Box Single Malt Whiskey PX

56.7% alc./vol.
Maturation in first-fill bourbon casks and refinement in first-fill PX for a total aging of 5.34 years. Limited edition of 1507 bottles.

André 86.5%
Avalanche of red fruits; heart of apples, cherries, orange pods, grapes, dark chocolate, dates and figs, mixture of cinnamon and crushed pepper. Very nice arrangement of flavors, attractive and juicy. The mouth offers a lot of punch, besides the alcohol, the pepper and spice notes are intense, but offers almost the same flavors perceived on the nose. The flavors are intense, the alcohol too, but the whole is not able to hide the youth of the whiskey. Nice finish, medium in length, fruity elegantly and spicy with generosity. A little ambivalent about this traffic jam that we tried to hide with a powerful cask finish. At 150 $ 500ml, there's not just alcohol passing tight ...

Patrick 90%
A superb whiskey, rich, intense and well built. Wow, I love it! Nose: Sweet fruits, bananas, milk chocolate. So appetizing, I have mouth watering! Palate: A big, intense whiskey, with a nice oily, malty texture, with beautiful ripe fruit, nice sweet jujubes, burnt wood and beautiful spices. Finale: A beautiful length, with notes of fudge and burnt wood.

Smögen Whiskey Private Cask 3.5 years old

64.3% alc./vol.
Sherry Cask. Smögen Whiskey is a Swedish distillery producing whiskey and single malt gin. Founded in 2009 by Pär Caldenby, a lawyer, whiskey enthusiast and author of Enjoying Malt Whiskey, the Smögen distillery produced its first "spirit" in 2010 after receiving a grant of nearly one million Swedish kroner from the government. The distillery is located on a farm near Hunnebostrand, on the west coast of Sweden, north of Gothenburg. The distillery is named after nearby Smögen Island. The first bottling of a three-year-old single malt whiskey took place in 2013.

André 90%
Beautiful smooth sherry, black cherries, quite present smoke, nice round nose for such a young whiskey. The sherry is reminiscent of some Bowmore editions, heated caramel, oranges, dried grapes, tiny maritime notes and some notes of new oak also, but very indented. The nose is whole and very compact, the flavors intense and pushed almost to the extreme. The palate is frank at the level of alcohol but greedy flavors; dried fruits, large black cherries, blood oranges, very peculiar peat smoke, dates in their juice, black forest cake (with lots of grated dark chocolate on it), cinnamon, pine casseroles, with a slight organic accent, but a beautiful design . Tasty spices too, cinnamon and ginger. The texture is syrupy and sticky on the palate, this creaminess protects the mouth of the bite of alcohol which is all light considering the alcohol content. The finish is long, propelled by alcohol and intensity of flavors. Blend of dried fruits and organic peat. A whiskey has amazing maturity for its young age, proof that know-how takes precedence over an overrated reputation.

Single Malt Whiskey Box "The Messenger" 3 years old

48.4% alc./vol.
Bottled November 2015. Limited edition of 8169 bottles. 76% of the recipe comes from maturation in American oak barrels of 130 liters and 24% from Oloroso shery cask. 7% of the recipe contains peated whiskey from the distillery.

André 81%
Beautiful notes of vanilla and oak wood, greenish notes, eucalyptus, finely mint peat mint. The nose has aromas of young distillate quite influenced by the wood, made almost vegetal ... I am not conquered. The whiskey develops slowly in the mouth, again on the mint and the slightly peaty eucaplyptus, the vanilla has turned into something more like caramel, handful of unsalted almonds, green wood, grass, pears , malted cereals, then flock of spices and pepper. With aeration, some notes of red fruits well discrete. Final of pears, spices and pepper. A whiskey that may not yet have enough character and personality, greatly influenced by the cask and the wood.

Patrick 89%
A very good spicy and smoked whiskey. I like! Nose: Fragrance of young whiskey marked by citrus and eucalyptus. Palate: Spicy and smoky wood, with some pepper, subtly sweet vanilla and eucalyptus. Tasty! Finish: Medium length, a little dry and very spicy.

Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn Tycho Star Single Malt Whiskey

41.8% alc./vol.
Hven distillery is located in Sweden, this edition pays homage to astronomer Tycho Brahe and the supernova he discovered in 1572. Brahe lived on the small island of Hven in the early 1500 years. The mashbill is made of malted barley, Pale Ale malt and Chocolate Malt. The barrels are composed of 58,20% heavy charred Quercus Muehlenbergii from the State of Missouri, 33,44% heavy toast Quercus Petraea from the Allier region and 8,36% medium toast Quercus Robur from Burgundy.

