Douglas Laing XOP Bowmore 21 years old

52% alc./vol.
Refill Hogshead Cask #DL12812, Distilled July 1997, Bottled August 2018, Bottle #075 of 323

André 91.5%
Delicacy offered under assertive flavors. Gracious and distinguished earthy peaty flavors, sea salt, malted cereals dipped in honey, oranges, salted caramel, vanilla in love. The palate is well rooted with a strong phenolic character and maritime flavors of salted caramel and wet peat. Marmalade of oranges, peardrop, honey and vanilla, all offered on a soft and languorous texture. The finish is reminiscent of cold ash and wood still filled with spirit, sea salt and shovel of wet earth. Slightly powdery feel as a booster, salted caramel and alcohol that comes into the tongue as a nail 6 inches agilely struck with a hammer. Good juice, but more than 600 $ the vial we expected no less ...

Patrick 89%
A beautiful classic Bowmore, with a ton of salt and nice peat smoke. Nose: The sea, a little peat smoke, barley ... Classic Bowmore in appearance. Palate: The beautiful coarse salt Bowmore, peat smoke, pepper. Beautiful big whiskey. Finale: Of a beautiful length, intense, salty and smoke.

Martin 92%
Nose: discrete peat, but you can easily spot the classic maritime notes of Bowmore. Seaweed, washed stone, lemon, campfire on the edge of the lighthouse on a windy and cloudy Sunday afternoon. Grilled malt and fleur de sel. Palate: Peat and lemon, quite spicy but still your friend. Stone, wood and red wine. Orange and lemon, leather and salted caramel. Really really good. Finale: The peat is beautiful here, a bit straddling between the filthy variety and the maritime variety, which is unusual for a Bowmore. Balance: Incredibly solid, but hey, more than 600 $ I would rather be at the end of viarge if it was not up to par.

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