Hammer Head 21 years Czech Vintage Single Cask

40.7% alc./vol.
Hammer Head is a Czech Single Malt produced in 1989, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, which has forever changed the face of Europe. Produced at the Pradlo distillery in western Czechoslovakia, Hammer Head is the only single malt produced in Bohemia. Discovered by accident just a year ago by its new owners, it was designed at the time from a local barley and aged exclusively in Czech oak barrels.

André 82%
Hardwood white, vanilla, cherries and pears. The mouth is very grassy; lawn mower bag filled with freshly cut lawn. After breathing it is more spices and cheap honey that come in the mouth. The wood takes its place in the final, making everything very rectilinear and one-dimensional. Developed in a cloudy time in the eastern countries, with probably limited means, an amazing and historic traffic jam.

RV 80.5%
A dessert that barely lacks character but which compensates for the excess. Bourbon a little vinegary and dead leaves on the nose, with a little cherry present at the opening but which expresses itself strongly once arrived, accompanied by an artificial vanilla. In the mouth it is still sweet, almost too much, with a viscous texture but a good attack of alcohol. The final is also too sweet but concludes suitably. Unfortunately, the aftertaste suffers from the same problem of syrup too strong, which makes the experience more or less pleasant.

Patrick 82%
On the nose, wet grass with touch of fruit, all bathed in cereals. A bowl of sweet cereals in which fruit was steeped but removed from the bowl before tasting. The final is rather short. Its provenance strikes the imagination, but its taste will not remain in your memory. 2e tasting 85% Nose: Metallic / indstrial malt. The kind of smell that is expected to be close to a distillery of the former Eastern Bloc. Palate: Malt very sweet, but really sweet! The whole is accompanied by grassy and floral notes, to the point of having the impression to be lying in a field. Final: Relatively short and always marked by cereals, herbs and flowers. Balance: Definitely better than the nose foreshadowed. Having been produced by a communist regime, my expectations were very low. A great surprise.

Martin 80%
Immensely pale, like a full moon night on Berlin. Nose: Pear, kiwi, vanilla, grass. A wind of nectarine and fruit punch stifles almost everything else. A little bit of dust and wood. Caramel and orange. Palate: Orange, caramel, cinnamon, cane sugar. Definitely the most enjoyable moment of this dram. Finale: Citrus background eclipsed by a foreign exchange handle. Much too metallic for my taste. Balance: Unfortunately not enough in my palette. Beautiful piece of history, but nothing more.

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