André 90%
What a beautiful presentation. In the debate, the nose is relatively closed, opens with notes of slightly smoky caramel, pan-fried pears, then cinnamon and ginger. Nothing that breaks the barraque but this will only make the surprise in the mouth more interesting. It seems that spices are now masters of the direction that will take this tasty flight, firm and assertive notes of ginger and cinnamon topped with finely salted caramel, then, fly earthy peat and green grass. Notes of dark chocolate and bananas, vanilla, caramel burnt, various spices to which will add the flavors of black pepper in the mouth and a peat smoke that fades slowly but with great persistence. Wow, what a tasty whiskey, remarkable balance, singular flavors. Only small criticism, the volatility of the whiskey that will drink without too much drag in the glass. I just love it.

Patrick 92%
A superb surprise that this Hven! Tasty and complex, I love it! Nose: Smell of smoky yellow peat, cinnamon and ginger. Palate: Sweet and oily smoke. Also nice spices, caramel, some grass, dark chocolate and bananas. Sublime. Finish: Medium in length, smoky, spicy and slightly sweet.

Box Single Malt Whiskey Dálvve 5 years - Batch #01

46% alc./vol.
With this expression the Swedish distillery Box presents us a whiskey straight from the cold: Box Dalvee. Its name means "winter" in Sami, a dialect of the Scandinavian countries and pays tribute to Sweden, the country rising to the stage of whiskey. Blend of non-peated malts and slightly aged peated malts first fill bourbon casks, edition of 14,000 bottles.

André 82.5%
Very straight nose even if vanilla and focused on dry wood and cereals. Abundance of vanilla, some greenish elements, pears, fruit salad, white chocolate perhaps. Interesting duality between the slightly dry and spicy nose and the oily texture and sticky in the mouth, one could think of juice of preserved fruit salad. The palate is spicy and peppery, the green wood flavors are important. The rendering is a little weird, the young alcohol is very noticeable, which will not please everyone. The finish is sweet, icing sugar, oak wood, plump and sharp spices, creamy vanilla. A whiskey style Ikea or Abba, correct design without more but pleasant and with a bit of singularity.

Patrick 92%
Wow! A nice surprise all in subtlety and intensity all at once. I bought the bottle out of curiosity, now I want a second one! Wow !! Nose: Fragrance of peat with a little vanilla, some dried fresh herbs, a subtle citrus note and I think I detect a touch of salt. Palate: Beautiful peat with fresh and intense peat, with beautiful spices, herbs, citrus and a subtle touch of salt. Finale: A beautiful length, marked by smoke, citrus and a touch of sugar more enjoyable.

Mackmyra Motörhead XXXX Aged in Bourbon Casks

40% alc./vol.
Produced by Mackmyra House (Sweden), this whiskey celebrates the 40 years of the Motorhead Group's career. Aged for a period of 5 years in New Oak Barrels and a part of the whiskey was also entitled to refining Oloroso sherry cask for a period of 6 months.

André 77%
With a marketing as noisy as a Motorhead tune and an opportunistic subtlety worthy of the stubborn didinne on Lemmy's cheek, the expectations for this whiskey were very high, as much as the appearance of a new album tribute to Lemmy with songs unpublished. Well, I'm sorry to announce that this whiskey is disappointing, as much for the Mackmyra house as for the tribute to this fetish band. Signature charred bourbon cask, as much burned as Lemmy has sucked cigarettes (or other), oak wood is ubiquitous and remind for some, the Jack Daniel's, usual fruit bourbons, red berries and liquorice (black this time ). Interesting to see the fruity confusion that settles in the mouth because with the sustained influence of oak it would be easy to believe that the whiskey is aged in ex-bourbon cask. So in summary; charred wood, red fruits, black licorice, salt-free nuts, almonds, vanilla. A touch of dried fruit and some spicy reverb. The texture in the mouth offers an interesting but predictable melody and a little without passion; the alcohol is very present, the flavors a little faded, like an old t-shirt washed a thousand times, all-spice, black licorice, charcoal. Filthy finish, charred oak wood again, black and red licorice, dried fruit. Sorry to break your trip ...

Patrick 81%
A whiskey that reminds us how much metal is made the new "pop" of the 2000 years. Simple and effective, easy to drink, just like Motörhead's music. Nose: Fruity rather fruity and sweet. Palate: Always fruits and sugar, but also some subtly burnt oak and almonds. Simple, not bad, effective. Final: a little short, with burnt oak and red fruits.

Mackmyra Special #05 Happy Hunting

47.2% alc./vol.

