New Zealand Malt Whiskey Company - Doublewood 10 years old

40% alc./vol.

André 86%
Apple caramel, candied orange, sherry, various fruits. The nose is attractive and inviting. The syrupy mouth offers a pleasant texture but is only the extension of the nose, without too big variants. Oranges are a little too present for my taste in the mouth, but the creamy texture accentuated by the grapes is really well presented. The finish will amaze with its length in the mouth and the contribution of allspice and pepper. A beautiful dram, affordable in addition, presented without much pretension.

Patrick 92%
The best compliment for a whiskey is to quickly empty the bottle, which applies here! An excellent dram, I can not believe that this distillery was destroyed. I do not know what they drink in New Zealand, but if it's better than that, it must be good in cursed! Nose: Delicious fragrance of sweet wine, with a hint of burnt-spiced oak. Extremely appetizing. Palate: The wine is still sweet, but also very warm. Everything is obviously a good dose of delicately spicy wood. Final: A beautiful and warm length.

South Island 18 Single Malt

42.2% alc./vol.
Distilled in 1993 and bottled in 2011. Distilled from the late Willowbank distillery, this single malt was originally named Lammerlaw Single Malt. The distillery, formerly under Seagrams, was shut down in 2000 before the owners of the time (Fosters) dismantled the whole thing and sent the stills to Fiji to produce rum. At closing, there were 600 cases of Willowbank Whiskey from which this bottle comes.

André 82%
A nice nose of pleasant freshness, with notes of dried fruit, honey and toffee. Floral interesting style spearmint, mixed with spices, apricots, oranges, a lot of sugar and vanilla. Surprisingly, it's a very nice blend and the 40% Alcohol helps make it all very approachable. On the palate, it reveals notes of honey and toffee, embellished with white sugar. Final relatively strong given the low alcohol level. All in all, a well-built whiskey that also focuses on the safety of well-known items.

Patrick 90%
Nose: Malt, wet wood and smoke tip. Particular. Palate: Smoke more intense than the nose could not predict. The finish is marked by smoke and ash, followed by notes of barley, citrus and swampy peat. Final: Very long, smoke and ashes, like the campfire found smoking the next morning. Balance: A beautiful complexity, a unique assembly. With a few more degrees of alcohol, this whiskey would have been extraordinary. It still remains well above average. What a loss this distillery.

Martin 78%
Pale color of barely golden straw. Nose: A wind of hops as it emerges when you enter La Barberie on a Thursday afternoon. Berries, bubble gum and cotton candy. Banana touch with a light leather smoke. Palate: Sugar cooked with an air of leather that fades quietly. Very sweet, according to a whiskey of this age. Finale: Smoke from saw blade or wood chips. Like in a sawmill or at the shoemaker's. Very interesting length. Balance: Nice effort from New Zealand, but a little too disparate to be worthy of the Gondor.

Milford Single Malt

43% alc./vol.
Wilson Distillery, Dunedin, New Zealand, closed in 2000.

André 78%
Taste minty at the end, but final too steep, like the mountains of New Zealand.

RV 80%
Burnt caramel, plasticized (not vinyl). Final very short, except a little sherry. A little sugar in the long run.

Patrick 81%
Burnt caramel, indeed. Burnt wood. Oak. Vinyl? A little sherry and toffee. A little minty.

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