Bergsturz 10 years

40% alc./vol.
Swiss Single Malt

Patrick 88%
I am pleasantly surprised by this whiskey that has a taste of the richest and warmest. A check mark over many scotchs, I can not wait to see more whiskeys from this distillery! Nose: Rich scent of fruity barley and caramel. Tasty and sweet, with nice spicy notes, a subtle touch of fruit and a note of burnt wood that makes me salivate. Finale: A little short, marked by ripe fruit and burnt wood.

Martin 84%
Its color changes from jovial orange to sun of Acapulco leaving in its passage legs well oily. Nose: Fruits, especially citrus, pierce first. Barley and musk leather, cedar and sweet vanilla. Very relaxing and masculine like nose. Palate: Sweet fruits, figs, prunes and dates. All in a thick oily syrup. The nose promised us more. Finale: Pleasant notes, like wood and leather, are short while that any more fruit and sugar persist. Spicy tip. Balance: A nose filled with promises that deflate in the mouth and take the powder off in the final. Unequal and disappointing.

Heimat Swiss Single Malt

40% alc./vol.

Patrick 87%
A whiskey to drink on the edge of the pool. Refreshing, I like! Nose: Perfume, very intense as I like them. In the spring, like putting your hand in the grass: Unlike the month of July, it is still very fresh. A little citrus and caramel. Palate: The banana dominates outrageously, to the point that I have difficulty feeling something else. In fact, a Popsicle with banana. The texture is oily. Also notes of vanilla, barley, grass and citrus. Everything is very intense. Final: A little short, but it is not a default in the case of this whiskey: It is rather an invitation to take another sip!

Säntis Appenzeller Single Malt Edition Säntis

39.5% alc./vol.
Original label at 40%, but corrected by the SAQ.

André 77%
The nose is more pronounced and a bit sparkling. Again cereals topped with honey, vanilla, sugar, wet cereals. Arrival more elevated, pellets with pure honey dry throat. Very fluid texture, without much complexity, the mouth is still interesting but lacks variants. Finale on dry grains of cereal, and honey ... It reminds me of the honey blocks with the wax that was sold formerly. I love this edition more than the small oak beer barrel but not go to buy a bottle.

RV 83%
A little too well supported. Surprisingly darker and more woody than his weapon brother, the nose is in the fruity zone. First arrive juicy sap and then move away permanently from the fruit to bend on wood and caramel, which ends up being very heavy. Finale all in caramelized grain, and the beer of the barrel is felt. It's still an interesting whiskey, as if Couvreur had chosen the barrels of beer instead of sherry, but it's more for a niche market than for the general public.

Patrick 79%
Nose: The bottom of the ton reminds me of the old Mail St-Rock of Quebec, floral honey notes mingling with a smell of vomit badly washed. Mouth: Floral, but always accompanied by this little touch of yeast day after day that leaves me mouth quirky. Final: Not so bad. Balance: Almost. A bad batch of ingredients or keg?

Säntis Appenzeller Single Malt Sigel Edition

40% alc./vol.

André 81%
Nose of organic and malted cereals, a little burnt wood, vanilla, applesauce. A nose "girl next door", a little too rectilinear, which plays with caution and avoids daring. Flabby and purified on the palate, quite sweet, a little more fruity but always surrounded by malt cereals topped with honey and vanilla. Finale a little higher, the alcohol is a little more fiery but will be quickly recalled to order by the return of cereals with honey and sugar. It really surprised me by its persistence in the mouth and its long and pleasant finish. Without being a bad whiskey, it brings nothing really to what is on the market. Beautiful design, this whiskey will probably not be the one that will surprise you too.

RV 84.5%
Let's get it on! At the beginning of the menu, the grain and the cognac are striking in a style where one is far from the standard single malt, and although it appears as a finish in barrel of beer, the honey bottom is far from the hops but more sherry. On the palate, new pugilists: the single malt is even more honeyed but takes the form of a fight grain whiskey vs. Laphroaig, ash included. Then at the end of the card, weird fruits (blueberry?) Try to agree with the Mackmyra, in a slight but persistent wave. Not the best fighters but exciting games, and with some experience this whiskey will be a threat.

Patrick 87%
Nose: Strange perfume of Alps flowers, honey and ... ton background. Palate: Completely unique, with a mixture of edelweiss (the flower of the Alps), honey and freshly cut grass. Definitively the Highlands of Switzerland. Final: Stretch on the floral notes and memories of a country so beautiful and so expensive. Libra: I'm not sure I'll buy a bottle, but it certainly gives me the taste of buying a plane ticket to Switzerland!

Swissky Schweizer Gold Qualitat Single Malt

40% alc./vol.
Brennerei-Zentrum Bauernhof, Zug, Switzerland.

André 93%
Needles of pine or trees. Cocottes and fragrant antiseptic. Chlorophyll mint, camphor, sweet candies. Young on the palate, alcohol content present but cleverly controlled. Present at the palate at the level of the given effect, but without consistency in the liquid itself. Sweet final, very strong in vanilla and icing sugar, stretching on the menthol green plant. If you let the glass breathe for about fifteen minutes, the mentholé disappears and gives way to a superb fruitiness, the alcohol content seems to decrease dramatically in the mouth. Unique in it's genre !

RV 74.5%
Schweizer? Nein. Scheiss. First syrup with cherries then raisins, a little like the Red Stag but based on single weak malt instead of ordinary bourbon. Arrival too grimy and grapes, and it continues in aftertaste, much too sweet. Aside from its barely original mouthfeel, it looks like a malt without personality to which one would have liked to add taste by adding a McCain frozen cane juice extract. As a blend, I think I could do better with the Golden Wedding and apple juice Rougemont, at least it would be special to be local.

Patrick 75%
Provences herbs and spices. The finish is disgusting (impossible not to grin), but the finish is pleasantly surprising (malty, fruity, herbs) and well balanced. How to give a note to such a whiskey, when we say "damn, I will have to go through again the arrival of taste to better evaluate the final"? Let's go with the Murray technique: 22 for the nose, 10 for the taste, 23 for the finale, 20 for the balance.

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