André 83%
Mackmyra will have found his niche by presenting us with a nose so unique that we could spot it among all. On the nose, honey, wild berries, sugar and the usual smell from Swedish oak barrels. This same nose, very sweet, that will slice with the mouth, firmer and dry with flavor of sap and chlorophyll, grass and sawdust then rise in alcohol drying progressively. The final, on the other hand, presents flavors of candies Certs and peppermint, rather astrigeant then a return on the honey in any final. Not my favorite Mackmyra ... (2013-09-23)

RV 91%
Fresh strawberry perfume that reminds me of my little blondes of primary alcohol ... beautiful nostalgia. To the taste one passes secondary, CEGEP and Laval; we are in the yard of the wonderfully bizarre big barrels of Sweden as well as its cloudberry. The finish is rather dry and slightly sex. Another Scandinavian bomb, difficult to find anything bad.

Patrick 84%
Nose: Citrus and wet cereals. A touch of fruity Very cool. Palate: Very fresh, fruity, offering some complexity. Final: Too short. Small metallic touch a little pocket. Balance: Beautiful complexity, but final pocket.

Mackmyra Vit Hund

46.1% alc./vol.
ART NR # MV-001. Vit Hund means white dog in Swedish, which is a new make so a whiskey has not matured.

André 82%
Nose defined and sliced, gin-gin and it looks a lot like grappa (that's what I had been told by the way) because of its very fruity side grapes flavor with a little floral side weird. Clean and clear - the alcohol content is for something - the grapes predominate and floral smells complete the whole. Relatively sweet finish, punctuated with grapes and a hint of lemon.

Patrick 79%
It's always fun to discover the new make of a distillery that we like. But sometimes, it makes us realize how good they are with the aging of their whiskey! Nose: Scent of grappa mixed with a new make of whiskey. Palate: Alcohol and flowers macerate with some subtle spices. Finale: Spicy with a touch of citrus.

Mackmyra Special #03 Sma Fat (Small Cask)

48.2% alc./vol.
Designed from 30 barrels of liters from different 2 recipes and from three different types of casks - ex-bourbon casks, ex-sherry casks and new Swedish oak casks.

André 85%
Elizabeth says that she smells apples and I second, apple and fruit, wild berries, sugar and freshly cut wood. Question of personal taste, I do not fancy the bitterness of the said wild berries, the conjunction of it with alcohol probably doing the rest ... The mouth is a little flabby even if overflowing with fruit. Breathing, the whole turns more on the notes of vanilla and sugar. Finale of good length, a mixture of fruits, sugar and dry wood.

Patrick 85%
Very light nose marked by alcohol and citrus. It smells of young whiskey, the new make does not seem far ... In the mouth, always the alcohol and the new make. Once this impression dissipated, we discover a beautiful bouquet of citrus and always this touch reminiscent of honeysuckle, or at least its leaves in this case. The finish is relatively long, with a touch of spice probably from the cask. An interesting whiskey, which seems to improve with every sip.

Martin 90.5%
Nose: Sweet hops, orange or even smoked marmalade. Look sweet. Caramel and toffee background. Palate: Creamy and unctuous. Bottom in the mouth like a fresh fish. Sugar cane, jams and still marmalade. Finale: The most delicate smoke. Impression of peppermint. Balance: Impregnated with the typical Mackmyra touch.

RV 85.5%
A return to the chemical and pleasant past of the still challenging distillery. Highly perfumed with more depth than other Mackmyra Special, the nose is also the most bizarre in the series, with the chemical side finding blood orange and vanilla. On the palate, the Preludium pipe cleaner can be tasted and then the plum can be enjoyed. Finely fluffy dry grain, the agricultural origin is more evident than in the average profile of Mackmyra. Not totally convinced given the generally botanical aspect that concludes the aftertaste, this edition is to try but can not be my first choice for a Swedish whiskey.

Mackmyra Special #08 Handpicked

46% alc./vol.
Recipe resulting from a mixture of matures bourbon casks, sherry and finally Swedish oak barrels and new Americans, then an additional maturation in ex-Sauternes casks.

André 85%
Fairly sweet and dry wood in this new edition. Strangely dry in the mouth despite the contribution of the Sauternes cask and punctuated with notes of tree sap, a bit bitter as delivery ... I was expecting the presence of more important sherry cask but it is not the case. As round in the mouth as the nose, sweet and pleasant, enveloping texture but weakness in the range of aromas that are quite limited. Final good length but no surprise.

Patrick 87%
An original whiskey if there is one! Rich and complex, a truly trippy whiskey that improves with every sip. Nose: Fragrance of sweet grass and wood. A little strange, but still nice. The more it breathes, the more the Sauternes sugar becomes evident. Palate: A syrupy sugar marked by vanilla and herbs. All is complemented by sap and a beautiful bitterness. Best of sip in sip. Final: Stretch on the sap and some wood spices, which subtly recall a bourbon.

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