Omar Single Malt Whiskey

46% alc./vol.
Aged in bourbon casks. Nantou Distillery, Taiwan.

André 84.5%
I admit that I did not expect anything from this whiskey, which left room for any positive and favorable surprise. Unlike Patrick, I loved this tropical and festive presentation, fruity with excess and offering a nice overall balance. We agree that it will not be the whiskey of the century, but the tasting experience is really nice and worth the detour. Pleasant on the nose with this blend of citrus fruits, lemons and oranges, pears, bananas, vanilla and honey. We are not in the innovation but the design and presentation are really good. Over time, the mixture is a little more disciplined and looks more like fruit salad. The use of bourbon cask jumps in the nose and mouth. The texture is a little diluted, but generally pleasant and the flavors are well arranged; icing sugar, banana peel, pears, honey, citrus, lemon, malted cereals. The finish is enhanced by spices and an unexpected dryness. It may be the need for a tropical or Mediterranean memory that I missed this return of vacation but I liked this unpretentious whiskey but the presentation honest and flafla.

Patrick 82%
Not bad, but very monotonous. I have already tasted hundreds of whiskeys like this, and I have not remembered them. In short, it's good, but not enough to give me the taste to take me a glass of whiskey. To keep as a cocktail base. Nose: Light sweet malt flavor reminiscent of Speyside whiskey without personality. Palate: Always slightly sweet malt, with some vanilla and typical spices of a bourbon oak barrel. Finish: Medium length, marked by the oak that has soaked in bourbon.

Kavalan Bourbon Solist + Sherry Cask Strength

59.4% alc./vol.

Patrick 86%
A hyper-intense whiskey, but perhaps too burnt. Yes, but a little too much. Nose: caramelized fruit juice and marked by vanilla. Also hazelnuts and something reminding me of a fruit cake. Palate: Intense and warm sherry, with a good dose of burnt wood. But really very burned. Finish: Long, sweet and marked by burnt wood.

Kavalan Podium

46% alc./vol.

Patrick 87%
A very good whiskey easy to drink and very tasty. Yeah, I'll take another drink. Nose: Fruity and floral, with vanilla and coconut. Mouth: Wow! Beautiful ripe and warm fruit, with a little floral touch. Some spices, including white pepper. Finish: Medium length, with nice woody notes and some brown sugar.

Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak

46% alc./vol.

Patrick 87%
A nice whiskey nice to drink. Rather intense on fruits and spices. Nose: Tropical fruits, vanilla and coconut. Taste: Woody, ripe fruit, some vanilla. Finale: Of a beautiful and fruity length.

Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Cask

58.6% alc./vol.

Patrick 89%
Very good, and reminds me of an old bourbon. That being said, you will find better bourbons for less! Finally, it would take a free trade agreement with Taiwan. Nose: Fresh fruits, coconut, vanilla and beautiful white sugar. Mouth: Much warmer than the nose suggested. Juicy and warm fruit, spicy brown sugar and woody touch. Final: Long and marked by brown sugar and some cherries that all remind me of a bourbon.

Kavalan Brandy Oak

54% alc./vol.

André 90.5%
Opening on a noble nose and very condensed; red fruits, mashed cherries, plums, fruit cake. Astonishing to have such concentrated flavors in a whiskey of about 4 years. I could compare the intensity of the flavors with the edition Solist Sherry cask, but it also offers a very nice old side as well as very ripe orange flavors. In the mouth, the whiskey is very sweet, almost viscous and sweet and still offers the same flavors with a predominance of oranges, caramel and dried fruits underlined by a touch of pepper and cinnamon. Long finish, a little old-fashioned belly in the back of the mouth, lots of dried fruits and sugar that help with the alcohol. Not the range of flavors of the most extensive but I love the presentation simple, direct and effective.

Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Cask

57.8% alc./vol.
Drum #B090829055A

André 88.5%
Wow, what sweetness, what accuracy in the presentation. Nose of cereals with honey, vanilla, banana split, English cream. Odors that are in the same aromatic range but that play the card of the nuance and discreet variants. Surprisingly, on the palate, the whiskey is much more fruity, the red fruits moreover, the milk chocolate, the ripe banana, the vanilla. By getting plenty of toffee and vanilla. Some notes of green grass may be in the mouth finish which is relatively mild for the alcohol so sustained. But the silky texture, the largely sweet flavors help to appreciate the whiskey to its true value without amputating the spices of the final.

Kavalan Wine Oak

54% alc./vol.

André 90%
Superb sweet and fruity nose, very round despite the alcohol level. Small jellyfish candies shaped bear, actually makes me think of sweet and fruity white wine. Mix of Williams pears, Sauternes, sweet, languorous and sweet jujubes. Mega textured on the palate, a blend of fruity flavors oscillating between sherry and white wine; citrus fruits, pears, red fruits and sherry, yet these jujube flavors and a hint of dry spices quickly soothed by the sugar wave. Finish very sweet, sustained and slightly influenced by some tannic notes with sweet and fruity rise. For lovers of dessert whiskey!

Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrel

56.9% alc./vol.
Drum #W090220020, 101 197 Bottle

André 91.5%
Fruit avalanche mashed in the nose, good dose of sugar too, pastry cream and notes of vanilla drawn from the barrel, chocolate and toffee. The nose is pronounced and muscular, the alcohol is apparent but leaves the aromas easily felted through the alcoholic veil. After a few minutes, bowl of nuts topped with honey. In mouth; cinnamon, plums, dried fruits, nuts, honey, toffee, mango and tropical fruits. Very fruity finish, toffee, fruit cake, chocolate, nuts and spices, dried fruits and tropical fruits. Long finish, a little dry, worn on spices and generously fruity. Many tannic notes in the finish of mouth. A little disappointed versus my expectations but we are here with a superb fruity whiskey. Sherry-style whiskey lovers will love it. A gourmet and almost summery whiskey, tasty and unquestionably generous.

Patrick 89%
In love with sherry in your dram, you will love it! In any case, month I loved it! Nose: Extremely sweet and fruity rich wine perfume, custard, vanilla, chocolate and caramel. Palate: Beautiful warm, ripe and sweet fruit, with heated caramel, chocolate and warm spices. Finish: Long, spicy and warm.

Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask

40% alc./vol.
The Kavalan Distillery, named after an ancient tribe that resided in the area, is located in the northeast of the island of Taiwan. Founded by the King Car Group, Kavalan did not hesitate to call on the best experts in the industry, asserting from the outset the desire to produce a whiskey of exceptional quality. It was with the help of Jim Swan that the distillery produced the first drop of its new-make 11 March 2006 and marketed its very first whiskey on the market in December 2008. By selecting the best casks, Kavalan managed to produce a range of single casks (sherry, bourbon, port) in 2009, just three years after opening.

André 86.5%
Bewitching nose of sweet vanilla, a little milky in texture, honey, woody spicy and sweet, tasty fruit. The palate is purified, with a porous, minty feel and pleasantly mixing with the dusty sherry that will cling to the mouth. The finish is relatively strong even if the alcohol content is a little too erased, but the sherry flavors will be more persistent in any final mouth. These will also be accompanied by flavors of finely burnt toffee. A singular whiskey without being the one that will mark your evening.

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