Pendery Gold Line Sherrywood Welsh Single Malt

46% alc./vol.

Patrick 79%
Almost good. Almost. Nose: Delicate scent of sherry, with hints of milk chocolate. Mouth: Ok, as always with Penderyn, it's on the palate that it takes the edge. It starts with beautiful notes of aged whiskey in a sherry barrel, then we have the typical metal notes of the distillery. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by fruits and metal.

Pendery Gold Line Madeira Welsh Single Malt

46% alc./vol.
The flagship of the Penderyn distillery's single malts, the Madeira from the Welsh Gold range presents a new face! Distilled in a unique alambic designed by David Faraday, it is first aged in bourbon casks before maturing in Madeira casks. Penderyn, which means Welsh Bird Head, is a small distillery founded in 1998 that started production in 2000.

André 82%
Bananas, small pastry with almonds and pears, pineapple, residual sugar, a lot of vanilla too. Strangely, the mouth is drier and astringent, good dose of cinnamon, still the pastry with pears and almonds, vanilla and heated caramel. Nice creaminess. Finish spicy and dry, medium in length, big mixture of ginger and cinnamon with a good sugar content in the background. This whiskey offers beautiful flavors but lacks the hook to make it an exceptional whiskey.

Patrick 77%
Another whiskey a little missed by Penderyn. Pfffff. Nose: Fragrance rather light, with some fruits, a touch of vanilla and red apples. Palate: The finish in the mouth is sweet, fruity and spicy, but everything is quickly washed away by a wave of metal typical of this distillery. Final: Of a good length, but worn on the metal.

Pendery Celt Peated Welsh Single Malt

41% alc./vol.
Corrected at 40.5% by the SAQ. Refining in casks containing peated whiskey.

André 86.5%
Bananas, pears, pineapples, oranges, Bazooka gum, light peat, tropical fruit salad. The nose is very pleasant and the sweetness of the flavors gives a nice place to the peat, medicinal but that does not hog the nose too much. The palate is peaty and offers lots of flesh, pineapple and banana fruit from which emerges a good dose of earthy and peppery peat, notes of chocolate too. Once ingested, the peat dissolves slowly but steadily. The finish is sweet and long, smoky and chocolatey. The best Penderyn I have tasted so far. The backbone of the flavors of the distillery matches the notes of male peat without denaturing the essence. A beautiful discovery, at a good price.

Patrick 84%
A good whiskey well built, and who manages to satisfy thanks to its light peat smoke which must hide the usual defects of this distillery. In short, if you want to have a whiskey from this distillery in your collection, this one would be good! Nose: Fresh scent marked by citrus fruits and a hint of smoke evanescent peat. Palate: A beautiful whiskey well presented, with delicate notes of smoke, fresh and spicy wood and citrus. Finale: Of a beautiful length, with a beautiful smoke that stretches for our greatest pleasure.

Penderyn Portwood

41% alc./vol.

Martin 83.5%
Pink orange as expected from its finish. Nose: Barley does not lie and is shown from the start, mixed with a funny caramelized sugar and a lot of juicy red fruits. Palate: A mellow bottom of new make weaves the weave, helped by raspberries, blackberries, spices and oak. Final: We go down in beauty on the flavors and aromas expressed previously. Balance: Its finish brings only qualities, and it is the final that benefits the most. Unfortunately it is the basic spirit that is lacking. Even the best Penderyn I've drunk, to date.

Penderyn Myth

41% alc./vol.
Penderyn Myth is the only single malt from the Welsh distillery to be aged exclusively in old Bourbon (American oak) barrels.

André 80%
Nose a little sharp marked by the notes of dry wood and a little greenish, pears, vanilla, citrus, green apples, limoncello? The mouth develops strange notes of menthol and Eucalyptus-flavored sweets, perhaps even hints of earthy peat, which topple the fruity notes of citrus and pears, lemon tartlets and almonds, pineapple. Very strange mint finish, also combining tropical fruits and greenish notes reminiscent of eucalyptus. A whiskey without too much guideline and the arrangement of questionable flavors.

Patrick 82%
A Penderyn far superior to the usual average of the distillery, that is to say correct, without more. Nose: Tropical fruits, citrus fruits, herbs and a touch of vanilla. Fresh and sweet. Palate: Some spices, flowers, a little citrus, herbs and a surprising bitterness. Bright and light. Finish: Medium length, stretching on grassy notes.

Penderyn Single Cask Bourbon Matured

63.2% alc./vol
Drum #B227, 6 bottle 238.

André 77%
Wine guns, pineapple, citrus, almost hints of Sauternes, pan-fried pears, apples, bananas, vanilla and honey. The nose reminds me of the Teeling 21 years on some flavors. In the mouth, it's very different; very spicy and carried on dry oak, peppered with excess, it seems that the flavors have turned a little and it seems to come from the barrel. The alcohol is well felt, powerful, spicy and peppery even if it leaves room for more sweet flavors (honey, vanilla, Sauternes wine) and apple pie, a toffee hot caramel. The finish is peppery and strongly enhanced by spices and alcohol. Not impressed again, for the asking price it is the final disappointment until the checkout.

