol? It looks like an Irish plate cut in flat water. Grassy final with juniper, in the style of an un-aged vodka but with dye. This drink does not really deserve the name of the whiskey. If at least the little taste he had was okay, but with his just tolerable gin, an old Bombay Sapphire trailing on the shelf in the midday sun since 5 would probably be more alive and appreciable. And if you want to add a few drops of water, make sure that it is perfectly distilled otherwise it could camouflage the rest.

Patrick 60%
Nose turpentine light ... is it a whiskey? Rear taste of an age-old 6 whiskey cut with too much water. Makes me think of a base of alcohol to which one adds a flavor of whiskey, gin or vodka according to the request of the customer ... As already seen in a bar more or less legal beauceron ... Reminds me my first experiences with alcohol to 15 years, where the effect was more important than the taste ...

Mount Everest Whiskey

42.8% alc./vol.
Here is 15 already, the Glasgow McClelland distillery produced the first bottles of Mount Everest in collaboration with the Shree distillery of Kathmandu.

André 71%
Nose of grain whiskey and neutral alcohol. In the glass, it sticks to the walls and gives the impression that one is about to drink a glass of colorless oil. Very sweet nose (Canadian whiskey style) but without great personality, especially focused on the intake of alcohol ... It is very "basic" as whiskey. The finish is also on notes of grains and cereals. No texture in the mouth and we are looking for a final and an aftertaste worthy of the name. The ideal ally for drunk Sherpas at a cheap price. A simple curiosity.

RV 77%
No. What more pocket in the Glenmo golden nectar, sweet bread not unpleasant but nothing more, with chive after taste. It feels the not clean. On the palate, viscous and following in the almost moldy bread but sugar and final half between bad bread dough and bad Japanese whiskey. Nothing very missed but it does not guarantee success either.

Patrick 78%
On the nose, sweet and wet white bread. Clove and onion touch. In the mouth, very sweet arrival, to the point of confusing it with a dessert alcohol, recalling an imitation (too) cheap sauternes. In retro, recall for a few moments a Canadian whiskey. The final, very sweet, is rather short. Fortunately. A little too sweet for my taste, but very original. Try to think outside the box, but also to remind us why some trails are more popular.

Gill Marry

34.2% alc./vol.
Matured Malt & Scotch Whiskey, Sumy Distillery, Nepal.

André 73%
Always this neutral alcohol paired with squares of sugar and vanilla. The nose is bad to shit; cheap alcohol. In fact, the nose is so poor that we can only be surprised by the arrival in the mouth which is pleasant, textural and pleasantly soft, but it offers on the other hand as nothing more than the nose ... no surprises . Finly vaporous, sweet, finely spiced and with a cereal flavor. No unpleasant aftertaste but also without distinction. I did my part of humanitarian aid for this week. Done on the check listing ...

RV 80%
Is there something in the glass? There is a colored liquid but the dye seems odorless. To taste, warmer, slightly caramelized with a taste that rises quietly without reaching notorious peaks. In the final, a little Canadian rye with brown sugar, not unpleasant. This is a little girl of 6 who tries to sing her last nursery rhyme learned with an extinction of voices in an open bar of Hell's Angels, one evening that Poignard is particularly in form and voice.

Patrick 76%
Sent the industrial floor detergent. In fact, the kind of detergent that is no longer used anywhere because the union has filed a complaint. In the mouth, very sweet, cheap corn and subtle touch of fruit. In the finish, the fruity side seems to want to be noticed, but the sweet alcohol flavor takes over. No major mistakes, but you will not make a mistake either by leaving it on the shelf. If all the whiskey always tasted like that, I would stop buying some!

McDowell's No1

42.8% alc./vol.
Blend of Scotch and Malt Malt Malt.

André 72.5%
Metallic oranges, grains reminiscent of the rye of some Canadian whiskeys swimming in a bath of alcohol, oranges and lemon. This volatile mixture eventually leaves the smell of molasses and caramel and tobacco pouch. On the palate, it displays lack of structure and leaves as a meager legacy of its thin presence a spicy shake accompanied by dried cereals. Sweet and orange finish.

RV 78.5%
Unknown support actor. Second anonymous role. Canadian on the nose with a small background of rye and old leather; it does not start at the bottom of the box but not necessarily bad. Very caramelized on the tongue, the wood is felt more. Finally, in the final we find the old leather that whips by its acidity. A bit too traditional.

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