Old Particular Loch Lomond Single Grain 21 years old

55.3% alc./vol.
Refill Hogshead Cask #DL12097, Bottled November 1995, Bottled October 2017, 271 bottles. Duncan Barton, the previous owner of the Littlemill Distillery, is behind the current site of the Loch Lomond Distillery. He installed innovative 'pot still' stills whose capitals evoke a still alembic column. Loch Lomond's stills have trays in the upper part for better contact with alcohol vapors and a more efficient process. These stills can produce fumes of up to 90% vol. while traditional stills only go up to 70% vol. about. This type of still can capture different aromatic notes and select or reject from a wide range of alcoholic degrees. It's much harder to achieve through the use of a traditional still pot still. Loch Lomond is one of the few distilleries in Scotland producing single malt and grain whiskey.

André 85%
Ginger cereals, honey, milk chocolate and pecan pie, diced green apples, vanilla. The nose inspires the freshness and the fields of cereals whipped by the wind and the hot rays of the sun of the short Scottish summer. The palate confirms the single grain with the rise of dried cereals, from which also emerge notes of dried fruit, oranges and coffee with milk, leading to a sharp and very peppery finish, raisins and caramel.

Patrick 92%
Impressive, especially for a Single Grain. In fact, if you only have to drink one Single Grain, it could very well be this one. Nose: Appetizing scent of vanilla, tropical fruits and white sugar. Mouth: Oh wow. Beautiful sugar, tropical fruits, a good dose of vanilla and some burnt wood. Finale: Of a beautiful length, vanilla, sweet and woody.

Martin 88%
Nose: slightly aggressive grain, vanilla and powdered sugar, grass and black licorice. Quite special indeed. A rather strong spice wind hides beneath all this. Palate: Molasses and liquorice welcome us on a thick and syrupy texture. Stewed fruits and corn syrup. Surprising. The character of the grain here is a lot more interesting than most of the single grains that I had the chance to taste. Beautiful spices not too aggressive, a sneaky pleasure. Finale: Cream "thicker", wood and sweet spices. Beautiful heat, barely disappointing length. Balance: Still a beautiful wow! I would easily have a night of showers on the balcony.

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