Patrick 84%
Far superior to all the Penderyn I have ever tasted, which makes it an "average" whiskey. For more than 700 $ the bottle, we are talking about the flight of the century (or "typo" of the century, like 70 $, it would be reasonable). How to identify a con? Simple, he bought one of these bottles. Nose: Very sweet and fruity fragrance. In fact, we swear to be dealing with calvados! Taste: Sweet, fruity, with ripe and sweet yellow apples. All is complemented by a touch of barley oak spices. The set seems pretty young, reminding me of a new make corn. Finish: A nice length, warm, fruity and slightly spicy.

Penderyn Legend

41% alc./vol.

André 75%
Like many other reviewers including Patrick, I believe that this whiskey will not go down in history, but for my part, I will be less dithyrambic than my peers and confess that this edition 's pleasantly surprised. It is true that my previous reviews were from far and were not very positive ... so here: It takes a little patience and let the whiskey breathe a good 10 minutes before sizer a little more. The nose is creamy and sweet and well vanilla, honey lozenges, mashed bananas. A nose that could almost be confused with some Irish whiskeys, light and clean. Beautiful notes of red fruits and honey lozenges on the palate, but the textured texture is much too fluid and generic but all to a certain homogeneity without pouring into the unique and the singular. The finish is slightly spicy and peppery and offers an ambivalence between spices and the sweet and sweet honey. Well, nothing to shake the planet whiskey but who knows, it will be perhaps the best whiskey in the world of Murray next year!

Patrick 65%
Well ... Once again, Penderyn confirms that their whiskey is bad. Erk. To throw up. Nose: Smells bad, dirty feet actually, with a touch of green apples. Palate: Taste sweet and fruity foot juice. Finale: Stretches on a nice note sweet and fruity less unpleasant than the rest.

Martin 79%
Translucent to scare. Nose: Peach candies, oak wood, sweet waffle, tiny wave of molasses, young whiskey. Taste: Molasses, apple, peach or nectarine. Alcohol and spices are at the rendezvous. little metallic aftertaste. Final: Very watery, it leaves very quickly and leaves behind only bad memories. Balance: Not extra, we are already better than Aur Cymru, but I would never buy a personal bottle. As for its legendary side, we will go back.

Penderyn Aur Cymru (Seven 2006)

46% alc./vol.
The Penderyn Distillery is located in the picturesque village of Penderyn in the southern splendor of the scenery of Brecon Beacons National Park. The area consists of spectacular mountain landscapes, moors and open valleys containing fast torrents, rivers and waterfalls. The famous and popular Scwyd - An - Eira Waterfall is close to the distillery. The majority of Penderyn whiskey distillation is done in ex-bourbons Jack Daniel and Evan Williams, and ended in rare Madeira barrels to give a unique flavor and distinctive character of the Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whiskey. A number of other woods, such as sherry casks, are also used for ripening, to provide a variety of specialty "limited edition" whiskey from time to time. Penderyn Whiskey is the only single malt produced in Wales. This was the first whiskey to be made at this location for a century when sales began in 2004. This single malt is unfiltered cold, aged in barrels of bourbon has been refined in casks containing Madeira.

André 72%
Do not smell good. Marked bobbins. Juice down after a day of training. Almond paste, pears. Dry and vegetal wood. To sum it all up easily, I do not like it.

RV 74%
Sent the #### and the low ... Also, the ###. Dried herbs.

Patrick 1%
What is the point of describing it? Simply bad. Infect. Undrinkable. Repugnant. Disgusting. Abject. Despicable. Pushing. Pestilential. Fetid (yes yes yes!). Putrid. Stinking. Nauseous. Smelly. Horrible. Execrable. Terrible. Abominable. Detestable. Unpleasant. Disastrous. Catastrophic. Pathetic. In short, foul.

Martin 70%
We prepare for the tasting by discovering a robe of deep gold a little brown. There are suspended particles, a sign of a cold unfiltered whiskey .. Nose: Attack of tropical fruits at first, but which quickly fades to make room for a side that makes me look for my words ... Sweat pocket , somebody? Really? At the second nose I discover a note of almonds. No, at the third nose I'm definitely in the pocket. Palate: Fade. Dried herbs and spices. I am looking for the fruits of the nose but without success. Lack of character or too bad character? Cerumen of Prince Charles. Final: Grassy and strong. There are few cases where I would like a less long and arduous finish. Balance: Do not be fooled, it's far too expensive to pay for a second-rate malt. Maybe subsequent vintages will be better?

Penderyn Peated

46% alc./vol.

André 83%
Quite fine peat with citrus, orange and lemon. Quite present in the mouth, surprising texture with maritime and peaty notes. Good finish with pronounced return of oranges. Finally this distillery manages to surprise me a little.

RV 87%
When a grade of 87% is worth almost 90%. Not unpleasant with its chemical smell of Mackmyra and its small peat bottom. The freak show continues with chalk, again strangely pleasant, soapstone, lilacs and violets. Finally, the very good aftertaste of concrete dust and blueberries is finally a good proof that whiskeys deserve to leave the cellar of this distillery. And that of my ranking.

Patrick 85%
Slightly peaty nose ... A beautiful peat rich, but not aggressive. In the mouth, the peat grows quietly, but spectacularly to explode towards the final. A little grassy side, sweet and a touch of bacon complete the whole to give him a semblance of complexity, which he does not really need anyway. A nice surprise from this distillery which I distrusted like the plague. However, given its prohibitive cost, we can not talk about reconciliation yet.

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