Lark Tasmanian Single Malt Cask Strength

58% alc./vol.
In order to promote a better exchange with wood, Bill Lark, owner of the eponymous distillery, chose to age his whiskeys in small barrels of 50 liters and 100 liters. 50% of barley (Franklin or Gardner) is lightly dried with peat from their own peat bog: Brown Marsh Bog. Finally, he recently gave his daughter, Christy, the role of master distiller.

André 91.5%
Superb nose, hyper fruitiness and an exemplary balance. Nuts and caches, marzipan, oranges, red apples, wild berries, caramel and toffee, almost chocolatey, almond cakes. The palate is fruity and supported by strong spices, the contribution of the oak barrel is clearly visible without stealing the show. Beautiful amalgam of plums and dried fruit, fruit paste and wild fruits, topped with a toffee caramel and milk chocolate a little smoky. When the alcohol evaporated, buxom maple syrups burst forth. The sensation of alcohol is perceptible in the mouth but not to feel a burning effect but rather warming and comforting. The finish is caramelized and chocolatey with a fine line of smoke. Some flavors also remind me of virgin oak. A nice traffic jam that takes us off the beaten track. I would buy a bottle. Really nice stuff as they say.

Patrick 93%
In a few seconds, I understood why Lark has such a great reputation. A superb whiskey, complex and tasty, balanced in a masterful way. I like, I want a full bottle please! Nose: A succulent scent of exotic fruits, sweet vanilla and social tea biscuits. After a few minutes, I feel to discover a touch of grass. Taste: Succulent spices, beautiful dry wood, a subtle fruity note, vanilla and intense caramel for a second, then disappearing quickly. Finish: A superb length, spicy and marked with a discreet grassy touch.

Hellyers Road Original

46.2% alc./vol.

Patrick 80%
Not a bad whiskey, but nothing really trippy either. Nose: Barley, citrus fruits and pears. The set is quite fresh, with a je-ne-sais-quoi reminding me of the smell of a hockey cloakroom, the day after a big tournament. Mouth: Always the hockey locker, with a feeling of sweat on the tongue, with citrus and always a little barley. Final: Dry and short.

Hellyers Road 10 years old Original Tasmanian Single Malt

46% alc./vol.

André 85%
Pear apples, vanilla, lemon cereals. On the palate the texture is interesting, creamy, with notes of almonds, coconut and vanilla cream with a lemon tear. On the other hand, there is something in the finish of mouth that hangs on me a bit, a dry side that slices abruptly with the sweet flavors of the mouth. A mixture of oak and dry spices a little weird. The final imbalanced, and will end with the return of vanilla, pears and cream sprinkled with spices. Not a bad whiskey, but the transitions between chapters are a little lame.

RV 87%
An upside down whiskey from the land down under. No. No. No, it's not a whiskey, but something really appetizing too. Beautiful olfactory depth that flies away quickly, so the haste to taste quickly discovered a whiskey half barley, half ... something mysteriously tasty. Final even more bizarre, charcoal and ash, which concludes well this challenging whiskey but that rewards the taste buds.

Sullivan Cove Cove Cask Finish

60% alc./vol.
Drum #HH0554, 209 bottle #411, distilled November 21 2000 and bottled September 3 2009. Built in 1994, Sullivan's Cove has really started producing in 1995. Shortly after taking over 2003, she moved to Cambridge, a small town not far from Hobart. Since then, its Charentais stills have been put back into operation and produce the equivalent of 120 barrels a year.

André 88%
Patience is the word to remember to fully enjoy this edition cask strenth. Nose very enveloping and silky fully woody decorated with orange, honey, caramel heated / burned and stuck in the pan as well as dark chocolate. The balance is superb and it is of a great magnitude, very sustained in the mouth, being helped by the powerful alcohol. Honey and chocolate soften the whole well that still remains powerful in the mouth where it offers no surprise, the evolution of aromas presented to the nose simply continue their momentum. The finish is a good power, because gradually fading, sweet notes of honey and chocolate give way to the surge of alcohol. A presentation without much evolution but which delivers brilliantly its pleasant simplicity.

RV 81.5%
As a special reserve but not the kind that must be served in a Riedel or Glencairn. From the beginning, a bourbon that olfactively forks very quickly to a Canadian with a little lack of finish, but the more it breathes, the more brown sugar comes out, despite a grain slightly smoked background. The finish is in two tones, spices and sweet hay, to go through a little more fruity plums but everything takes a dramatically disastrous turn in the final, where everything collapses in a disappointing rye. Really not up to the Double Cask, and even if it's not a bad whiskey, the magic is not there, especially in the final.

Patrick 90%
Nose a bit weird burnt barley, To taste, burnt oak and sweet. Brown sugar? A fruity side brings an extra dimension and pleasant. It looks like this whiskey comes out of the barrel! The final, spicy, burnt and sweet complete very well. An excellent whiskey, very balanced and that will please those who, like me, love their whiskey with an authentic woody taste!

Sullivan's Cove Double Cask

40% alc./vol.
Tasmania Distillery & Museum, Australia. This double distillation edition bottled at 40% alcohol is unpeated and matured in ex sherry casks made from French oak and ex-bourbon casks made from American oak.

André 88%
Very soft and without brusquerie on the nose; honey, kiwi sugar and lemon. The mouth is very fluid - like water - and gives a singular taste of wooden splinter that is removed with the teeth. Heat your glass for a few minutes holding it in your hands and let it breathe; the intense dark chocolate that will be revealed is remarkable and very pleasant to deliver the final- unfortunately a little short.

RV 86.5%
Even on the other side of the world we are not too out of place. Grain and honey a little sour, without much development besides the vanilla of the American barrel and even a touch of cognac. Gently grassy arrival and finally the grain and grapes, with more texture than taste. Final really sweet between honey and vanilla, without being too exacerbated. A beautiful French fruit malt stronger than the American grain.

Patrick 93%
Unique nose: grass peat, with a tar wave and a drop of strawberries. Impressive on the palate, a real roller coaster: Firstly salt, then ripe fruit and finally wet cereals. Also, touch of chocolate and vanilla. Incredibly rich in the mouth. So many flavors to discover. If you are looking for the definition of a tasting scotch, to savor quietly in a quiet environment, here it is! A conquest that will always surprise you in the most pleasant way!

Lark Port Cask 5 years old

43% alc./vol.
Before Bill Lark created his distillery, it was 153 years ago that the city of Hobart, located in Tasmania, had no more shelter. Fields of peat, water of great purity, everything is together to produce a very good whiskey here. It was after a particularly successful trout fishing trip that Bill Lark had the idea to start his distillery. His daughter Kristy now succeeds him to the management of the distillery. A still wash still with a capacity of 1 800 liters and a still spirit still with a capacity of 500 liters have been installed. A single cask (LD39) has been voted Best Australian Whiskey.

André 84%
Silky nose highlighted by a nice dose of orange, good notes of cereals, vanilla and a pinch of chocolate. Very round and clean on the nose. The ripening in port cask is very assertive, woody and spicy to perfection, raised toffee and a little smoke. Damage to the final where an off-key spoils the whole, a false note that detonates in this orchestration that seemed to complement each other. Maybe he is still too young a fiery foal for refining in port cask? The richness brought by ripening versus this whiskey from a young age, delivers a contradiction that is difficult to get rid of.

Patrick 81%
Bourbon spices on the nose, can be a little sweeter / fruity on the other hand. On the palate, bourbon spices, but that seems to have been finished in a liqueur with cherry. Intense burned woodland. Final quite long and peppery. Nice balance, interesting, but a little too sweet for my taste.

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