Board of Directors

André Girard

André is one of the founding members of the club and also the dean of the organization! As a veteran, he has accomplished several tasks in the world of Whiskey, more than 2000 evaluations, 350 workshop animations, judge at the Canadian Whiskey Awards, radio columns .... His many visits to distilleries everywhere, Canada, USA, Ireland, Scotland, allowed him to develop several contacts. In fact he has a well-stocked track record and with his objective and professional attitude, André has over time earned the respect of the industry. It is the proof that experience is acquired and that passion is transmitted! With his venerable age, one could call him a real "Whiskypedia" alive!

Patrick Bourassa

Patrick; co-founder of the club and passionate hyperactive! Real touch to everything, we find it wherever there is whiskey! From his Whiskey Room, where he devours all the books available on the subject, to the many hundreds of tastings that he has animated, he has evaluated thousands of whiskeys, developed a training course for the SAQ, and during his travels, he visited an incalculable number of distilleries, allowing him to deepen his knowledge and to collect many anecdotes. Multidisciplinary, Patrick is the Grégory Charles blond whiskey, he will tell us about all platforms (Radio, TV, web, tastings ... YouTube) and this in a professional manner and with rigor!

Martin Vigneault

Martin is our webmaster, multimedia animator, our video editor, his creations during tastings of the club we made him Quentin Tarantino of Quebec Whiskey. Beyond his computer skills, he is a whiskey enthusiast, evaluator on our site, Martin also has his blog, Whisky le Vigneault?. His work and rigor make him a judge at the Canadian Whiskey Awards. An excellent storyteller and popularizer, he contributes at festivals and other events to pass on the passion of whiskey to the general public. Martin is the quiet strength of the club, beware of the water that sleeps!

Caroline Dion

Caroline is THE daughter of the CA and she is the one who holds the purse strings! CPA training, she discovered whiskey in paradise, Scotland! She contributes enormously to the vitality of Québec Whiskey because of her professional skills as well as by her presence at all our events and festivals. Curious, she never misses an opportunity to perfect her knowledge, traveling home!

François Lebel

François is the events coordinator. What does he do? He manages and ensures the presence of the booth of Quebec Whiskey during Bubbles and Whiskey, Festibière, corporate evenings etc ... Passionate about whiskey and beers since about 30 years, he travels in Scotland and England since the last 10 summers to satiate his passions. A lucky epicurean, his work and his hobbies are closely linked, which is why he is often found sharing his passion everywhere, radio, TV, festivals, in short, a guy from the field!

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