House Expert

Welcome one of our whiskey experts to your home!

For all groups, beginners and / or passionate!

Great for a birthday, to impress your friends or just to learn more about whiskeys!

One of our experts comes to your place: Commented tasting of 2 at 3 hours for groups of 1 to 200 people!

Each guest will taste six different whiskeys (½ ounce each), according to one of the following themes:

  • Whiskeys of the world: Scotland, USA, Ireland, Canada, etc. Average value of bottles: 80 $
  • The tour of Scotland: Scotches in all their splendor, fruity, floral, smoked ... Average value of bottles: 100 $
  • VIP Whiskey: High-end and / or exclusive products. Average value of bottles: To be discussed. Additional fees may apply
  • Other popular themes: American, Canadian or Irish whiskey, private imports, etc. Average value of bottles: To be discussed. Additional fees may apply.


  • 6 x ½ ounce of whiskey per guest
  • The rental of glasses
  • Animation by a recognized expert

Starting from 400 $, up to 8 people. + 50 $ per additional person. Take note that from 20 people, our corporate rates then become more competitive!
(Note: Travel expenses applicable if outside the Quebec City region)

Contact us to check our availability.

* Note regarding responsible alcohol consumption: During our activities, the quantity served allows your guests to return home safely. Some exceptions may apply, so do not hesitate to discuss them with us. Also, no alcohol will be served to people under the age of 18, in advanced intoxication or under the visible effect of drugs or medications.

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